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Baltimore Activist Alert – February 2 – 3, 2020

Baltimore Activist Alert – February 2 – 3, 2020

"I speak as an American to the leaders of my own nation. The great initiative in this war is ours. The initiative to stop it must be ours." -Martin Luther King Jr.

Friends, this list and other email documents which I send out are done under the auspices of the Baltimore Nonviolence Center.  Go to  If you appreciate this information and would like to make a donation, send contributions to BNC, 325 East 25th Street, Baltimore, MD 21218.  Max Obuszewski can be reached at 410-323-1607 or mobuszewski2001 [at]

1] Books, buttons and stickers
2] Web site for info on federal legislation
3] Get involved with NCNR   
4] Nature’s Witness: Wildlife Photography Exhibit through Feb. 28
5] Becoming Jane Exhibition – through Summer 2020
6] Sunrise Launch / Watch Party -- Feb. 2
7] “Sense of Belonging: What I Learned from Studying Suicide” – Feb. 2
8] World Peace Meditation Class -- Feb. 2
9] Howard County Canvass for Jill Carter – Feb. 2
10] DSA City Council Canvass District 4 -- Feb. 2
11] Loaded Live: Clothes & Canned Food Drive – Feb. 2
12] Green Initiative Team Information Session – Feb. 2
13] New Deal and Green New Deal – Feb. 2
14] Tracing Lives in Slavery – Feb. 2
15] Baltimore City Green Party Meeting – Feb. 2
16] A Song Circle – Feb. 2
18] Pentagon Peace Vigil – Feb. 3
19] Blockchain technology – Feb. 3
20] Food Rescue Pop-Up at Flourish – Feb. 3
1] – Buttons, bumperstickers and books are available.  “God Bless the Whole World, No Exceptions” stickers are in stock. Call Max at 410-323-1607.

2] – To obtain information how your federal legislators voted on particular bills, go to  Congressional toll-free numbers are 888-818-6641, 888-355-3588 or 800-426-8073. The White House Comment Email is accessible at

3] – THE ORGANIZING LIST will be the primary decision-making mechanism of the National Campaign of Nonviolent Resistance [NCNR].  It will be augmented by conference calls and possibly in-person meetings as needed.  It will consist of 1 or 2 representatives from each local, regional, or national organization (not coalitions) that wishes to actively work to carry out the NCNR campaign of facilitating and organizing nonviolent resistance to U.S. wars.

To join the ORGANIZING List, please send your name, group affiliation, city and email address to mobuszewski2001 at Comcast dot net.  Different local chapters of a national organization are encouraged to subscribe.  

4] - Through Feb. 28 from 9 AM to 5 PM, see Nature’s Witness: Wildlife Photography Exhibit hosted by the National Wildlife Federation at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1200 New York Ave. NW, WDC 20005. Come marvel at “Nature’s Witness,” an exhibition of 50 powerful wildlife photographs chosen to inspire conservation. Free and open to the public, this National Wildlife Federation exhibit will run until Feb. 28, 2020.  

  All 50 images were entries in annual National Wildlife® Photo Contests, which draw more than 22,000 images from around the world every year. Within the exhibit, one group of images titled “Nature’s Challenge” will raise awareness about some of the threats putting wildlife at risk today, including habitat loss, invasive species, disease and climate change. Another set of photographs titled “Life’s Essentials” will explore how people can help species thrive by gardening for wildlife. Kids attending the exhibit — a family-friendly event — will also be able to pick up a copy of Ranger Rick®, Ranger Rick Jr.™, Ranger Rick Cub™ or one of the National Wildlife Federation’s many other children’s publications. Go to

5] – On Sun., Feb. 2 from 10 AM to 6 PM, check out the Becoming Jane Exhibition, hosted by the Jane Goodall Institute at the National Geographic Museum, 1145 17th St. NW, WDC 20036.  Tickets are at The exhibition will continue through Summer 2020. Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace, braved the unknown to give the world a remarkable window into humankind’s closest living relatives: chimpanzees. In this hands-on, transportive multimedia exhibition celebrating her extraordinary life and work, you’ll explore Dr. Goodall’s early years through iconic images and a multiscreen experience and venture on a 3D exploration of Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park where she did her famous behavioral research on chimps. You’ll also see a life-size hologram of Dr. Goodall, enter a replica of her research tent, and learn about her current role as a leader in community-centered conservation and youth empowerment. Before you leave, you will find out what you can do today to make a positive impact in the world. 

The museum is open 7 days a week from 10 AM to 6 PM (last ticket sold at 5 PM daily.) Groups of 20 or more receive discounted museum admission. Contact to book your group visit today. Go to

6] -  On Sun., Feb. 2 from 10:10 to 11:20 AM, attend a Sunrise Launch / Watch Party (Youth & Young Adults), hosted by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis, 333 Dubois Road, Annapolis 21401.  All High School Youth and Young Adults (18-35) are invited to the Sunrise Watch Party. The Sunrise Movement is an Environmental Action Initiative for young people across the nation:  Contact Julie Burman (  See

7] - Usually, the Baltimore Ethical Society, 2521 St. Paul St., Baltimore 21218, meets on Sundays, and generally there is a speaker and discussion at 10:30 AM.  On Sun., Feb. 2, the theme is “Sense of Belonging: What I Learned from Studying Suicide” is presented by Polly Bart, a Harvard undergrad, and q Berkeley Ph.D. in city planning, 1979. She is the owner and manager of Greenbuilders, Inc., an award-winning eco-friendly residential construction and remodeling firm. She contemplated suicide twenty five years ago.  A friend her.  After three years of research on the subject, she believes the answer to rising suicide rates lies in a global social change. She will provide information about the problem, much of which is not generally known, and she will outline what we can do to strengthen love of life for ourselves, our children, our world. Call 410-581-2322 or email

8] – On Sun., Feb. 2 from 10:30 to 11:45 AM, join a World Peace Meditation Class, hosted by the World Peace Cafe Baltimore at the Kadampa Meditation Center-Maryland, 900 E. Northern Parkway, Baltimore 21212. Prayers are neither small nor passive actions. Rather, they are a force for change in our shared world. Bring peace to the world through the action of meditating together and dedicating prayers for world peace. The morning includes a guided meditation, talk on Buddhism applied to daily life & a traditional chanted prayer in English. Everyone is welcome – you do not need to be a Buddhist to attend– just drop in!

Following the prayers, everyone is welcome to come to the World Peace Cafe for brunch which always includes pancakes with toppings, and various other delicious foods such as soup, sandwiches, salad, desserts, coffee and teas.  The suggested donation is $5- to $10/adult & $2/child.  Brunch is $6to $8 (less for kids portion). See

9] – On Sun., Feb. 2 from 11 AM to 2 PM, come to a Howard County Canvass, hosted by Jill P. Carter For Congress at 6600 Cradlerock Way, Columbia 21045-4912. Look at

10] –  On Sun., Feb. 2 from 11 AM to 2 PM, join the Democratic Socialists of America City Council Canvass District 4 at 1722 E. Northern Pkwy., Baltimore 21239.  This is a canvass for endorsed District 4 City Council candidate and *chapter-member* Logan Endow!  There is a brief training prior to the canvass, and there will be the buddy system. You don't have to canvass for the full 3 hours! Just come for the time you have free.  Wear a DSA t-shirt, and don't forget water and comfy shoes!  Email Meet at the cafe inside Penn Station! See

11] –   On Sun., Feb. 2 from noon to 3 PM, check out Loaded Live: Clothes & Canned Food Drive, hosted by Erdossy at Creative Labs, 1786b Union Ave., Baltimore 21211.  Help the less fortunate of Baltimore. Loaded Live wants to use its platform for more than just throwing the best concert/party in Baltimore. Visit

12] - On Sun., Feb. 2 from 12:30 to 1:30 PM, get over to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis Green Initiative Team Information Session at 333 Dubois Road, Annapolis 21401.  Formally known as the "Green Sanctuary Committee," this team is restarting and everyone who cares about the environment or how UUCA is living out the faith through Environmental Action & Education is invited to attend. Meet after the 2nd service downstairs in the Young Room.  Go to

13] – New Deal and Green New Deal: Lessons and Projections will be explored on Sun., Feb. 2 from 1:45 to 4 PM, organized by the Sierra Club Howard County Group at the East Columbia Library Park, 6600 Cradlerock Way, Columbia 21045. Contact Patricia Soffen at or (410) 869-0552.  The idea of a Green New Deal, inspired by and modeled on President Franklin Roosevelt's Depression-era New Deal, is a popular concept that many wish to embrace. It is seen as a way to build a "smart" grid, decarbonize energy sources with 100% renewables, upgrade energy-efficient buildings, improve mass transportation, work with farmers and ranchers to have sustainable farming, restore and protect fragile ecosystems, strengthen clean water and air along with healthy food and access to nature, and create reliable and well-paying jobs while assuring 'a just transition.'

At the same time, you really can't call for an effective Green New Deal until you understand the original New Deal, its approach to people and the environment, its successes, and its failures.  This means primarily assessing the impact of such projects as the Tennessee Valley Authority (for power), the civilian conservation corps (for extensive job training, re-forestry, wildlife security, and outdoor recreations support), the Works Progress Association (for addressing with CCC, the challenge of the major eco-crisis of the time, the Dust Bowl), and the task of building ongoing public support for these programs. 

For this broad exploration, we will have a comparison of the original New Deal with the Green New Deal, along with potential future projections from organizations here in Howard County presenting five perspectives. Visit  This will be an informative presentation by Paul Baichich and a panel of experts delving into the differences between the Green New Deal and the original New Deal. Leave with a better understanding of what the Green New Deal is all about. Refreshments will be served.

14] – On Sun., Feb. 2 from 2 to 3 PM, hear Tracing Lives in Slavery, Reclaiming Families in Freedom: An Ethnographic Solution to a Historical Problem, hosted by Hampton National Historic Site, 535 Hampton Lane, Towson 21286. Principal Investigator Cheryl LaRoche provides intimate detail about the scholarly journey of the Hampton Ethnographic Project. She weaves personal observations with historical insight to deliver an instructive and informative overview of the problems overcome, new research findings and the surprising successes the project has achieved. For more than 20 years, Dr. LaRoche has been researching the Underground Railroad across the country. She used that methodology of combining history, oral narrative and geography along with mapping to uncover the African American experience at Hampton National Historic Site. Visit or

15] -  On Sun., Feb. 2 from 4 to 6 PM, there is a Baltimore City Green Party Meeting at Homewood Friends Meeting, 3107 N. Charles St., Baltimore 21218-3803.  The meeting is open to the general public.  See

16] – CODEPINK invites you to a  SONG CIRCLE with Luci Murphy on Sun., Jan. 2 at 3 PM at the CODEPINK house, 1241  Evarts NE, WDC. In these days singing together will strengthen us to continue to resist, to create, to keep on keepin' on! Join in community, and lift our spirits!

17] – On SUNDAYS Feb. 2 & 9 at 1 PM, HELP BUILD COMPOSTERS IN BALTIMORE FOR THE COMMUNITY at 1000 W Patapsco Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230-3436, United States!   Register to volunteer for our Composter Construction for the Community days!   Bring some gloves, a water bottle, and a friend to help the city be more compost-friendly! The first 20 volunteers will be given a FREE COMPOSTER! For any questions or concerns, contact Dante at Sign up to volunteer at Look at

18] – There is a weekly Pentagon Peace Vigil from 7 to 8 AM on Mondays, since 1987, outside the Pentagon Metro stop.  The next vigil is Feb. 3, and it is sponsored by the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker.  Email or call 202-882-9649.  The vigil will be outside the Pentagon's south Metro entrance and in the designated "protest zone" behind bicycle fences across from the entrance to the Metro.  By Metro, take Yellow Line and get out at the "Pentagon" stop. Do not go to the Pentagon City stop! Go up south escalators and turn left and walk across to protest area. By car from D.C. area, take 395 South and get off at Exit 8A-Pentagon South Parking. Take slight right onto S. Rotary Rd. at end of ramp and right on S. Fern St. Then take left onto Army Navy Dr. You can "pay to park" on Army Navy Dr.,  and there is meter parking one block on right on Eads St. Payment for both of these spots begin at 8 AM.  No cameras are allowed on Pentagon grounds. Restrooms are located inside Marriott Residence Inn on corner of S. Fern and Army Navy Dr.

19] –  On Mon., Feb. 3 from 10 to 11:30 AM, hear about Real-World Blockchain: Safeguarding the Traceability of Critical Materials at the Stimson Center, 1211 Connecticut Ave. NW, 8th Floor, WDC 20036.  Dr. Philippe Thevoz is from SICPA, a Swiss company that is the worldwide leader of security inks for currencies and sensitive documents.  He has been at the forefront of digital transformation for 30 years, and will introduce blockchain technology, highlight use cases of the KSI Blockchain, which has been used by Estonia since 2008, and identify concrete examples of blockchain applications for securing data and process integrity of critical supply chains. This will allow open discussion on more specific use cases around traceability of critical materials, including nuclear fuels, opening the door for more security and transparency without compromising the confidentiality of proprietary information. Also speaking will be Cindy Vestergaard from Nuclear Safeguards.  Look at  

20] -- On Mon., Feb. 3 and 17 from 3 to 4 PM, get with a Food Rescue Pop-Up at Flourish, 3418 Belair Road, Baltimore 21213-1233.  Bring a bag, take home healthy, free food! Check out

To be continued

Donations can be sent to the Baltimore Nonviolence Center, 325 E. 25th St., Baltimore, MD 21218.  Ph: 410-323-1607; Email: mobuszewski2001 [at] Go to

"The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles. The master class has had all to gain and nothing to lose, while the subject class has had nothing to gain and everything to lose--especially their lives." Eugene Victor Debs

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