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Baltimore Activist Alert -- March 12, 2024

23] Rally to save tenant rights in D.C. – March 12

24] Christian Zionism – March 12

25] Fair Share for Maryland Working Group – March 12

26] Michael Luttig on January 6 – March 12

27] Breaking through Propaganda – March 12

28] A Regional War in the Middle East? – March 12


23]The Metro DC DSA [] wants you join a rally with Stamp out Slumlords on Tues., March 12 at 10 AM to protect Tenant Rights at the Wilson Building,  1350 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, WDC 20004. TOPA [Tenant Opportunity Purchase Assistance], which gives tenants a seat at the table when their building is up for sale, is currently under attack from landowners as the real estate industry is ramping up efforts to roll back the protections tenants in D.C. have won over the last 50 years. Tell the council to resist the landlord lobby’s biggest attack on tenants’ rights in DC history. Developers (and the mayor) are plotting to hack away at TOPA, and tenants at a recent city-wide meeting determined that they would resist any drawdown of tenant protections in the city. Fight back — tenants and socialists demand TOPA for all, fully funded and with no cuts or loopholes. Register here and email to plug into the fight:

24] -- Friends of Sabeel North America [] presents on Tues., March 12 at 6:30 PM ET A Political Education Primer: Christian Zionism, B.D.S., and the Pursuit of a Christ-Centered Response to Apartheid, Dispossession, and Genocide in the Holy Land.  Register at or bitly/3V6qFhK

25] --Jews United for Justice [] want you to join on Tues., March 12 at 6:30 PM a Fair Share for Maryland Working Group to help pass the Fair Share for Maryland Plan so corporations and the wealthiest pay their fair share. Jewish tradition teaches that in a just world, all people — regardless of race, income, or zip code — would have what the Torah calls dei machsoro, resources sufficient for their needs. Visit

26] -- The Committee for the Republic [] is hosting Michael Luttig on Tues., March 12 at 7 PM ET --  An Expert’s Expert On January 6th. The Committee is hosting former federal appellate judge Mike Luttig to discuss the January 6 insurrection and its legal ramifications for former President Donald Trump. Judge Luttig is a lawyer’s lawyer. His reputation for getting the law right is reminiscent of Boston Red Sox slugger Ted Williams calling balls and strikes.  The salient issues Judge Luttig will address include Mr. Trump’s eligibility to serve in the White House under Section 3 of the Fourteenth, his claim of absolute presidential immunity from criminal prosecution after leaving office for any acts done while President, (including assassinating political opponents) and the 91 felony charges Mr. Trump currently confronts in four jurisdictions. For questions or requests, email  To join the event on line, register at

27] – CODEPINK [] on Tues., March 12 at 8 PM ET wants you to join in for Breaking Through the Propaganda with Norman Solomon.‌ ‌ ‌ As the US continues to fund genocide in Gaza and carnage in Ukraine, those of us demanding a radical shift in our foreign policy face a corporate media that manufactures consent for endless war. How do we break through the propaganda?  How do we reframe our arguments to bring more people over to the side of peace with justice? Join CODEPINK Congress for a discussion of how activists and organizations can be more effective in media messaging to stop state-sponsored violence, advance ceasefires in Gaza and Ukraine and demilitarize our society. Review terms to avoid, like “defense budget” or "precision bomb” and choose words that are accurate like war budget and missile attack. Words matter! RSVP at

28] – The Campaign for Peace, Disarmament & Common Security [] is announcing that the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club on Tues., March 12 at 9 PM ET is holding a webinar THE DANGER OF REGIONAL WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST.  The conflict in Gaza threatens to engulf the Middle East in a wider war with flashpoints including Lebanon, the Red Sea, Iraq and Syria. The US is being drawn into these escalating conflicts. Since October, the US has launched airstrikes in Yemen and has bombed Iraq and Syria numerous times. Three US soldiers stationed in Iraq have lost their lives, leading to some calls for even greater US intervention in the region. Richard Falk, a scholar of international law and international relations, and Joe Gerson, executive director of the Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security, will discuss the current tensions and the possibilities for preventing further escalation.  RSVP at

To be continued.

Donations can be sent to Max Obuszewski, Baltimore Nonviolence Center, 431 Notre Dame Lane, Apt. 206, Baltimore, MD 21212.  Ph.: 410-323-1607; Email: mobuszewski2001 [at] Go to

"The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles. The master class has had all to gain and nothing to lose, while the subject class has had nothing to gain and everything to lose--especially their lives." Eugene Victor Debs

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