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Tell Trump Stay at Home on May 24/Join a Peace Caravan in Baltimore on May 25

FACEBOOK posting for May 25: “Mayor Young threatens to STOP US as WE GATHER "SAFELY" and PEACEFULLY to Welcome Our Beloved President Trump to Baltimore's Ft. McHENRY for Memorial Day Festivities! Young has not only disrespected our President but also the TAX PAYING CITIZENS WHO PAY HIS SALARY by trying to keep this visit A SECRET !! AS PATRIOTS, IT IS OUR DUTY AND RIGHT TO SUPPORT the Spirit of our Fallen Heroes who GAVE THEIR LIVES for the very RIGHTS that are being denied us! So, join us at 8 AM as we MARCH TO FT. MCHENRY from the Fort Ave. McDonalds up to Ft. McHenry..(about a mile). Bring your Flags and your signage and your MASKS .... wear your RED WHITE AND BLUEs ! If they dont WELCOME our President with a WELL DESERVED PARADE... THEN WE'LL MAKE OUR OWN !! (BIKES VERY VERY WELCOME) Disclaimer: This is a loosely organized March due to the secrecy surrounding the entire thing. We do not know when the president will arrive nor do we know how close we will be able to get. It is our regular practice here at Women for Trump to pray before every event for God's grace-and-favor ! This event will be no different! Please be mindful of CDC guidelines And more importantly, a PEACEFUL and GODLY mindset! WE DO NOT ENDORSE, NOR INSTIGATE ANY FORM OF VIOLENT BEHAVIOR๐Ÿ˜.. BE JESUS๐Ÿ˜‡”

   On Sun., May 24 from 2 to 4 PM, Baltimore will tell Trump Stay at Home, hosted by the Peoples Power Assembly.  Gather at 20th and N. Charles Streets, Baltimore 21218 to get in line for the car caravan. Decorate the cars and drive to Fort McHenry as a group in a funeral procession. Bring your signs to tell Trump No to racism and bigotry, Yes to workers. Raise justice for Ahmaud Aubery along with all of the other major issues including demands for $2,000 a month, health care etc.  Visit

 A group of organizations in Baltimore are joining with CODEPINK, which is organizing demonstrations around the country, to do Peace Caravans on May 25, Memorial Day.  The event in Baltimore is co-sponsored by the Baltimore Nonviolence Center, Baltimore Peace Action, Pax Christi-Baltimore, the Peoples Power Assembly and Prevent Nuclear War/Maryland.  This is the plan. The theme will be a Peace Caravan for HEALTHCARE, NOT WARFARE.  Advocates can participate in two ways on May 25.  If you have a vehicle, you will decorate it with some peace signs and park by Wyman Park just off 29th Street at 5 PM.  Those without a vehicle will gather with peace signs wearing masks and remaining six feet away from each other at 33rd and North Charles Streets by John Hopkins University, our #1 nuclear weapons contractor.

  At 5:30 PM the Peace Caravan will depart heading north on Howard Street.  The lights on the vehicles will be turned on and blinking, and the horns will be honking. It will continue to Wyman Park Drive near the Baltimore Museum of Art.  Continue to follow around the university on San Martin Drive until University Parkway.  At the light, the caravan will turn right and proceed to Charles Street.  There it will head south hugging the university past 33rd Street until turning right at 29th Street.  Then it will go south on Maryland Avenue until 25th Street.  There it will turn left and head to Greenmount Avenue.  At Greenmount, turn left and go north until 33rd Street. Turn left and head to Barclay Street.  At Barclay turn left and head south to 25th Street.  At 25th turn right at Guilford Ave.  Head north until 33rd Street.  Go to St. Paul Street and turn left.  Head south to 25th Street.  At 25th turn left and go to Calvert Street.  Turn left on Calvert and proceed to 33rd Street.  At 33rd head to Charles St.  At Charles Street turn right and head north.  Cross University Parkway and pull into the parking lot of the Episcopal Cathedral. 

Those on foot at 33rd Street will join us in the parking lot.  Circle and celebrate with masks and social distancing, as we will alert the progressive neighborhood of Charles Village that Peace Will Not Be Denied.  Contact Max at 410-323-1607 or mobuszewski2001 at Comcast dot net to get involved with Baltimore’s Memorial Day Peace Caravan. 


Hello Peacemakers,

Thank you so much for all you did as we entered 2020 to put your bodies on the line to stop what looked like the brink of World War III.  Your organizing efforts were breathtaking and inspiring.  Many of us have been in lock down since mid March while watching continued insanity out of the White House, not just around COVID19 but even in the midst of a rising death toll, they are still threatening countries with war, and doubling down on sanctions.  It is time to be visible for peace again.  May 25th is Memorial Day, often used to celebrate war but the day before is International Women’s Day of Peace and Disarmament, 5 years ago it was the day we crossed the DMZ from North Korea to South Korea calling for Peace.

So join us on Monday, May 25th in creating local Peace Caravans.  A parade of cars (2 or more) decorated with Peace messages and drive through the busier places in your community.  Inspiring onlookers with the message of Peace as we call for an end to wars, and deaths to be memorialized.  CODEPINK LA is starting theirs in a parking lot and organizing the cars in the image of a peace sign for a drone photo and driving along the beaches ending the caravan by delivering care packages at centers serving the ever growing houseless population.  In Miami they are caravaning around Senator Marco Rubio’s house.  

Let us know if you can organize an event in your community we will build your event on the website, send it to CODEPINKers in your community and share it with the growing coalition of groups.  Please fill out this form and we will reach back out to help. Your event will be added to this page on our website

We hope you are well and taking good care of yourself and your community. Check out our mutual aid page for tools and support. Thank you for all you do for peace and justice!

Healthcare not Warfare!
Angela, Ann, Ariel, Asia, Carley, Caty, Cody, Emily, Jodie, Kelsey, Leila, Leonardo, Makena, Mary, Medea, Michelle, Nancy, Paki, Teri, and Yousef

Donations can be sent to Max Obuszewski, Baltimore Nonviolence Center, 431 Notre Dame Lane, Apt. 206, Baltimore, MD 21212.  Ph: 410-323-1607; Email: mobuszewski2001 [at] Go to
"The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles. The master class has had all to gain and nothing to lose, while the subject class has had nothing to gain and everything to lose--especially their lives." Eugene Victor Debs

“Here we have to ask ourselves, why are deadly weapons being sold to those who plan to inflict untold suffering on individuals and society? Sadly, the answer, as we all know, is simply for money: money that is drenched in blood, often innocent blood. In the face of this shameful and culpable silence, it is our duty to confront the problem and to stop the arms trade.” 
–Pope Francis, the U.S. Congress, Sept. 24, 2015

“The idea that this virus escaped from a [Chinese] lab is just pure baloney. It’s simply not true. I’ve been working with that lab [in China] for 15 years. And the samples collected were collected by me and others in collaboration with our Chinese colleagues. They’re some of the best scientists in the world.” -- (SourceApril 16, 2020, Peter Daszak, a zoologist with extensive experience in China, is director of the New York-based non-profit Eco Health Alliance. He has studied the origins of viruses for several years. He links development projects and rural people to disease footprints in the natural world. 

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