Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Letter from Fred Mason to Mayors of DC and Baltimore re not evicting Occupy Baltimore and DC



Occupy Baltimore has learned that the Mayor told the head of SEIU that one reason evicting Occupy Baltimore was going to happen was because more of her constituent phone calls were against allowing the encampment to remain at McKeldin Square than were in favor of it.  If you support the message of the Occupy movement, please take a couple minutes ASAP to tilt the Mayor's constituent phone call count in favor of letting OB stay in place.  Call the Mayor's Office at 410-396-3835, and ask to leave a message for the Mayor.  You'll be transferred to Constituent Services.


You can send an email to Special Assistant Kimberly McConkey at   Now read Fred Mason’s letter.







November 22, 2011


Mayor Stephanie Rawlings – Blake

City Hall, Room 250

100 North Holliday Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21202


Mayor Vincent C. Gray

1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 316

Washington, DC 20004


Dear Leaders,


Thank you, for all that you do on behalf of the people of our cities.  I have a great appreciation for the awesome responsibility that comes with leadership.  Oftentimes you are challenged to make decisions in areas for which there are no recent or timely precedents.  I suggest that such is the case with OCCUPY BALTIMORE and OCCUPY DC. 


These Occupy movements are doing an enormous service by focusing our attention on the conditions and people who destroyed our economy.  They are focusing on the urgent need to stop the bleeding and begin to repair the enormous damage this economic collapse has done to all but the very wealthiest among us. 


The Occupy movements in our cities continue to be overwhelmingly peaceful and committed to non-violent protest.  There is anger, but being angry is not a fringe emotion – it is the natural response to an economy that works for shockingly few people. Workers can’t find work. People have lost their homes and the equity in their homes. And, every single night, the homeless among us can be found sleeping on our streets and in vacant houses, many of them veterans and children.  


Yet, to date, not a single person has gone to jail for crashing our economy, creating a massive jobs crisis and pushing millions of people out of their homes.  There has been little exhibition of concern about where displaced, unemployed and homeless people will spend their days and nights.


What’s happening is real, in cities and towns all over our country.  Americans want ‘Wall Street’ held accountable for what they did to our economy.  We want good jobs and an end to raging inequality.  We want our democracy back. That's why working people are part of these protests. We are all the 99 percent and we are standing together to restore our voices and enhance our democracy.


While confrontation and armed force might appear to be the traditional way of dealing with protest and unsure situations, such should not be the case in our cities. I urge you to act with great restraint and responsibility.  Rather than act on any calls to remove these peaceful and nonviolent protesters, you are called upon to deliberate and act on behalf of the 99% and respect the people’s right to freedom of assembly.


I am attaching copies of a resolution – “Support for the Occupy Movement,” that was adopted at the 28th Biennial Convention of the Maryland State and District of Columbia AFL-CIO on Saturday, November 20, 2011.  Additionally, I am attaching a copy of a resolution “In Support of Non-Violent Civil Disobedience” that was adopted by our Executive Board on May 24th, 2011.  These resolutions and others serve as signposts and guides for our political and legislative work.


Should you have questions or comments, please contact me at:  (410) 318-8507 or on my cell at (410) 340-0949


For Progress,


Fred D. Mason, Jr.




Attachments:  Resolution- “Support for the Occupy Movement”

                        Resolution- “In Support of Non-Violent Civil Disobedience”


Cc:  Baltimore City Council Members

        District of Columbia Council Member

        F.O.P. Baltimore

        F.O.P. District of Columbia

        Maryland and District of Columbia AFL-CIO Affiliates


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