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Northrop's corporate welfare/ABC Host Hammers Pence Over Voter Fraud Claim: 'Why Is It Refreshing to Make False Statements?'

Northrop's corporate welfare
Trump's doubts on F-35 jet cast pall on pace of defense buildupcid:image001.png@01D24E88.11F9D470
This undated file photo provided by Northrop Grumman Corp., shows a production model of a F-35 A Joint Strike Fighter.
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Who thinks $20 million corporate handouts are good policy?
The Sun rightly gave the article, "Hogan, leaders OK deal on loan" (Nov. 30), front-page coverage. A mega-corporation which makes billions of dollars on manufacturing weapons of war is to receive a $20 million loan, which is to be forgiven, from Maryland taxpayers. Imagine what could be done with $20 million in Baltimore. The failing bridges could be replaced, leaky water pipes would be repaired, air conditioning would be added to schools, recreation centers would reopen and drug treatment centers would flourish.
I was actually disappointed in the article, as not one person was quoted in opposition. There must be opposition, as this is another example of a corporation playing one state against another to garner extraordinary benefits. In a better world, corporations would, instead of trying to extort tax dollars, ask what it could do to help make Maryland a better state.
I hope our elected officials do not fall prey to this egregious example of corporate welfare. Don't permit corporations to demand favors from the government. If jobs are an issue, then let the state embark on a major jobs program by promoting sustainability. Living wage jobs would abound if the state were to engage in a transformation from dirty to clean energy. Please keep Maryland's tax dollars away from greedy corporations.
Max Obuszewski, Baltimore
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ABC Host Hammers Pence Over Voter Fraud Claim: 'Why Is It Refreshing to Make False Statements?'

By David Edwards [1] / Raw Story [2]
December 4, 2016

  Vice president-elect Mike Pence asserted on Sunday that Donald Trump was “entitled” to say that millions of Americans voted illegally — even if the claim was false.

   During an interview on ABC’s This Week, host George Stephanopoulos reminded the future vice president of a recent tweet in which Trump declared that he lost the popular vote because of the “millions of people who voted illegally.”

“That claim is groundless,” Stephanopoulos pointed out. “There’s no evidence to back it up. Is it responsible for a president elect to make false statements like that?”

   Pence defended himself by pointing to an unrelated 2012 Pew Center study on outdated voter registrations. However, the study’s author has said that he found no evidence of voter fraud. Politifact recently gave [3] Trump’s team a “Pants of Fire” rating for linking the Pew Study to voter fraud.

  “That statement is false,” the ABC host pressed.

   “I think the president-elect just wants to call to attention the fact that there has been evidence over many years,” Pence stuttered. “It’s certainly his right.”
“It’s his right to make false statements?” Stephanopoulos asked.

   “I think one of the things that’s refreshing about our president-elect,” Pence replied, “I think he made such an incredible connection with people all across this country because he tells you what’s on his mind.”

   “But why is it refreshing to make false statements?” Stephanopoulos wondered.
“Can you provide any evidence to back up that statement?” the ABC host asked again.“I don’t know that is a false statement and neither do you,” Pence snapped. 
  “There is historic evidence from the Pew Research Center that voter fraud has taken place.”

  “He’s entitled to express his opinion on that,” Pence remarked. “I think the American people find it very refreshing that they have a president who will tell them what’s on his mind.”

  “Whether it’s true or not,” Stephanopoulos concluded.

Watch the video below from ABC News, broadcast Dec. 4, 2016:

David Edwards is a writer for Raw Story. 



[4] on ABC Host Hammers Pence Over Voter Fraud Claim: 'Why Is It Refreshing to Make False Statements?'

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