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Baltimore Activist Alert -- March 6 -- 12, 2023

19] Baltimore’s deconstruction ordinance – March 6

20] District 9 Town Hall – March 6

21] Unification of the Korean Peninsula – March 6

22] Corruption at the Supreme Court – March 6

23] Screening of film Into the Ice – March 6

24] Schmooze the legislators – March 7

25] Election protection phone bank – March 7, 9, 10 and 12

26] Russia out of Ukraine – March 7  

27] Migrant justice meeting – March 7

28] Put weapons dealers on trial -- March 7

29] Feminists against Empire – March 7

30] Abolition working group -- March 7

31] Europeans & Ukraine – March 7


19] – The Clean Air Baltimore Coalition is happy to announce that Steph Compton will give an update on Mon., March 6 from 5:30 to 6:30 PM ET on Baltimore’s deconstruction ordinance. This event is free, online, and hosted by CR0WD (Circularity, Reuse, and Zero Waste Development) in New York. Join this ongoing organizing effort to bring together stakeholders in collaborating on zero waste solutions of the biggest source of waste in the “resource” stream. RSVP at

20] – There is a virtual District 9 Town Hall hosted by the Indivisibles on Mon., March 6 at 6:30 PM ET. The District 9 Delegation will cover the latest developments on key bills in their respective committees. Sign up at

21] – Massachusetts Peace Action [] is holding a webinar The Roadmap to Unification of the Korean Peninsula on Mon., March 6 at 7 PM ET. One Nation, Two States and Three Governments: The Korean Peninsula remains the only divided nation in the world, the only region still separated by the Cold War. Prof. Han S. Park will address how to overcome the heterogeneity of the two regional systems and present a vision of reunification and a roadmap to make the dream of reunification shared by the Korean people a reality.  Park is University Professor Emeritus of International Affairs and Founding Director of the Center for the Study of Global Issues (GLOBIS) at the University of Georgia. Prof. Park has visited North Korea more than 50 times since 1981 to further efforts for diplomacy and peacemaking. He was instrumental in President Jimmy Carter’s visit to North Korea in 1994 to avert military confrontation and President Bill Clinton’s visit to Pyongyang to free detained American journalists in 2009. Prof. Park was the recipient of the Gandhi-King-Ikeda Community Builder’s Prize in 2010 for his commitment to finding peaceful solutions to challenges arising from the Korean Peninsula. Please refer to Prof. Park’s recent publication, Quest for Peace: A Memoir, to better understand his unification theory of the Korean Peninsula. RSVP at

22] – Get Money out of Maryland and For the People -- Maryland will hold a teleconference on Mon., March 6 at 7:30 PM ET.  Charlie [] indicated that there will be a meeting about working on Maryland legislation, strategy for bills in Congress and planning a forum on corruption at the Supreme Court. You can join the Teleconference by dialing 1 301 715 8592 with a meeting ID: 931 3066 2622. The password is 173976. Or click on your device at

23] – Green America [] has a film to share on Mon., March 6 at 7:30 PM ET, as part of the 12th annual One Earth Film Festival. Green America's Dan Howells, climate campaigns director, will be a panelist after the screening of Into the Ice.  This adventurous film travels with pioneering glaciologists on their expeditions into the inland ice of Greenland to see just how fast the ice sheet is melting.  Film watch parties are free with an $8 suggested donation. Get Your Tickets at

24] –Jews United for Justice is celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim by delivering mishloach manot, bags of sweet treats, to elected officials, along with a reminder of the legislative priorities on Tues., March 7 in Montgomery County and on Wed., March 8 in Baltimore City. Sign up at or buy hamantaschen or other supplies or donate money to offset the cost of making it all happen.

25] – On Tues., March 7 from 4 to 6 PM, Thurs. March 9 from 5 to 7 PM, Sat., March 11 from 4 to 6 PM and Sun., March 12 from 6 to 8 PM ET, there is a Common Cause organized Election Protection phone bank.  These phone banks will continue until April 2, 2023.  Work together to demand bold changes to our democracy to create a government that represents all of us, not big corporations or special interests. Register at Register for a shift to make calls to recruit poll monitors to support nonpartisan Election Protection efforts in the GA Run-Offs.  Join in to make calls Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and/or Sundays.

26] – Join the Baltimore Nonviolence Center on Tues., March 7 from 4 to 5 PM ET at 33rd and N. Charles Sts. The invasion of Ukraine has the potential to become a war extending throughout Europe.  Putin has destroyed Aleppo and Grozny and has threatened the use of nuclear weapons.  Russian soldiers were sent into the area around the contaminated and still radioactive Chernobyl nuclear plant. Now they are stationed in the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe.   People who believe in peace and justice should come forward and take the risks of peace. The burial sites continue to expose ruthless war crimes by the invaders, Contact Max at mobuszewski2001 at Comcast dot net or 410-323-1607.

27] – The Northern Virginia DSA Migrant Justice Working Group is holding a meeting on Tues., March 7 at 6 PM ET.  The goal is to introduce prospective new members to the Migrant Justice Working Group. This meeting is open to all those interested in learning more about this work and potentially getting involved.  RSVP to get the zoom link and get the latest info on this meeting: Email novabranch [at] mdcdsa [dot] org.

28] On Tues., March 7 at 7 PM ET, the Ithaca Catholic Worker is holding a Clarification of Thought (COT) round table discussion, which will focus on the November 10 to 13 Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal. The idea is to put weapons dealers on trial. RSVP at  The speakers are Kathy Kelly & Attorney Brad Wolf, co-coordinators of the tribunal. 

29] –The UMass Amherst History Department [] wants you to know about an event on Tues., March 7 at 7 PM ET --- Feminists against Empire: Resistance to U.S. Sanctions and Embargoes. On the eve of International Women's Day, this panel of Latin American feminists will discuss the relationship between patriarchy and U.S. imperialism, specifically the fatal impacts of U.S. sanctions against the Cuban and Venezuelan people. U.S. sanctions against Cuba have been in place since 1962, and sanctions against Venezuela began in 2019. Hear about the consequences of these policies from Liz Oliva Fernández, an award-winning Cuban journalist, filmmaker, and producer with Belly of the Beast and a dedicated anti-racist and feminist activist, and Alejandra Laprea, a Venezuelan documentary filmmaker and a co-founder of the Feminist Spider Network of Collectives, among numerous other projects.  Sign up at 

30] – On Tues., March 7 at 8 PM ET, join the DSA National Abolition Working Group for a mass call on responding to police violence. Police in the U.S. killed at least 1,176 people in 2022 and have harmed and harassed more people than will ever be counted. Register at

31] – CODEPINK [] on Tues., March 7 at 8 PM ET will look at Europe's Anti-War Movement as part of the CODEPINK Congress Meeting.  I think it is more important to promote peace with justice activists rather than anti-war advocates.  A peace and justice activist supports Ukraine’s right to self-defense and condemns the illegal invasion.  An anti-war person telling his/her government not to send arms to Ukraine supports a Graveyard of Peace in Ukraine.  Thankfully there are Europeans supporting Ukraine in its right to exist.

 ‌ ‌CODEPINK will feature Lisa Clark, an Italian peace activist and co-president of the International Peace Bureau (IPB), and Reiner Braun who served as Executive Director of the Nobel-prize winning International Peace Bureau (IPB) from 2017-2022.  RSVP at It was rather astonishing to read the promotion for this event, as it did not condemn the invasion of Ukraine.

To be continued.

Donations can be sent to Max Obuszewski, Baltimore Nonviolence Center, 431 Notre Dame Lane, Apt. 206, Baltimore, MD 21212.  Ph.: 410-323-1607; Email: mobuszewski2001 [at] Go to

"The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles. The master class has had all to gain and nothing to lose, while the subject class has had nothing to gain and everything to lose--especially their lives." Eugene Victor Debs

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