Friday, November 20, 2020

Baltimore Activist Alert -- November 20 -21, 2020

67] Help Georgia Elect Two US Senators to Save Our Climate – Nov. 20

68] Animals Affected by Climate Change Nov. 20

69] Climate Strikes vs. Chase Bank – Nov. 20

70] IN AMERICA, How Could This Happen -- Nov. 20 – 30

71] Join the G20 Counter-Summit – Nov. 20

72] Food Rescue – Nov. 20

73] White House vigil – Nov. 20

74] Women in Black VIGILS FOR PEACE – Nov. 20

75] Make Calls for Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff – Nov. 20

76] Survival of the Chosŏn Dynasty – Nov. 20

77] Peace and justice vigil – Nov. 20

78] Fundamentals of Communicating About Climate Change – Nov. 20

79] Open Borders Conference – Nov. 21

80] Celebrate the new bookstore cat, Zoey! – Nov. 21

81] March for Housing – Nov. 21


83] Special Briefing with Senator Turner! – Nov. 21

84] Kevin Zeese Memorial Service -- Nov. 21

85] March for Justice – Nov. 21

86] Youth against Empire – Nov. 21

87] Peace on the Korean Peninsula -- Nov. 21

88] Read Dave Eberhardt’s book "For All the Saints- a Protest Primer"

89] Ted Glick has written a book

90] New Book: “Confessions of a Radical Academic”

91] Two Berrigan Books still in print

92] Contribute to the Lin Romano Peace and Justice Scholarship

93] Do you need a doctor?

94] Emergency Demonstration against an attack on Venezuela or Iran  

95] Donate books, videos, DVDs and records

96] Do you need any book shelves?

97] Join the Global Zero campaign.

98] Peace Park Antinuclear Vigil


67] – Help Georgia Elect Two US Senators to Save Our Climate.  Join with Mike Tidwell who launched the Chesapeake Climate Action Network and CCAN Action Fund. Now he is headed to Georgia to help two US Senate candidates in special runoffs. These elections, on January 5, could save our nation and the global climate. Help Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock win their U.S. Senate races in Georgia. If the Democrats win on January 5, Joe Biden can pass clean energy legislation to save America and the world from climate change. Please sign up to make calls, write letters, and send texts to Georgia voters:

68] – On Fri., Nov. 20 from 6 AM to 8:30 AM EST, tune in to Animals Affected by Climate Change, an Online Event, hosted by Animals x Climate Change x Global Health Webinar Series. Sign in at  Gain a deeper understanding of which animals are most vulnerable to climate change. First, consider the effects of climate change on animals: How are wild animals, sedentary animals, migratory animals, companion animals, and many others affected by forces of climate change, such as drought, the encroaching rise in sea levels, availability of food, accessibility of space, habitability, maintenance of borders, and securitization? Climate change also creates winners, so are there animals who will be better off? Will climate change do more good or harm to animals, and how can we tell?

Second, examine how humanity’s actions in response to climate change are affecting animals: Are there examples of how either mitigation or adaptation strategies/policies have been explicitly designed to reduce harmful impacts on animals? Do these examples raise moral dilemmas – for example, do they involve sacrificing the interests of individual animals to benefit the species (as in captive breeding or forced relocation)? Are there examples of how mitigation/adaptation policies are in fact exacerbating the harmful impacts for particular animals (or where policies designed to benefit certain animals impose costs on other animals)? Stepping back from individual policies, are there examples of how animals’ interests are being institutionalized within decision-making processes around climate change (e.g., via animal representatives or advocates or audits)?

69] – On Fri., Nov. 20 from 9 AM to 9 PM, get with the Climate Strikes vs. Chase Bank Every Friday! Flatten the climate pollution curve together! Help run an online climate strike at Chase Bank--the #1 investor in fossil fuels of any bank in the world--every Friday until further notice. You can post your own virtual climate strike on social media in 4 easy steps: Contact Ted at (301) 589-7598 (mobile). Visit

70] –  On Fri., Nov. 20 from 11 AM to 5 PM EST, go see IN AMERICA, How Could This Happen at RFK Stadium, which will continue each day through Nov. 30, hosted by In America Flags.  See 220,000+ flags honoring all Americans who have died from COVID.  This Public Art Installation is by Suzanne Firstenberg. You can complete a form to have a personalized flag for your loved one lost to Covid:

71] – Join the G20 Counter-Summit on Fri., Nov. 20 from 11 AM to 1:30 PM ET.  The G20 Counter-Summit will hand the microphone to Saudi dissidents and family members of those imprisoned by the Saudi monarchy. Human rights advocates and members of Congress will also speak.  The event is led by human rights organization PEN America, and Freedom Forward is proud to be a cosponsor. RSVP at

72] – On Fri., Nov. 20 from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM EST, come to Grace Baptist Church, 3201 The Alameda to get some food, hosted by Food Rescue Baltimore. This will continue each Friday until March 26, 2021. Bring a bag, bring a friend, and take delicious, nutritious, free rescued food. Look at

73] – The Dorothy Day Catholic Worker will host a peace vigil at the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, WDC, on Fri., Nov. 20 at noon.  Contact the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker: 202-882-9649 or

74] – There will be two Women in Black VIGILS FOR PEACE on Fri., Nov. 20 from noon to 1 PM.  One is at Roland Park Place, 830 W. 40th St., Baltimore.  Free Parking is available. There will be NO LUNCH.   If it doesn't rain, vigil. If it rains, the vigil will be cancelled.  If you arrive for the vigil and don't see someone else, please don't leave. Other folks are on the way.  Email

The other is in Chestertown, Kent County on the Eastern Shore in Memorial Park at Cross Street & Park Row.  This will be a safe-distanced stand for Peace with Justice & No to War. Email

75] – Make Calls for Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.  The presidential election may be over (Donald Trump’s refusal to concede notwithstanding), but control of the US Senate hangs in the balance, pending the results of two runoff elections in Georgia, the nation’s newest battleground state. Early voting starts December 14, and Special Election Day is January 5, 2021. The Sierra Club will be making phone calls in support of Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, whose races could determine the fate of President-Elect Biden’s ambitious green agenda. Sign up to call Georgia voters at

The available times are Fri., Nov. 20 from 3 to 6 PM EST.  Then on Mon., Nov. 23, 3  to 6 PM EST, Tues., Nov. 24, 6 to 9 PM EST and Wed., Nov. 25 from 3 to 6 PM EST.  The calls will continue Mon., Nov. 30 from 3 to 6 PM EST through Tues., Jan. 5 from 6 to 9 PM EST.

76] – As part of the Soh Jaipil Lecture Series, hear about The Survival of the Chosŏn Dynasty in the Imjin War (1592-98) and the Issue of Governance on Fri., Nov. 20 from 3 to 4:30 PM ET. RSVP at

77] -- There is usually a Quaker Vigil for Racial Justice on Fridays, from 5 to 6:30 PM, hosted by the Baltimore Quaker Peace and Justice Committee (BQPJC) outside the Homewood Friends Meetinghouse, 3107 N. Charles St.  The next scheduled vigil is on Nov. 20. From 6 to 6:30 PM strategize. Black Lives Matter. Stop the Killing. Physical distancing applies. Wear your face mask. Email or call 410-235-4438. Quaker values call us to speak truth and to seek equality for all people. We aim to follow Bayard Rustin’s wisdom that “we need, in every community, a group of angelic troublemakers” and John Lewis’s call to “make good trouble.” See

78] – The Fundamentals of Communicating About Climate Change: Education, Community & Action is a webinar on Fri., Nov. 20 from 7 to 8:30 PM. Check in at Ever try to communicate something that’s really important to someone and you just don’t know how to get them to listen -- let alone get them to take action? It’s climate change. It’s real. It’s all around us. It’s not political. And it requires action. Delve into topics together such as framing language that leads to successful connections in communication, how education around climate change exists currently in our lives & communities and how it can be improved upon, and how to spark communication into action in others as well as within ourselves. Tired of unsuccessful communication around climate change? The registration link is at Contact Isabella (Izzy) Luca at with questions.

79] -- Join Free Migration Project and Pangea Legal Services at the third annual Open Borders Conference on Sat., Nov. 21. This year's international conference will be fully virtual and accessible in English and Spanish. RSVP here  Register at  Come together to learn why open borders would lead to dramatic increases in public health, safety, prosperity, and equality; why the pandemic does not justify the global apartheid of the current immigration and citizenship regime; and what it would mean to #AbolishICE.  Hear experts in a day-long dialogue on the theory and practice of open borders immigration policy. The conference will start at 8:45 AM and conclude at 8:30 PM.

80] – On Sat., Nov. 21 from 10 AM to 6 PM EST, participate in National Zoey Day at Carpe Librum Bookstore and Art Gallery, 7221 Harford Road, Baltimore 21234. Celebrate the new bookstore cat, Zoey! People need to wear their masks inside the bookstore, and you can interact with Zoey. Carpe Librum sells new books, used books, and art.  Visit Call (443) 465-4691 or email

81] – On Sat., Nov. 21 at 10:30 AM EST, join a March for Housing at 801 E. Fayette St., Baltimore 21202-4712, hosted by Housing Our Neighbors, United Workers and 9 others.  During the worst pandemic in a generation, the failures of our housing system have been pulled to the forefront. Thousands are struggling to pay their rent and Baltimore City continues to warehouse our homeless community in toxic conditions with inadequate and often absent hygiene (no soap, insufficient hot water, broken toilets). City leadership is currently planning to return shelter residents to pre-Covid congregate shelter settings in December, a plan that will surely lead to more infections, illnesses, and loss of life. We cannot let this happen. The demands are An immediate halt to the City’s plan to return people to congregate shelters by December, A permanent housing plan so that residents are returned to housing and not shelters and A winter shelter plan that gets rid of temperature cut offs and provides an equitable amount of beds to women, youth, and trans folks.  Join in calling on Mayor Young and City leadership to #emptytheshelters, to provide safe and stable housing for all and #canceltherent so that no more people are made homeless at this time. This is a moment for all of us to show the world that Baltimore City believes #housingasahumanright! All COVID safety protocols with regards to masks and social distancing will be followed. All march participants must wear a mask for the event. Go to

82] – There is a BALTIMORE BLACK LIVES MATTER RALLY on Sat., Nov. 21 from 11 AM to noon near 3800 to 4000 Edmondson Ave. in Baltimore City.  Call or email Ryan Sattler at 717-891-6156 or   

83] – Our Revolution Maryland [] on Sat., Nov. 21 from noon to 1 PM is promoting a Special Briefing with Senator Turner! Senator Nina Turner is always compelling, so hear a lively conversation with Our Revolution Maryland Chair Bob Muehlenkamp. In light of Joe Biden's election, a Conversation on Neoliberalism could not be timelier. Despite his "Joe from Scranton" persona, Biden has far too often sided with corporations and Wall Street against workers and Main Street.  Senator Turner will explain how pro-corporate/anti-labor/deregulatory policies, i.e., neoliberalism, brought on the current political and economic crises and what we need to do to address them. RSVP at

84] -- On Sat., Nov. 21 2 to 4 PM EST, attend a Kevin Zeese Memorial Service, hosted by the Maryland Green Party.  Go to This will be a safe space for all Green Party members and allies to remember Kevin and discuss how to move forward the work to which he was so dedicated. Join in sharing, remembering, and planning future work in Kevin’s memory. The group is launching the Maryland Green Party's Kevin Zeese Memorial Fund to which you can donate:

85] – On Sat., Nov. 21 and Nov. 28 from 3 to 7 PM EST, March for Justice with DC Protest in Malcolm X Park, 2400 15th St. NW, WDC hosted by Continue To Serve. Go to Demand justice and March!

86] – On Sat., Nov. 21 at 4 PM ET, get with Youth Against Empire, a new formation of young anti-imperialist, anti-racist activists from the United National Antiwar Coalition to chart a path forward for the antiwar movement. With the election of a new president, the U.S. wars aren't stopping. From more than 800 foreign military bases to sanctions on 39 countries, from bombings and drone strikes to proxy wars and coups, both parties have firmly supported the U.S. war machine abroad. In the USA, there is rampant police violence, political repression, evictions, poverty, and a failing healthcare system. The only solution is the fight back of working and oppressed people against U.S. wars at home and abroad. Keep it in the streets against U.S. war!  Register to watch on Zoom at

87] – Get with Peace on the Korean Peninsula in the 21st Century: A Roundtable on Sat., Nov. 21 from 5 to 7 PM.  This online event will be on Livestream at YouTube on BOSTON NUAC Channel -  Prof. Edward J. Baker, former Associate Director, Harvard-Yenching Institute, Cole Harrison, executive director, Massachusetts Peace Action, Prof. Kee Park, Harvard Medical School, Global Health & Social Medicine, Director of the North Korea Program of the Korean American Medical Association and Mayor Paul Heroux, mayor of Attleboro, MA, 2018 and former member of the MA House of Representatives, 2013-18, will participate.

88] – David Eberhardt was a member of the Baltimore Four with Father Philip Berrigan, Tom Lewis and Rev. James Mengel.  The group poured blood on draft files on October 27, 1967.  They would be convicted and sentenced to prison. Dave has written a book "For All the Saints- a Protest Primer"- documenting the Baltimore Four action and many others up to and including the most recent Plowshares action – Kings Bay Plowshares 7.  Phil Berrigan’s wife, Elizabeth McAlister, is a member of the Kings Bay Plowshares 7.  Dave’s book is available for $20 by contacting him at He prefers that you DO NOT order the book from Amazon.

89] –  Ted Glick has written a book about his years of active draft resistance during the Vietnam War, and published by PM Press! It’s entitled “Burglar for Peace: Lessons Learned in the Catholic Left’s Resistance to the Vietnam War. The book is part history, part autobiography and may be a valuable source of ideas and inspiration for today’s organizers against injustice, oppression, war, ecological devastation and the bad guys! Frida Berrigan has written a wonderful intro. The paperback book, all 220 or so pages, will cost $20, but if you order it now, you can get a 20% discount if you use the code “Burglar” when you do so.  Go to: and click 'Add to Cart'. In the coupon code area be sure to put: Burglar to get the discount.

90] – Check out a New Book: “Confessions of a Radical Academic: A Memoir by Fred L. Pincus,” now available from Adelaide Books ( or from Amazon.  Fred taught sociology at UMBC for more than 40 years and is on the board of Research Associates Foundation.  His memoir details his struggles to have a successful career while keeping true to his radical principles and activism.  One major theme is his struggle with race and racism both on and off campus. Go to

91] –Two books by Fred Wilcox are still in print.  The first one is “Fighting the Lamb's War Skirmishes with the American Empire” by Philip Berrigan and Fred A. Wilcox with a FOREWORD by Tripp York.  It can be purchased by Wipf and Stock:  It is a Memoir in paperback/ISBN: 9781532660078/240 pages/republished 8/21/2018/ Retail Price: $26.00/and Web Price: $20.80.

  The second one is “Uncommon Martyrs The Berrigans, the Catholic Left, and the Plowshares Movement” by Fred Wilcox, who profiles members of this anti-war movement, whose Christianity compels them to acts of civil disobedience against the military industrial complex.  The ISBN is 0201522314/$6.50 for a hardcover, and it can be purchased at Powell's Books.  See

92] – Consider making a donation to a scholarship in her honor that would be most welcome.  Contributions to the Lin Romano Peace and Justice Scholarship can be made online via or by check made out to Notre Dame of Maryland University (Memo line: Lin Romano Peace and Justice Scholarship) and mailed to Notre Dame of Maryland University, Office of Institutional Advancement, 4701 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21210.

93] Yousef Zarbalian [] started his own medical practice in December before the pandemic hit. It is called East-West Medicine and Rheumatology, and its website is  Yousef is licensed in Maryland and Virginia. He is doing primary care as well as rheumatologic care (focusing on joint problems and autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and sjogren's).  He is offering telemedicine visits, and he has very reasonable rates for uninsured individuals.  He makes use of herbs (which can be sent directly to patients from the herbal dispensary) as well as prescribing medications to their local pharmacy if needed.  

94] – The Trump Administration is again beating the war drums.  Most recently, the target is Iran.  Should the Trump administration initiate an act of war against Iran, consider joining us. It is a violation of U.S. law for the Trump Administration to attack a country that has not attacked us, as only Congress can declare war. The Trump administration is nevertheless beating the war drums for war against Iran and Venezuela. Should a war criminal, John Bolton, convince Trump to attack either of these countries, such a military strike would demand an immediate and unequivocal response from us to show that we will not tolerate his abuse of power.

   Let's mobilize to show that we the people will not tolerate another military adventure, which would be bound to have profound negative consequences. If a military strike against Iran or Venezuela takes place, then meet at 33rd and N. Charles St., Baltimore 21218. If the attack is before 2 PM local time, then the event will begin at 5 PM, local time. If the attack occurs after 5 PM local time, then the event will begin at 5 PM, local time, the following day. Contact Max at 410-323-1607 or mobuszewski2001 at Comcast dot net.   

95] -- If you would like to get rid of books, videos, DVDs, records, tarps and table cloths, contact Max at 410-323-1607 or mobuszewski2001 at

96] -- Can you use any book shelves? Contact Max at 410-323-1607 or mobuszewski2001 at

97] -- Join an extraordinary global campaign for the elimination of nuclear weapons: A growing group of leaders around the world is calling for the elimination of nuclear weapons and a majority of the global public agrees.  This is an historic window of opportunity.  With momentum already building in favor of Zero, a major show of support from people around the world could tip the balance. When it comes to nuclear weapons, one is one too many.

98] – A Peace Park Antinuclear Vigil takes place every day in Lafayette Park, 1601 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, 24 hours a day, since June 3, 1981. Go to; call 202-682-4282.

Donations can be sent to Max Obuszewski, Baltimore Nonviolence Center, 431 Notre Dame Lane, Apt. 206, Baltimore, MD 21212.  Ph: 410-323-1607; Email: mobuszewski2001 [at] Go to

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