Saturday, February 13, 2021

Peace Activists Protest Loading of Military Hardware on Saudi Arabian Ship at Port of Baltimore

 Baltimore Peace Action, 431 Notre Dame Lane, Apt. 206, Baltimore, MD 21212

Press Release – For immediate release – February 13, 2021   

Peace Activists Protest Loading of Military Hardware on Saudi Arabian Ship at Port of Baltimore

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WHO: Baltimore Peace Action [BPA] is part of Maryland Peace Action. Peace Action works for smarter approaches to global problems. If we want to address problems like war, the nuclear threat, poverty, climate change, and terrorism – the U.S. needs to work together, cooperatively, with other nations. Peace Action is the nation’s largest grassroots peace network with chapters and affiliates in states across the country. Through a close relationship with progressive members of Congress, the national organization plays a key role in devising strategies to move forward peace legislation.

WHAT:   Baltimore Peace Action has been concerned for years about U.S. involvement with Saudi Arabia and other countries in their attack on the people of Yemen.  In fact, US weapons contractors sell weapons to Saudi Arabia which have been used in war crimes on the civilian population of Yemen.  Today, the United Nations has declared Yemen a humanitarian disaster. BPA has engaged in numerous protests against the Port of Baltimore for loading weapons on Saudi ships.  

 On February 2, President Biden declared his commitment to “end the war in Yemen,” during his first major foreign policy address. He called the war a “humanitarian and strategic catastrophe,” and announced a halt to all “relevant arms sales” to Saudi Arabia.

   Baltimore Peace Action has been informed that Light Armored Vehicles manufactured by General Dynamics Land Systems in London, Ontario are to be loaded on the Bahri Jazan, a Saudi Arabian ship, by dockworkers at the Port of Baltimore.  The Saudi ship is expected to arrive at the Port on February 13. Encouraged by the president’s words, BPA will hold a protest urging dockworkers not to load these weapons on the Bahri Jazan.

WHEN: Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2021 from 2 to 3 PM

WHERE: outside the Dundalk Marine Terminal, Port of Baltimore, 2700 Broening Highway  

WHY: While President Biden’s words can be seen as a huge victory for all peace advocates who have fought for nearly 6 years to end this brutal and unjust war, there are still concerns and questions. Will the president end all arms sales to Saudi Arabia?  Will the president work to achieve a peace agreement?  Will the U.S. provide reparations for the role played by the United States for the death and destruction caused? Regardless, the Baltimore Peace Action will continue to protest any arm shipments to Saudi Arabia and link up with groups around the world calling for a peace settlement in Yemen. It must be noted that workers in Canada, France, Italy and Spain have been involved in work actions against the Saudi ships. Go to

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