Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Rescue a Turkey Day/Black Friday demo/Pete Seeher - Old Devil Time



I hope you are thankful for what you have and are sharing it with others.  Note that on Thurs., Nov. 24, this is Rescue a Turkey Day.  Turkeys are not for eating.  Like dogs and cats, turkeys have personalities and feelings.


 The Occupy protesters plan Black Friday surprises.  In response, the Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore will host a demo on Fri., Nov. 25 at 1 PM at Fairmount Ave. and Dulaney Valley Road.  This area will be jammed with Shop-Till-You-Drop consumers.


There is a call for people not to shop on Black Friday.  That is unrealistic.  Others just want to divert shoppers from big chains and giant shopping malls to local mom-and-pops. The general theme is to call for support of small businesses while criticizing the day's dedication to conspicuous consumption and the shopping frenzy that fuels big corporations.  Contact Max at 410-366-1637 or mobuszewski at


Finally, this is from Frank Kromkowski, a peace activist in Montana:  

Happy day, giving thanks everyday!


One of my all-time favorite songs

-- Old Devil Time (written by Pete Seeger)


sung by Claudia Schmidt




and by Paul Tinkerhess


Old devil time, I'm gonna fool you now

Old devil time, you'd like to bring me down

But when I'm feeling low, my lovers gather 'round

...And help me rise to face you one more time


No storm or fire can ever beat us down

No wind that blows but carries us further on

And you who fear, oh lovers gather 'round

And we can rise and sing it one more time


Old devil fear, you with your icy hands

Old devil fear, you'd like to freeze me cold

But when I'm afraid, my lovers gather 'round

And help me rise to face you one more time




Old devil hate, I knew you long ago

Then I found out the poison in your breath

Now when we hear your lies, my lovers gather 'round

And help me rise to fight (face) you one more time




Words and Music by Pete Seeger (1969)

(c) 1969, 1970 by Fall River Music, Inc. & Sigma Productions, Inc.

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