Sunday, September 18, 2011

Baltimore Activist Alert - Part 3

44] Pets on Wheels Dog-A-Thon – Sept. 18

45] Polish Fall Festival – Sept. 18

46] Homelessness & Alienation – Sept. 18

47] Get on Bridge for Peace – Sept. 18

48] Philadelphia Peace Vigil – Sept. 18

49] October Coalition talk – Sept. 18

50] Red Emma’s Meeting – Sept. 18

51] Pentagon Vigil – Sept. 19

52] Bikes Not Bombs Tour – Sept. 19

53] Marc Steiner on WEAA – Sept. 19 – Sept. 22

54] Protest the death penalty – Sept. 19  

55] Film FOOD STAMPED – Sept. 19

56] Fund Our Communities meeting – Sept. 19

57] Fukushima disaster discussed – Sept. 19

58] Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on Capitol Hill -- Sept. 20  

59] Foundation of Yoga class – Sept. 20

60] War Is Not the Answer demo – Sept. 20

61] Film class – Sept. 20

62] Book talk on religious moderation -- Sept. 20

63] Town Hall meeting on military spending – Sept. 20

64] Global Days of Listening – Sept. 20

65] Become an activante with SOA Watch

66] Sign up with Washington Peace Center

67] Fund Our Communities campaign

68] Submit articles to Indypendent Reader 

69] Donate books, videos, DVDs and records

70] Do you need a television and/or a computer?

71] Join Global Zero campaign

72] War Is Not the Answer signs for sale

73] Publish your peace article

74] Click on The Hunger Site 

75] Fire & Faith  

76] Join Peace Park Antinuclear Vigil


44] – Pets On Wheels, Inc.’s Annual Dog-a-Thon is a volunteer-driven activity and fundraiser. You register to walk (less than a mile) and you get people to sponsor you walking. People come from all over and bring their animals. There will be various demos, contests, and vendors of all kinds along with a large raffle table and a silent auction on Sun., Sept. 18 starting at 10 AM in Oregon Ridge Park, 13401 Beaver Dam Road.  Call 410-913-5569 or visit


45] – The Polish Fall Festival takes place on Sun., Sept. 18 from 10:30 AM to 6 PM at Holy Rosary Church, 408 S. Chester St., Baltimore 21231.  Call 410-732-3960.


46] – Usually, the Baltimore Ethical Society, 306 W. Franklin St., Suite 102, Baltimore, MD 21201-4661, meets on Sundays, and generally there is a speaker and discussion from 10:30 to 11:30 AM.  On Sept. 18, the discussion is “Homelessness and Alienation,” led by Adam Schneider, coordinator of Community Relations at Health Care for the Homeless, where he works on state and local public policy and community initiatives related to issues of health and homelessness. He has studied philosophy and social work — and teaches courses on both at area colleges and universities.  Contemporary homelessness is directly related to poverty and the continued disinvestment in housing affordable for people with extremely low incomes. More deeply, however, the phenomenon of homelessness is the result of economic and social alienation. Call 410-581-2322 or visit the website to be sure at


47] – Maryland Bridges for Peace welcomes you to stand for peace Sundays from noon (or thereabouts) to 1 PM on the Spa Creek Bridge in Annapolis.  Contact Lucy at 410-263-7271 or Signs are not allowed to be on a stick or pole.   If there is interest, people will be standing on the Stoney Creek Bridge on Fort Smallwood Road in Pasadena [410-437-5379 or]. Go to


48] – Every Sunday, 4 to 5 PM, there is a Quaker Peace Vigil at Independence Mall, N. side of Market between 5th and 6th Sts., Philadelphia. Call 215-421-5811.


49] – On Sun., Sept. 18 from 5 to 7 PM, the October2011 Coalition will hold a panel discussion and musical entertainment, “From Madison to DC: A People’s Uprising,” at the 5th and K Sts. Busboys and Poets. The event will feature a discussion lead by social justice leaders on Congress’ austerity budget, slashing domestic programs as it pursues tax cuts for the rich and wars abroad, and a musical performance by Emma’s Revolution.  The requested donation is $10.  Speakers include: Dr. Margaret Flowers, National Medicare for All advocate; Ben Manski, Wisconsin democracy activist and Green Party candidate; and Brian Anders, low income housing activist with EmpowerDC. Call Pete at 202-631-0974.


50] – Red Emma’s needs volunteers.  Stop in to the weekly Sunday meeting at 7 PM at 800 St. Paul St. or email  The next meeting is Sept. 18. There is no meeting on the first Sunday of the month.  Call 410-230-0450. If you would be interested in volunteering or becoming a collective member of 2640, send an email to


51] – There is a weekly Pentagon Peace Vigil from 7 to 8 AM on Mondays, since 1987, outside the Pentagon Metro stop.  The next vigil is Mon., Sept. 19, and it is sponsored by the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker.  Call 202-882-9649.


52] – A Ride Till The End - Bikes Not Bombs Tour will be in Philadelphia on Mon., Sept. 19. Hear why these Afghan War veterans, artists and activists are biking and spreading a message of peace that began at Ground Zero on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, and will conclude on October 6 in Washington, D.C., marking the 10th anniversary of the U.S. war in Iraq and the start of the Stop the Machine - Create A Better World occupation of Freedom Plaza in Wash.  Bikes not Bombs Tour Rider and Afghanistan War veteran, Jacob George, recently returned from Afghanistan on a peace visit to work with Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers. The discussion will take place at Friends Center1501 Cherry St., Phila., PA. during a Brown-Bag Lunch, noon to 2 PM.  Call 215-241-7170. Go to 


53] – The Marc Steiner Show airs Monday through Thursday from 5 to 7 PM on WEAA 88.9 FM, The Voice of the Community, or online at   The call-in number is 410-319-8888, and comments can also be sent by email to All shows are also available as podcasts at 


54] – There is usually a vigil to abolish the death penalty every Monday from 5 to 6 PM, outside the prison complex and across the street from Maryland’s Super Max Prison, at the corner of Madison Ave. and Fallsway in Baltimore.  Recently death row was moved out of Baltimore, but it was decided to continue the vigil. The next one is scheduled for Mon., Sept. 19. Call 410-366-1637.


55] – See the documentary FOOD STAMPED about Maryland Hunger Solution's Food Stamp Challenge to eat on a budget of $4.30 a day—the film follows a husband and wife in their attempt to eat healthy on a food-stamp budget. See the film and join a discussion about why the poor can eat healthy food on Mon., Sept. 19 at 5 PM at the Enoch Pratt Free Library, Poe Room, 400 Cathedral St. Call 410-396-5430 or go to


56] – The Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore usually meets on Mondays at 7:30 PM, and the meetings now take place at Max’s residence.  The next meeting will be at 7:30 PM on Mon., Sept. 19.  The focus of the meeting will be to continue planning for the Sept. 26 Town Hall meeting on military spending at the Cathedral of the Incarnation, University Pkwy. & N. Charles St.  To get directions to Max’s residence, call 410-366-1637 or email mobuszewski at 


57] – A delegation of Japanese farming families and anti-nuclear activists will be joined by Robert Habeck, chair of the Green Party in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany on Mon., Sept. 19 at 8:30 PM at Busboys & Poets, Langston Room, 2021 V St., NW, WDC.  Hear what the US press still isn’t telling us about the reality on the ground around the Fukushima nuclear reactors; how we can help; how Germany will be nuclear-free by 2022 and 80%-100% renewable by 2050; and how the US is running the same risks with 23 identical reactors as those that melted down at Fukushima as well as at 81 others.

 Aileen Mioko Smith, executive director of Green Action, will discuss her petition to the UN High Commission on Human Rights to recognize and address the plight of children in the Fukushima region. Robert Habeck, author and a politician for the Green Party in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany's northern-most state, will share why Germany plans to shut down all of its 17 nuclear power plants and Germany's strategy to power its economy completely with biogas, wind, and solar energy. Sachiko Sato, a farmer from Fukushima, will talk about poor evacuation operations and the impact of the nuclear meltdowns to lives and livelihoods. Kaori Izumi, director of Shut Tomari, will discuss the unhealthy and corrupting relationship between government, business, the media and pro-nuclear intellectuals and the judiciary. Yukiko Anzai, also from near Tomari, will talk about the fate of farmers after the meltdowns. Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear will describe the U.S. “Freeze our Fukushimas” campaign, a first step in shutting down US reactors identical to those at Fukushima-Daiichi units 1-4 as part of a goal to phase out operation at all 104 US reactors. RSVP to Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear, at
The event is co-sponsored by: Beyond Nuclear and the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Washington, D.C.

58] – On Tues., Sept. 20, there will be a Peace Alliance Ben & Jerry’s Peace Day Celebration on Capitol Hill.  Volunteers are needed to "Get the Scoop on the Value of Prevention.” Help promote peacebuilding to members of Congress, staffers, and the public. The idea is to get Congress’ attention to Peace Day, Sept. 21, and the importance of prioritizing the work and value of peacebuilding.  Help serve free scoops of Ben & Jerry's ice cream on the Hill.  To join the event team, email: 

59] On Tues., Sept. 20 at 7 PM, a class will be starting on the Foundation of Yoga taught by Vyasa Deva in the Yoga Room at 4217 East West Hwy., Bethesda, MD 20814.  The simple but effective methods of Yoga teach you how to increase your health and happiness. Improve flexibility, strength, and reduce stress.  Begin with a free lecture from 7 - 8:30 PM. Thereafter, the class meets each Tuesday for five weeks.  Ideal for beginners, renewers, and anyone interested in learning better diet, breathing, exercise, relaxation, and meditation/ positive thinking. The cost is $100 for six weeks, and includes a CD for home practice and a text book. If interested, email to pre-register at or call 301-654-4899. Go to


60] – There is a vigil to say "War Is Not the Answer" each Tuesday since September 11, 2001 at 4806 York Road. Join this ongoing vigil.  The next vigil is Sept. 20 from 5:30 to 6:30 PM.  Call Max at 410-366-1637.


61] – Ben McCusker teaches this ongoing film screening and discussion class on Tuesdays thru Oct. 11, from 6 to 9 PM at the Baltimore Free School, 1323 N. Calvert St. Go to  There is no charge.


62] – William Egginton, a JHU professor, will be discussing and signing copies of his latest book, IN DEFENSE OF RELIGIOUS MODERATION  on Tues., Sept. 20 at 7 PM at Barnes and Noble at Johns Hopkins, 3330 St. Paul St. Call 410-662-5850.

63] – On Tues., Sept. 20 at 7:30 PM at the Silver Spring Civic Center, One Veterans’ Place, Fenton & Ellsworth, Silver Spring, MD, attend the Taking Back the Budget Debate - A TOWN HALL MEETING.  Turn your anger and outrage over the budget deal into ACTION! The speakers will be Rep. Donna Edwards, State Senator Roger Manno, economist Heather Boushey, IPS Fellow Karen Dolan and the NAACP’s Elbridge James.  Singer/songwriter Christina Van Norman will perform music.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions and then help organize for real, progressive solutions. The action agenda is Put America back to work; Institute a fair tax system; Protect Americans’ health and save the environment; Preserve Social Security; Bring all the troops and military contractors home. The town hall is sponsored by Fund Our Communities, Bring the War Dollars Home - A Maryland Coalition  -

64] – At 8:30 PM on Tues., Sept. 20, there will be 24 hours of communicating at the Global Days of Listening.  Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers and others from around the globe will talk about how to bring about peace in Afghanistan and other places.  Go to You will be able to talk with ordinary people from Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Libya and other countries.  To request your time to talk, email  

65] – Become an Activante with SOA Watch in Latin America or Washington, D.C. Youth leadership in the SOA Watch movement is growing and getting things done. It is the youth who carry the weight in organizing the upcoming massive SOA Watch November Vigil at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia (Nov.18-20, 2011).  The term activante was coined by the first international team of young activists, who did not identify with the term "intern." They flipped the Spanish version of the word, pasante – associated to the Spanish pasivo, passive – to its opposite: activante. This term is a good reflection of what the role calls for: energy, leadership, initiative, dynamism, and creativity.


There is a need for four activantes.  If interested, contact SOA Watch, PO Box 4566, Washington, D.C. 20017, USA at 202-234 3440.


66] – The Washington Peace Center has a progressive calendar & activist alert! Consider signing up to receive its weekly email:

67] – Fund Our Communities campaign – is a new grass roots movement to get support from local organizations and communities to work together with their local and state elected officials to pressure Congresspersons and senators to join with Congresspersons Barney Frank and Ron Paul, who have endorsed a 25% cut to the federal military budget.  Bring home the savings to state and county governments to meet the local needs which are under tremendous budget pressures.  Go to      


68] – The new Indypendent Reader is seeking articles for its web site at  Submit an article.  


69] – If you would like to get rid of books, videos, DVDs or records, contact Max at 410-366-1637 or mobuszewski at 


70] – Can you use a television set and/or a computer, monitor etc.? Contact Max at 410-366-1637 or mobuszewski at 


71] – Join an extraordinary global campaign for the elimination of nuclear weapons: A growing group of leaders around the world is calling for the elimination of nuclear weapons and a majority of the global public agrees.  This is an historic window of opportunity.  With momentum already building in favor of Zero, a major show of support from people around the world could tip the balance. When it comes to nuclear weapons, one is one too many.  

72] – WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER signs from Friends Committee on National Legislation are again for sale at $5.  To purchase a sign, call Max at 410-366-1637.

73] – Publish Your Peace Article. Daniel Frasier is soliciting peace articles for the biweekly series of commentaries Paths to Peace in the Frederick News Post Religion and Ethics section. For details, email


74] – The Hunger Site was initiated by Mercy Corps and Second Harvest, and is funded entirely by advertisers.  You can go there every day and click the big yellow "Give Food for Free" button near the top of the page; you do not have to look at the ads. Each click generates funding for about 1.1 cups of food.  So consider clicking.  


75] – Go online for FIRE AND FAITH: The Catonsville Nine File. On May 17, 1968, nine people entered the Selective Service Offices in Catonsville, Maryland, and burned draft records in protest against the war in Vietnam. View


76] – Peace Park Antinuclear Vigil takes place every day in Lafayette Park, 1601 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, 24 hours a day, since June 3, 1981.  Go to; call 202-682-4282.


Donations can be sent to the Baltimore Nonviolence Center, 325 E. 25th St., Baltimore, MD 21218.  Ph: 410-366-1637; Email: mobuszewski [at] Go to


"One is called to live nonviolently, even if the change one works for seems impossible. It may or may not be possible to turn the US around through nonviolent revolution. But one thing favors such an attempt: the total inability of violence to change anything for the better" - Daniel Berrigan


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