Monday, February 3, 2020

Watch for rail shipments of Canadian tanks heading to Baltimore on the way to Saudi Arabia.


  A number of groups in Baltimore have long been protesting U.S. involvement in the Saudi Arabian terror attacks on the people of Yemen.  Most recently, we have been focusing on the fact that a Saudi ship arrives at the Port of Baltimore on a regular basis, and US weapons are then loaded to be transported to the Desert Kingdom.   

  We have been informed that tanks/land vehicles manufactured in Canada will be transported by rail to the Port of Baltimore.  These vehicles will then be loaded on that Saudi ship.  Please let me know if you have seen the rail shipments, and if you are involved in protesting US involvement in the war against the Yemeni people.  For more information, see the email traffic below.  Thanks.

Kagiso, Max

Friday, January 24, 2020 10:26 AM

A Grand Island NY-based weapons expert for Amnesty International says Canadian-made military vehicles are coming into the US by rail from Ontari,o Canada destined for Saudi Arabia for use in their war with Yemen. They are to be shipped from the Port of Baltimore. Amnesty is asking train-spotters to be on the lookout for these items (see photo below). Thanks.


Thursday, January 23, 2020 3:26 PM 

Dear Train-spotters:

Amnesty International is asking us to be on the lookout for a military vehicle that's made in Canada and likely shipped on flatbed railcars to the Port of Baltimore. Because the item is destined for use by Saudi Arabia in their God-awful war against Yemen. one Canadian union is wonderfully refusing to load this weapon onto ships at a Canadian port,  so the vehicles are thought to be now shipped by rail to Baltimore. With permission, I include Amnesty's email and a photo (see below).

 The vehicle is made by General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada located in London, Ontario. So it's possible that it's being transported over the International Bridge thence through the Parkside Community then east through Syracuse, New Jersey, Baltimore. Alternatively, after the International Bridge, it could go south through Hamburg, NY, Erie, PA, (or through N/S route in the Southern Tier)  then into Philadelphia, then Baltimore. A longer route is from London, Ontario to Detroit, but less likely.

Background info: 

General Dynamics Land Systems:

If you happen to see such a thing in your travels, let me know.



Dear Charley,

  Brian Castner here – I’m the weapons investigator for Amnesty International, based on London. But I also happen to live in WNY, on Grand Island, and I suspect we have met before at Riverside Salem. Or you have at least met my wife, Jessie Castner. In any case, Alan Oberst suggested I email you about a bit of an odd request, involving rail lines and a Buffalo connection.

   At Amnesty, we are tracking weapons that are being purchased by the Saudis for use in the war in Yemen. We know the Bahri shipping line is doing much of the work, and we have tracked the ports and then organize protests. The Canadian longshoremen protested Canadian Light Armored Vehicles (LAVs) being used in the war, and they refused to load the cargo in St. Johns (New Brunswick), so we think the LAVs are now being shipped to Baltimore to be loaded there. The LAVs are made in London, Ontario, and we think they may be shipped by rail through Buffalo. The LAVs are distinctive – if anyone was watching the rails, they’d notice them.

   Alan reminded me that your group often does train-spotting, but specifically for “bomb trains” with natural gas. I wonder how often you watch, and if you or anyone in your group happens to know anything about these shipments? Like I said, an odd request, but I thought I’d try.
All best, Brian

Brian Castner

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