Thursday, March 3, 2016

Baltimore Activist Alert -- March 3 - 5, 2016

35] Support Norma – Mar. 3
36] That Apple phone – Mar. 3
37] Bernie Phone Banking – Mar. 3
38] “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” – Mar. 3
39] “Paris to DC: Acting for Affordable Clean Energy” – Mar. 3
40] Film GirlRISING – Mar. 3
41] Lobby Like a Pro – Mar. 3
42] Peace vigil at White House – Mar. 4
43] WIB peace vigil – Mar. 4
44] Pan-Africanism – Mar. 4
45] Black Lives Matter – Mar. 4
46] Film BABE – Mar. 4
47] "Palestine’s Intifada: the Process of Liberation is Irresistible" – Mar. 4
48] What is the situation in Gaza? – Mar. 4
49] Bernie Phone Banking – Mar. 4
50] Benefit at St. Stephen – Mar. 4
51] FILM “1971” – Mar. 4
53] Ballroom Dancing – Mar. 4
54] Fulfill the Promise – Mar. 5
55] Sign up with Washington Peace Center
56] Donate books, videos, DVDs and records
57] Do you need any book shelves?
58] Join the Global Zero campaign
59] Join the Peace Park Antinuclear Vigil
35] – The workers from MLOV and ROC-DC are coming together to demand justice for Norma Escobar. Please come out and join the picket line at DeCarlo's Restaurant, 4822 Yuma St. NW, WDC, on Thurs., Mar. 3 at noon.  Norma, member of the MLOV worker's center, was fired from the restaurant near American University without reason and without warning. Norma is demanding that they pay her a severance equal to 2 months wages to compensate her for being fired without cause. She wrote a petition and has been collecting signatures, and wants to deliver them to the owner. Contact Yasemin Ayarci at

36] –   In a California court, Apple CEO Tim Cook and FBI Director James Comey are battling over the phone of the San Bernardino gunman.  Comey says Apple has a legal obligation to help unlock. Apple, for its part, says that aiding the FBI here would set a precedent that undermines both security and privacy for millions of smartphone users.  At the Moynihan Board Room, 6th floor, Wilson Center, Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, One Woodrow Wilson Plaza, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, WDC, on Thurs., Mar. 3 from 3 to 4:15 PM, join a National Conversation with Congressperson Ted Lieu (D-CA), author of the ENCRYPT Act, Susan Hennessey, Managing Editor, Lawfare, Kate Martin, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress, and moderator David Perera, Cybersecurity Reporter, Politico Pro. Visit

37] –   Phone bank for Bernie on Thurs., Mar. 3 from 4 to 7 PM at 3102 Dunglow Road, Dundalk 21222.  RSVP at HTTPS://GO.BERNIESANDERS.COM/PAGE/EVENT/DETAIL/4Y48HOST.

38] – Ten years ago, John Perkins shocked the world with the publication of his blockbuster bestseller “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man,” the astonishing true story of his role as front man for a system that traded in fraud, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and even murder.  In his even more chilling new edition—greatly expanded with fifteen explosive new chapters—Mr. Perkins brings the story of economic hit men up to date and home to the United States. In his presentation at Busboys and Poets, 5331 Baltimore Ave., Suite 104, Hyattsville on Thurs., Mar. 3 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM, the author will share his belief in a more promising future, and will provide concrete strategies for how each and every one of us can do something to transform a failed geo-political-economic system into one that will turn crises into opportunities.  How can we convert what he calls a “death economy” into a “life economy?” Visit

39] -- Catch a panel discussion “Paris to DC: Acting for Affordable Clean Energy” at United Nations Foundation, 1750 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, WDC, on Thurs., Mar. 3 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.  The event will focus on the newly enacted 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21) and the United Nations’ Global Goal 7, which is aimed at ensuring access to affordable clean energy.  Bring the conversation home and empower everyday citizens to translate the global initiatives at a local level. The intent of the panel discussion is to foster a dialogue with attendees, and ultimately compile practical actions and next steps that local residents can take in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. The program will seek to educate, advocate, and motivate residents. A social media campaign will supplement the intent by engaging interested folks leading up to and following the discussion. Buy tickets at

40] -- In celebration of Women's History & Appreciation month, the Real News Network, 231 Holliday St., Baltimore 21202, brings you “GirlRISING,” a movie which tells the stories of nine girls from different parts of the world who face arranged marriages, child slavery, and other heartbreaking injustices. Despite these obstacles, the brave girls offer hope and inspiration. By getting an education, they're able to break barriers and create change. Join The Real News in watching this profound documentary with FREE POPCORN on Thurs., Mar. 3 from 6:30 to 9:30 PM.  As always, there will also be an in-depth conversation facilitated by Mia Loving. Call 410-800-4295 or visit

41] – Lobby Like a Pro 2016 continues on Thurs., Mar. 3, 17 and 31, and then ending on Apr. 14.  These classes will be in the form of a webinar by phone. Do you feel that the legislative session is a mysterious process in which you have little meaningful access? Have you come to town for a rally or a lobby day, but left feeling you would like to do more you just don’t know how? Then “Lobby Like a Pro” is for you!

This course will give you a deeper understanding of how the session works, and how to influence legislation through the process. The training will cover every aspect of how a bill becomes a law, demystifying the process and giving you the tools and confidence to really make a difference. The course is free and open to anyone whether you have never been to Annapolis before or have done some lobbying work but want to know more. Participants who are not a member of Common Cause Maryland are encouraged to make a donation to support our work. The course will include seven trainings. Notes will be sent out after each training, so if you miss one do not despair! The classes will start at 7:15 PM for questions and discussion, and the training will begin at 7:30 PM and last until 8:45 PM.  Register at

42] – On Fri., Mar. 4 from noon to 1 PM, join the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker in a vigil urging the powers that be to abolish war and torture, to disarm all weapons, to end indefinite detention, to close Guantanamo, to establish justice for all and help create the Beloved Community! This vigil will take place at the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. Contract Art @ or at 202-360-6416. 

43] – On Fri., Mar. 4 from noon to 1 PM, join Women in Black peace vigil. This vigil will take place at the corner of Light and Pratt Sts.  Stay for as long as you can. Wear black. Dress for who knows what kind of weather. Bring your own poster or help with the "NO WAR IN MY NAME" banner.  When there are others to stand with, you don't need to carry the burden alone. Do this to be in solidarity with others....when everything around us says Be afraid of the stranger.

44] -- Go to the Ralph J. Bunche International Affairs Center, Howard University, 2218 Sixth St. NW, WDC, on Fri., Mar. 4 from 2 to 4 PM to hear about Africa and its social movements which are confronted with a myriad of contemporary issues: gender politics, Hip Hop culture and a modern day African youth movement, and a need to reassess the internal class struggles. Is there a resurrection of the African value system Ubuntu? Join a group of organizations and institutions for an in-depth examination of Pan-Africanism in the 21st Century. The conference will address the concept of Black/African people in the U.S. as a domestic colony, what that means and its implications. The conference will also discuss Black community control over local economies, resources, and police and how to expand thinking about solutions beyond these conversations. Visit

45] – There is usually a silent peace vigil on Fridays, from 5 to 6 PM, sponsored by Homewood Friends and Stony Run Meetings, outside the Homewood Friends Meetinghouse, 3107 N. Charles St.  The next scheduled vigil is on Mar. 4. Black Lives Matter.  Since this is a First Friday, there will be a potluck dinner afterwards, followed by a DVD showing.

46] – The Hiroshima-Nagasaki Commemoration Committee, Baltimore Quaker Peace and Justice Committee of Homewood and Stony Run Meetings and Chesapeake Physicians for Social Responsibility are continuing the FILM & SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS DVD SERIES.  The DVDs will be shown at Homewood Friends Meetinghouse, 3107 N. Charles St., Baltimore 21218, usually on the First Friday. At 7:15 PM, from January through June, a DVD will be shown with a discussion to follow.  There is no charge, and refreshments will be available. The series theme is CHANGE IS INEVITABLE.  

On Fri., Mar. 4 see BABE [Australia & USA, 1995] One of the best films about nonviolence, this comedy-drama family film was co-written and directed by Chris Noonan. It is an adaptation of Dick King-Smith's 1983 novel “The Sheep-Pig,” also known as “Babe: The Gallant Pig” in the USA, which tells the story of a pig who wants to be a sheepdog. The main animal characters are played by a combination of real and animatronic pigs and Border Collies.

After seven years of development, BABE was filmed in Robertson, New South Wales, Australia.  The talking-animal visual effects were done by Rhythm & Hues Studios and Jim Henson's Creature Shop. The film was a box office success and grossed $36,776,544 at the box office in Australia.  It has received considerable acclaim from critics: it was nominated for seven Academy Awards including Best PictureBest Director and Best Adapted Screenplay, winning Best Visual Effects. It also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy and the Saturn Award for Best Fantasy Film.  Call 410-323-1607 or email mobuszewski [at]

47] -- Join this discussion "Palestine’s Intifada: the Process of Liberation is Irresistible" with Dr. Vijay Prashad at the Palestine Center, 2425 Virginia Ave. NW, WDC, on Fri., Mar. 4 from 5:30 to 7 PM.  Prashad is a professor of International Studies at the Trinity College. This event will be hosted by The Jerusalem Fund. Go to

48] -- The closing reception for the Palestinian Refugee Voices exhibit will feature a talk about Gaza at 733 8th St. NW, WDC, on Fri., Mar. 4 from 6 to 8 PM.  The talk is by Ahmed Mansour, a Palestinian who witnessed the last three wars in Gaza. Mansour is a graduate of Gaza University where he specialized in Literature and Arabic English Translation. He is a filmmaker, journalist and interpreter who has worked with international journalists covering Gaza and produced his own powerful documentaries that tell the story of his generation of young people and their aspirations for freedom. He excelled as a student leader and co-founded the English Language Club on campus and ran successful art festivals. Ahmed lost his best friend in the 2014 Gaza war. He could not leave Gaza for the past 3 years due to the blockade until he finally made it to study at New York University (NYU). He is currently an intern at the Washington Report on the Middle East Affairs. Snack and light refreshments will be served.  A $10 donations are requested, but all are welcome. RSVP at

49] –   Phone bank for Bernie on Fri., Mar. 4 from 6 to 9 PM at 28 Main Brook Ct., Reisterstown 21136.   RSVP at

50] – Positive Force presents "The Meer/ Bleary Eyed/ Booky" at St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church, 1525 Newton St. NW, WDC, on Fri., Mar. 4 from 6:30 to 11 PM. This is part of a new monthly benefit concert series; St. Stephens Church is hoping to curate a space to highlight new and upcoming artists while supporting causes. Though submissions for the event are now closed but anyone can get involved at the monthly meetings the third Saturday of every month! This month's event is a benefit concert for Empower DC. This event is a benefit for ongoing renovations at St. Stephens which serves as a safer space that is completely drug and alcohol free. The events are always open to all ages, all the time, without exception. The concert is to be held in the basement cafeteria area, which one should enter through the side door parallel to 16th St. NW and go immediately downstairs and around the corner. $5 is the suggested donation.  Go to

51] –  Go to the Peace Center of Delaware County, 1001 Old Sproul Road, Springfield, PA 19064 for the First-Friday Free Large Screen Film Series on Fri., Mar. 4 at 7 PM to see  “1971,” a tale of resistance during another time of war (Not Rated, U.S. 2014. 80 minutes, documentary. Directed by Johanna Hamilton, and written by Hamilton and Gabriel Rhodes. This the story of the famed Media FBI break-in, March 8, 1971, and the subsequent exposure of J. Edgar Hoover's COINTELPRO operations: surveillance, violent intimidation, and harassment of antiwar and civil rights activists nationwide. It tells the gripping story of ordinary citizens who believed that exposing the truth was worth taking great personal risks in a time of fear and war ... a time not unlike now.   And it all began outside of Philadelphia in Media, Delaware County.

Also enjoy an opening film short “In the Sights of the FBI: from COINTELPRO to Today's War on Dissent,” produced by the Brandywine Peace Community. Singer-songwriter Tom Mullian will perform his song, NSA BLUES. Doors open at 6:30 PM for light refreshments.  Call (610) 544-1818 or visit  The screening is co-sponsored by the Brandywine Peace Community.

52] – On Fri., Mar. 4 at 7:30 PM come to Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse, 30 W. North Ave., Baltimore 21201, to hear from
WRITERS IN BALTIMORE SCHOOLS - BLACK WORDS MATTER WRITE-IN.  Also hear from the Johns Hopkins Poetry & Social Justice course.  This is an evening of reading, writing, and sharing about issues surrounding the Baltimore uprising. WBS's inaugural cohort of Teaching Fellows -- current Baltimore City high school seniors -- will lead Write-In, guiding participants through a discussion and then several writing prompts. The event will culminate in an open mic, featuring readings by high school and college students in the Poetry & Social Justice course.  This Write-In is open to the public! This event is made possible by the Maryland Humanities Council (MHC) Humanities Fund for Baltimore. Call 443-602-7585.  Go to

53] – There is an opportunity to participate in ballroom dancing, usually every Friday of the month, in the JHU ROTC Bldg. at  8 PM.  Turn south on San Martin Dr. from the intersection of Univ. Parkway and 39th St.  Drive on campus by taking the third left turn. The next dance will be Mar. 4. Call Dave Greene at 410-599-3725.

54] -- Go to the Foundry United Methodist Church, 1500 16th St. NW, WDC, on Sat., Mar. 5 from 10 AM to noon to join CNHED's Housing For All Campaign, The Way Home Campaign and confirmed guest Mayor Muriel Bowser at a monumental rally to stand together for a District that fulfills the promise to all its residents. Stand for a District where no one is homeless, where families and individuals now struggling to make ends meet can lead quality lives, where our affordable housing is preserved, where new homeowners are supported, and where tenant laws really protect renters.  Fulfill the Promise: Ensure affordable housing. End chronic homelessness. Build a DC where all residents thrive. RSVP at

55] -- The Washington Peace Center has a progressive calendar & activist alert! Consider signing up to receive its weekly email:

56] -- If you would like to get rid of books, videos, DVDs or records, contact Max at 410-366-1637 or mobuszewski at

57] -- Can you use any book shelves? Contact Max at 410-366-1637 or mobuszewski at

58] -- Join an extraordinary global campaign for the elimination of nuclear weapons: A growing group of leaders around the world is calling for the elimination of nuclear weapons and a majority of the global public agrees.  This is an historic window of opportunity.  With momentum already building in favor of Zero, a major show of support from people around the world could tip the balance. When it comes to nuclear weapons, one is one too many.

59] – A Peace Park Antinuclear Vigil takes place every day in Lafayette Park, 1601 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, 24 hours a day, since June 3, 1981. Go to; call 202-682-4282.

Donations can be sent to the Baltimore Nonviolence Center, 325 E. 25th St., Baltimore, MD 21218.  Ph: 410-366-1637; Email: mobuszewski [at] Go to

“One is called to live nonviolently, even if the change one works for seems impossible. It may or may not be possible to turn the US around through nonviolent revolution. But one thing favors such an attempt: the total inability of violence to change anything for the better" - Daniel Berrigan

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