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Baltimore Activist Alert -- January 10 - 16, 2021

19] The End of Executions – Jan. 10 - 16

20] Join Witness Against Torture – Jan. 11 - 15

21] Formal letter writing program – Jan. 11

22] Chomsky film – Jan. 11

23] Creating a World Free of Nuclear Weapons -- Jan. 11 - 14

24] Montgomery County Watch Party: Police in Schools Report – Jan. 12

25] Montgomery County Watch Party: January Housing Legislation Jan. 12

26] Venezuela-Iran: a natural alliance – Jan. 12

27] Protest JHU’s weapons research – Jan. 12

28] Confront Whole Foods about use of plastic – Jan. 12

29] Dialogue with Reps. Barbara Lee & Mark Pocan -- Jan. 12

30] Animal Bereavement Support Group – Jan. 12

31] History & Dynamics of U.S. Asia-Pacific Policies – Jan. 12

32] Biden & the Green New Deal – Jan. 12

33] Polar Bear Plunge – Jan. 12


19] – Death Penalty Action [] is hosting a Virtual Anti-Death Penalty Conference from Sun., Jan. 15 at 1 PM ET through Sat., Jan. 16 at 5 PM ET. The End of Executions is a week-long virtual conference featuring amazing speakers with voices of experience on the death penalty, daily panel discussions and virtual execution vigils. Explore the awful evils of the unnecessary death penalty, and how to end it in the United States. This series of events is timed to coincide with the three executions scheduled for this week on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings.  Check out End of Executions: A Virtual Conference. 

20] – Witness Against Torture [] will do its annual fast from Mon., Jan. 11 through Fri., Jan. 15 in Covid Year 2021.  The Fast for Justice will be Monday through Friday, Jan. 11 to 15. Then at 8 PM ET, get with the WAT Fast for Justice Circle Virtual Meeting.  There will be one each evening. RSVP to receive the Zoom link for all the evening meetings:

Circles will be like gatherings in DC: opening with centering music, a reflection, a topic or theme, checking in with each other and sharing around the circle.  On Friday night, there will be a closing celebration with the Peace Poets, including poetry and music.  Finally, on January 20, Inauguration Day, a small but very visible group will converge on the outdoor events in orange jump suits and hoods. You are invited to join in the planning: send an email to  

  On Mon., Jan. 11, it is the 19th anniversary of the day the first detainee was sent to Guantanamo Bay. Just days after the recent election in Georgia and for the first time since 2010, majorities in both houses of Congress, as well as the President-elect himself, all support closing the prison at Guantanamo. Ensure that President-elect Biden follows through and tries or releases all detainees, ends indefinite detention without trial, and permanently closes the prison. A partner of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture is holding a 19 Years of Guantanamo: Remembering the Men Detained vigil from 1 to 2 ET. RSVP at  Tune in to a Rights or Rightlessness? The Lives of Men Imprisoned at Guantánamo webinar from 5 to 6:30 PM ET at

21] – Join HIAS for a monthly program offering compassion and solidarity to asylum seekers in detention who have requested correspondence, helping them access hope and connection. Advance registration is required for the Zoom gathering on Mon., Jan. 11 from 6:30 to 8 PM ET. RSVP at

22] – See the film "Noam Chomsky: Internationalism or Extinction" on Mon., Jan. 11 at 7 PM ET, a Fundraiser for Massachusetts Peace Action. “No one but Noam so passionately links the twin, man-made threats to organized human existence–catastrophic climate change and nuclear doomsday machines–and no previous communication of his warnings and challenge to action has presented them so impressively. The brilliantly chosen visuals transform what might otherwise be an almost unbearable recitation of horrific facts–and the institutional failures to move toward changing them–into a presentation with a potential to inspire and motivate public activism which I can hardly imagine being surpassed.- Daniel Ellsberg.

This film captures the essence of a Chomsky event: tables and literature of numerous peace and justice groups outside the lecture hall; the buzz in the room awaiting the start of the program; Noam’s presentation composed in eloquent but spare prose, readily accessible in argument and vocabulary; and the inevitable lengthy question and answer period.

As we greet with relief the eventual departure of Donald Trump from the White House, this film is a must see as we prepare to address an ongoing climate catastrophe and the escalating threat of nuclear war under the incoming Biden Administration. After the film, discuss it in small groups. See  There is a request for a $5 to $20 donation to Mass. Peace Action or what you can afford.  

23] –Attend a four-day seminar from Mon., Jan. 11 to Thurs., Jan. 14 from 7:30 to 10 EST each night. The title is Creating a World Free of Nuclear Weapons: Developing the Next Generation of Specialists and Activists of the Catholic Community [Online] Seminar Program. This seminar is part of a larger project to revitalize and strengthen the voice of the Catholic community in the United States and beyond in the debate on nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament. The project aims to empower a new generation of Catholics – Church leaders, scholars, and students – to contribute to wider efforts to further reduce and ultimately eliminate nuclear weapons.  Participants that complete all sessions will earn a Certificate of Completion. Sponsors are the University of Notre Dame and the Catholic Peacebuilding Network. Sign up at

24] – There is a Montgomery County Board of Ed Watch Party: Police in Schools Report on Tues., Jan. 12 from 1 to 3 PM ET. Join Jews United for Justice's Montgomery County team virtually and watch the Board of Education present its SRO Working Group recommendations on the future of police in Montgomery County high schools, and watch the public testimony presented at the BoE meeting.  You will receive call-in instructions via email after you RSVP at

25] – There is a Montgomery County Watch Party: January Housing Legislation on Tues., Jan. 12 from 1 to 3:30 PM ET. Join Jews United for Justice's Montgomery County team and watch the hearings for upcoming housing bills in Montgomery County. The watch party will begin at 1 PM to review the legislation. The hearings will begin at 1:30 PM. You will receive call-in instructions via email after you RSVP at

26] – On Tues., Jan. 12 from 2 to 3 PM EST, check out Venezuela-Iran: A natural alliance in the face of illegal sanctions, hosted by CODEPINK: Women For Peace.  The webinar speakers are Dan Kovalik (USA) and Foad Izadi (Iran).  Register at

ZOOM Registration: Kovalik teaches International Human Rights at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and is the author of “The Plot to Overthrow Venezuela” and “The Plot to Attack Iran”. Foad Izadi teaches American studies at the Faculty of World Studies, University of Tehran.

27] – There is a Vigil to say "No Drone Research at JHU" at 33rd and N. Charles Sts. on Tuesdays from 5 to 6 PM. Contact Max at mobuszewski2001 at Comcast dot net or 410-323-1607.  You may consider contacting President Ron Daniels and telling him that the university should reject all military contracts, including those for killer drone and nuclear weapons research.  The president’s mailing address is Office of the President, 242 Garland Hall, The Johns Hopkins University, 3400 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Maryland 21218.  You can also reach his office by Phone: (410) 516-8068, Fax: (410) 516-6097 or email:

28] – When customers think of Whole Foods, they think of environmental stewardship. After all, the mission of Whole Foods is to "nourish the people and the planet."2 But in 2020 As You Sow, a shareholder advocacy group, gave the grocer an F for failing to adopt a comprehensive strategy to cut back on the amount of single-use plastic used in its stores. In our "Planet Over Plastic" webinar, you'll hear from Deb Singer, Cofounder of the non-profit BRINGiT, who will share about her role implementing the Whole Foods "Better Bag" initiative. You'll also hear from Kelly McBee, Waste Program Coordinator for As You Sow, talk about how Whole Foods ranked in the Waste and Opportunity report and the company's performance on plastic pollution. The webinar will take place from 6 to 7 PM ET on Tues., Jan. 12. You will receive an email with a link once you have registered for the event:

29] – Dialogue with Reps. Barbara Lee & Mark Pocan Co-Chairs of the new Defense [sic] Spending Reduction Caucus on Tues., Jan. 12 at 8 PM ET. Register at  This is part of the #CODEPINK CONGRESS event schedule. During these tumultuous days, there's never been a better time to talk to Representatives Barbara Lee and Mark Pocan about how we can use this moment to redefine security and build congressional support for cutting the Pentagon budget--now a record $740-billion--to fund Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, education, and much more.

A week after introducing an amendment to cut the defense [sic] budget by 10%, Pocan and Lee—both members of the House Appropriations Committee— announced in July the creation of the Defense [sic] Spending Reduction Caucus. The Caucus intends to build on the support garnered by the amendment, which received 93 votes in the House in 2020.  Following Pocan and Lee’s talk and Q & A, call members of Congress to urge them to join the Caucus. Marcy Winograd, Coordinator, CODEPINK CONGRESS, can be reached at

30] – On Tues., Jan. 12 from 7 to 8:30 PM ET, get with the Animal Bereavement Support Group at the Baltimore Humane Society, 1601 Nicodemus Road, Reisterstown 21136. This will continue each Tuesday, through August 3. See  The loss of an animal can be a devastating blow. Our friends are often loved as a member of our family, and we believe their passing should be treated with the same respect. RSVP to 

31] – Get with Introduction to the History & Dynamics of U.S. Asia-Pacific Policies on Tues., Jan. 12 at 8 PM ET. Register in advance for this webinar:  The United States has been an imperial power across Asia and the Pacific since Admiral Perry’s Black Ships “opened” Japan, and the U.S. conquered the Philippines, Guam and Samoa and annexed Hawaii during the “Spanish-American War.”  President-elect Joe Biden and Antony Blinken are repeating their commitments to reinforce U.S. Asia-Pacific alliances and to the military buildup to contain China that was begun with the Obama “pivot” to Asia and the Pacific and deepened by Trump’s ratcheting up tensions with China. Speakers include Hyun Lee of Women Cross the DMZ, Tobita Chow of Justice is Global and Mark Seldon editor of The Asia-Pacific Journal.

32] – It is time for action. Joe Biden’s inauguration is just two weeks away — and it will kick off his first 100 days, a crucial time for our climate. It’s a unique opportunity for Biden to help our country recover and pass a Green New Deal. But if we want to see that happen, we need to make sure that President-elect Biden feels the urgency of the climate crisis and takes the bold action we need. Join Greenpeace's first volunteer call of the year to hear about strategy for holding Biden accountable in his first 100 days — and how you can be a part of it. Join in on Tues., Jan. 12 at 8:30 PM ET at

33] - The Chesapeake Climate Action Network will be doing its annual Polar Bear Plunge on February 13.  Sign up for the Polar Bear Plunge by January 12th and you could win a free ELECTRIC BIKE (worth $3500)! Go to

To be continued.

Donations can be sent to Max Obuszewski, Baltimore Nonviolence Center, 431 Notre Dame Lane, Baltimore, MD 21212.  Ph: 410-323-1607; Email: mobuszewski2001 [at] Go to

"The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles. The master class has had all to gain and nothing to lose, while the subject class has had nothing to gain and everything to lose--especially their lives." Eugene Victor Debs  


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