Monday, January 10, 2022

Baltimore Activist Alert -- January 10 - 18, 2022

19] Nuclear Weapons and Democracy – Jan. 10  

20] Henry George School of Social Science annual conference -- Jan. 10 - 12

21] Make calls for the Freedom to Vote Act. – Jan. 10 & 11

22] Emergency Election Protection Coalition -- Jan. 10

23] Baltimore Peoples Climate Movement Legislative Briefing – Jan. 10  

24] Help organize a movement to protect our democracy! -- Jan. 10

25] Close Gitmo rally – Jan. 11  

26] Middle East WMD-Free Zone – Jan. 11

27] Cuba’s Life Task: Combatting Climate Change – Jan. 11

28] Guantanamo 20 Years on: A Religious Perspective – Jan. 11  

29] Protest JHU’s weapons research – Jan. 11

30] Make calls for Brooke – Jan. 11 and 13

31] Spoils of War with Andrew Cockburn – Jan. 11

32] Sunrise Movement Baltimore Hub Meeting – Jan. 11

33] Advocate for solar in your community – Jan. 11

34] MoveOn Political Action is hosting Senator Elizabeth Warren – Jan. 11

35] No Way to Treat a Child -- Jan. 11

36] I Am Gitmo – Jan. 11  

37] Activist webinar will feature Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley. – Jan. 11

38] Deliver certificates of appreciation to 59 embassies in D.C. – Jan. 18


19] –   On Mon., Jan. 10 at 1 PM ET, tune into Nuclear Weapons and Democracy [Online] in anticipation of the 2022 Tenth Review Conference of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). This event will offer an opportunity to hear and discuss the findings of a research study conducted by the Nuclear Knowledges academic programme of Sciences Po Paris, headed by Dr Benoît Pélopidas.  The event is sponsored by the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, and you can get more INFORMATION at

20] –  The Henry George School of Social Science [] is holding its annual conference starting on Mon., Jan. 10 at 2 PM ET and continuing through Jan. 12. Go to A link to join will be provided via email before the start of the conference. The theme is "Rebuilding the Economy after the Pandemic: Challenges and Avenues.

21] – Join the Freedom to Vote Act Phonebank with Common Cause. Work together to demand bold changes to our alleged democracy to create a government that represents all of us, not big corporations or special interests. Call voters in targeted states and connect them to their Senators to support the Freedom to Vote Act and eliminate the filibuster. These phone banks are subject to change based on variables outside of our control (i.e. a Senator's mailbox is full). On Mon., Jan. 10 from 4 to 6 PM and 6 to 8 PM EST, connect AZ voters to Sen. Sinema to ask that she does everything possible to pass the Freedom to Vote Act including fixing the filibuster. On Tues., Jan. 11 from 4 to 6 PM ET, connect WV voters to Sen. Manchin to ask that he does everything possible to pass the Freedom to Vote Act including fixing the filibuster.  Register at

22] – The Emergency Election Protection Coalition is hosting Keith Ellison, Minnesota Attorney General, on Defending Democracy and Voting Rights at 5 PM ET on Mon., Jan. 10. Sign up at Please submit any questions to: Progressive Democrats of America are part of the coalition.

23] – From 6:30 to 8 PM ET on Mon., Jan. 10, attend the Baltimore Peoples Climate Movement Legislative Briefing. Talk about what's coming up for environmental & economic justice in Baltimore City in 2022! This meeting will be held days before Maryland's legislative session begins. Register here and spread the word.

24] – Our Revolution [] wants you to join an event on Mon., Jan. 10 at 8:30 PM ET, a special organizing call with Rep. Ro Khanna and President of Free Speech For People John Bonifaz. RSVP at Our democracy is fragile, and Our Revolution is trying to defend it from future attacks like the insurrection on January 6, 2021. Help organize a movement to protect our democracy!

25] – HELEN SCHIETINGER [] indicates that Witness against Torture will gather at the White House on Tues., Jan. 11 at noon.  This will be a solemn witness in solidarity with the men locked in Guantanamo and those exiled afterwards, plus an outraged call for President Biden to do SOMETHING to better the lives of those he’s holding there and to close the prison.  Visit

26] – On Tues., Jan. 11 at 1:15 PM, attend the Middle East WMD-Free Zone: Reflecting on the Past and Looking at the Future.  The sponsor is the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR), and the speakers are Amb. Marjolijn van Deelen, EU Special Envoy for Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Ambassador; Amb. Ali Asghar Soltanieh, former Ambassador of Iran to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); Jasmine Auda, Middle East Scientific Institute for Security (MESIS); and Amb. Stephan Klement, EU Head of Delegation in Vienna.  Go to Contact Ms. Anne-Laure Souissi-Sans (

27] – On Tues., Jan. 11 at 2 PM EST, check out the Online Premiere: Cuba’s Life Task: Combatting Climate Change.  You can see it on YouTube:  Visit

28] – Join in a National Religious Campaign against Torture Webinar on Tues., Jan. 11 at 3 PM ET.  Guantanamo 20 Years on: A Religious Perspective is hosted by The Episcopal Church and NRCAT with Dr. Shaun Casey, Georgetown University; The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop and Primate, Episcopal Church; and Matt Hawthorne, NRCAT. Sign up at

29] – On Tues., Jan. 11 join a demonstration outside Johns Hopkins University at 33rd and N. Charles Sts. from 4 to 5 PM to protest its weapons contracts. Contact Max at mobuszewski2001 at Comcast dot net or 410-323-1607.  You may consider contacting President Ron Daniels and telling him that the university should reject all military contracts, including those for killer drone and nuclear weapons research.  The president’s mailing address is Office of the President, 242 Garland Hall, The Johns Hopkins University, and 3400 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Maryland 21218.  You can also reach his office by Phone: (410) 516-8068, Fax: (410) 516-6097 or email:

30] – Madison [] is alerting you to an opportunity on Tues., Jan. 11 from 6 to 7 PM ET and Thurs., Jan. 13 from 6 to 7 PM ET for a Phone Banking Power Hour! Gather on zoom and help make over 2,000 calls for Brooke Lierman, the candidate for comptroller. RSVP at

31] – Committee for the Republic [] is hosting a webinar on Tues., Jan. 11 at 7 PM ET called Spoils of War with Andrew Cockburn.  RSVP at  The Zoom Link is at

 The selling of the Pentagon has been a stupendous success eclipsing even the marketing hallmarks Coke and Pepsi. Even though the American military loses one war after another, it remains the most trusted institution in America after small business. Andrew Cockburn returns for his third salon with his new book "Spoils of War" in which he unveils the unflattering truth: the military-industrial-security complex subordinates the national interest to personal or organizational ambitions for money and power. His documentation is voluminous. The Air Force shoots down the A-10 close support aircraft to promote bureaucratic/financial objectives. The Army persists in a defective helmet to conceal error. Bribes and prostitutes from corrupt contractors dictate Navy fleet deployments.

32] – From 6:30 to 8 PM ET on Tues., Jan. 11, attend a Sunrise Movement Baltimore Hub Meeting. Come together online and by phone to be in community and to talk about the latest on Build Back Better, the Maryland state legislative session, other policy and political priorities, and how you can get involved in 2022.  Register at

33] – Annie at Solar United Neighbors [] wants you to advocate for solar in your community on Tues., Jan. 11 from 7:30 to 8:30 PM ET. Learn how you can power big wins for solar energy. Go to

34] – The MoveOn Political Action [] is hosting Senator Elizabeth Warren on Tues., Jan. 11 at 8 PM ET.  Democracy is on the line—and on the ballot—in 2022. There is the fight for voting rights and to protect our elections in Congress now will depend on our ability to elect principled, tenacious Democrats and hold and expand their majorities in the House and Senate. Join Senator Warren and allies at Demand Justice for a live, half-hour discussion: "The Plan to Protect Our Democracy." RSVP at

35] – The No Way to Treat a Child campaign webinar will happen on Tues., Jan. 11 at 8 PM ET. Sign up at Get the latest updates on U.S advocacy for Palestinian children's rights, including during the 2022 elections. Also work on strengthening your skills in talking about Palestinian human rights.

36] – Marcy Winograd [] wants you to know about a film "I am Gitmo" to be shown and discussed on Tues., Jan. 11 from 8 to 11 PM ET.  The panel will feature CIA torture whistleblower John Kiriakou.  Twenty years after it opened, the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center has yet to be closed; in fact the Pentagon is building a secret courtroom where the public will not be allowed to view the proceedings. Register here for the film:

  Following the film showing there will be a panel featuring CIA torture whistleblower John Kiriakou, co-founder, LA Progressive, Sharon Kyle, filmmaker Philippe Diaz, journalist Jon Krampner and lawyer Michael Rapkin, who has represented Guantanamo detainees since 2005. Get more on the event at"I am Gitmo" is a narrative feature film about a Muslim school teacher who is accused of involvement in 9/11 and transported to Guantanamo Bay. Based on true events, although not the story of a specific prisoner, the film is unrated with graphic scenes of realistic torture the film is followed by Q&A. See

37] – The Activist Update [] wants you to join Common Cause for its monthly webinar series! Each month, it will host a webinar and briefing with Common Cause experts on issues around the country, and additionally answer your questions on upcoming legislative goals. On Tues., Jan. 11 at 8 PM ET, the topic is 2022: Our Common Agenda - where to go over with advocacy work, and discuss what are the goals moving forward and how you can help.  This activist webinar will feature Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley. RSVP at  HTTPS://WWW.MOBILIZE.US/COMMONCAUSE/EVENT/428300/?LINK_ID=0&CAN_ID=4B9D4061AEC5469758759317AC0F5285&SOURCE=EMAIL-JOIN-SENATOR-MERKLEY-ON-TUESDAY-AS-WE-DISCUSS-2022&EMAIL_REFERRER=EMAIL_1403004&EMAIL_SUBJECT=JOIN-SENATOR-MERKLEY-AS-WE-DISCUSS-2022.  The next monthly webinar will happen on Fri., Feb. 25 from 8 to 9 PM EST.

38] – Prevent Nuclear War – Maryland needs your help in hand delivering certificates of appreciation to 59 embassies in D.C. whose governments have ratified the U.S. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.  Fill out this Doodle Poll on what days and hours are best for you to join in the walking tour of Embassy Row in D.C.  The preferred day is Tuesday, January 18 from 10 AM to 1 PM or 1 PM to 4 PM.  In case of inclement weather, it could take place on Wednesday, January 19 from 10 AM to 1 PM or 1 PM to 4 PM or Thursday, January 20 from 10 AM to 1 PM or 1 PM to 4 PM. 

Fill out the Doodle poll: Here is a map of Embassy Row:  If you do not see an empty field in which to type your name, delete the name of Bonnie Raindrop and insert your name in its place. Please forward this poll link to others who may join us.

To be continued.

Donations can be sent to Max Obuszewski, Baltimore Nonviolence Center, 431 Notre Dame Lane, Apt. 206, Baltimore, MD 21212.  Ph.: 410-323-1607; Email: mobuszewski2001 [at] Go to

"The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles. The master class has had all to gain and nothing to lose, while the subject class has had nothing to gain and everything to lose--especially their lives." Eugene Victor Debs

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