Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Troy Davis Denied Clemency

 State Board of Pardons and Paroles


 (l-r) Vice Chairman Albert Murray, Member Robert E. Keller,  Member L. Gale Buckner, Chairman James E. Donald and Member Terry Barnard




The people above decided to execute Troy Davis, despite the lingering doubt behind his conviction.  How could anyone allow this execution to proceed, knowing the facts, and why?  Why execute anyone, let alone Troy Davis?  If you are concerned about justice, go after the real killer, find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and imprison him for some period of years.  Please take action today, as the execution is to happen on Wednesday at 7 PM. 


We will use today’s Tuesday antiwar vigil, from 5:30 to 6:30 PM at 4806 York Road, Baltimore 21212, as a place to call for clemency for Troy Davis.  The world will be a lesser place if the State of Georgia executes another innocent person.







People of Faith Against the Death Penalty


September 20, 2011


Dear Max,


We are saddened to report that Troy Davis was denied clemency by the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles.


Please immediately act and urge the parole board to reconsider their decision. Email the board members at Clemency_Information@pap.state.ga.us or fax their office at (404) 651-8502.


We also encourage nonviolent, prayerful protests of this decision. If you live in or near Atlanta, a protest and rally is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. today at the Georgia State Capitol, 206 Washington St., Atlanta.


If you live elsewhere, please tap into a protest near you or organize one.


For more information, please visit http://www.justicefortroy.org.


Despite this grave news, we all have so much to be grateful for. More people took action for clemency than on any case anyone anywhere can think of.


More religious leaders took action than ever before.


Thank you for all that you did to make this happen.


Of course, there are many, many Troy Davises on death row. There are innocent people on death row. If you are from a death penalty state there are likely many people living on your death row who by almost any measure are not the worst of the worst. They are there because they could not afford well-qualified and financed legal counsel or because of how racial bias, geographic bias, and other factors randomly influence death sentences. We encourage you to become involved with the group or coalition in your state working to repeal the death penalty and use the funds that would be saved to help murder victims family members. We can put you in touch with them.


We encourage you to stay engaged with People of Faith Against the Death Penalty. We need your support. We undertook this effort at actively and tirelessly promoting the 2011 Religious Leader Letter for Clemency for Troy Davis without any funding. We are glad we did, because someone had to step up and offer this organizing. We have a new level of engagement from America's religious community that we intend on mobilizing to help efforts to end the death penalty. Even if you support the death penalty in principle there are simply too many Troys out there for this public policy to make any practical, moral, or theological sense.


Help us grow this movement.


Please consider giving $100 to PFADP. If you are a pastoral leader and have a discretionary account please give from it all that you can. Add PFADP to your congregation's or organization's annual budget as part of its mission and social outreach. Ask your pastoral leaders to add PFADP to your congregation's budget.


Another way for you to become engaged with PFADP is through our For Whom the Bells Toll campaign, which involves congregations taking simple actions every time an execution is pending. For more information on the For Whom the Bells Toll campaign contact Amanda Lattanzio at amanda@pfadp.org.


Please continue to take action, forward this message and please keep Troy Davis and his family and Mark MacPhail and his family in your prayers.




Amanda, Beto, Steve, and Steven


People of Faith Against the Death Penalty


110 W. Main St., Suite 2-G, Carrboro NC 27510

(919) 933-7567


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Do you know if there are vigils or other actions planned for Wednesday (9/21) in Baltimore?