Sunday, July 24, 2011

Join the revolution on October 6!

Dear friends,


History Is Knocking!  Answer!!


Please join us in October in Washington DC as we create our own Tahrir Square/Madison WI.  We are the American Indignados.  We will begin an open-ended occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C. beginning October 6.  I ask you to go to our website, sign the pledge and commit to resistance  – for yourself, for those you love and for future generations.  We need you.  Our numbers are growing.  There is no leader, no party that will save us.  If we ever hope to change anything, we must do it ourselves.  Do you doubt it any longer?


I believe this is so critical, so vitally important that it is now my only focus.  I am deeply committed to this first step in creating a new culture of resistance and I hope you are too.


We must, at this time in our history, be prepared to sacrifice even more (than many of us already have) and be prepared to create and sustain a real movement of people who will take back everything that has been stolen from us by corrupted politicians of both parties, corporations which have the same rights as human beings and the hyper-wealthy who are dismantling our country and our planet before our eyes. 


Don’t let it happen any longer.  Don’t sit by and remain silent while our communities, our country and our planet are destroyed for greed and profit.  Don’t condemn future generations to an utterly ruined world.  It starts with us on October 6.


Our coalition is comprised of a large group of seasoned, veteran activists from around the country who believe the time has come for the people in this country to do what concerned, outraged citizens around the world have done this year – resist those who value greed and profit over human needs and rights.  Please check out our website (updated daily and including important information about resistance around the country) – and contact me if you have any questions.  


Now is the time to resist!   It’s not too late – yet!


History Is Knocking!   Answer!   Join us!


Maria Allwine

Volunteer Coordinator - October2011 Coalition

Sign the Pledge at OCTOBER2011.ORG


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