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Mark Kenney sentenced to six months for line crossing at STRTATCOM last Aug 9th

Mark Kenney sentenced to six months for line crossing at STRTATCOM last Aug 9th


*** Don't forget that Fr Jack McCaslin returns to Fed Court in Omaha

for the same witness April 12th


Mark Kenney was sentence to a six month prison term today in Omaha

Fed. Magistrate Judge Thomas D. Thalken. court room. Mark was

represented by  "pro bono" attorney & Catholic Deacon Chuck Hannan.

Mark plead guilty.


Mark's prior record of line crossing at Offutt AFB in which Mark has

served a 30 day, 45 day and two six month sentences (the two six

months sentences being given by Judge Thalken) played heavy in the

Judge's sentence. The Judge said he respected Mark's personal

convictions for peace but said Mark has many other option to express

those convictions without 'breaking the law'. Judge Thalken readily

admitted that any prison time given to Mark would not be a deterrent

but only punishment. Yet the Judge  sentence Mark to the full six

month maximum jail time because of Mark's prior sentences.


The Judge is allowing Mark to "Self Surrender", which means Mark got

to go home today and wait until the Federal Bureau of Prisons assigns

him a Fed Prison to do his six month sentence. This process takes

between a month to six weeks. Mark will be notify by mail and or phone

when a site has been assigned and he will have to 'self surrender' at

the assigned prison.


Mark can be contacted at:

402 598 2403



Mark read the following statement before being sentence.


Since my time in the military, I have struggled with living out my

Christian witness in a world dominated by weapons of war and mass

destruction.  I wish I could say my witness was more consistent.


Like many Americans, the 9/11 bombings in New York, city gave me great

pause.  Pope John Paul II had certainly made his feelings known, as to

the lack of validity of our going to war in the light of the Just War

theory..  But the silence of the pulpits of the Catholic church on the

issue seemed deafening to me.


I searched other churches through bible studies and services, and

found the same thing.  Most pulpits were treading very lightly around

the message of the Sermon on the Mount.  After all, Don't we know

better?.  Isn't our military the righteous one here? Isn't our cause

Just?  The Old Testament, Davidical idea that we can practice living

out god's message and teachings while engaging our enemies in war, was

back on track.  The New Testament, Constantinian idea of making the

world safe for the practice of Christianity, through war and conquest,

was making a great comeback.


Nothing of this reality seemed scriptural to me.  After all, didn't

Isaiah and Hosea and Zachariah seem to be sensing their current system

was certainly in want of something?  Weren't they dreaming and

prophesying of a new reality to come?  Didn't Mathew and Paul and the

early apostles and evangelists seem to be saying that Jesus was the

culmination of this desired prophetic reality sought for so many

generations?  Certainly John thought so.


In the end, I have no choice but to accept the revelations of the

early prophets, the early evangelists, and the teachings, and life,

and death, and resurrection of Jesus, whom I willingly proclaim as the

promised messiah.  No other power or principality holds a candle to



While I recognize that I am a flawed and sinful man, I can not stand

idly by and watch the powers and principalities that be, butcher the

Good News of Jesus the Christ, through slanted interpretations to

false and violent, church driven theologies of acceptable violence,

militarism, and war.


If I am guilty of anything, it's that I desire to hold onto my faith

in Jesus the Christ more than I wish to hold onto the the manufactured

myth of the American Dream.  If I am guilty of anything, it's that I

fear God more than I fear the courts.


For these reasons, I do what I do. For these reasons I will try to

accept as faithfully as I can whatever the courts or society have in

store for me.  I have nothing further to say on the matter.


For updates and support for both Mark Kenney and Fr Jack McCalsin contact:

The Omaha Catholic Worker

Jerry Ebner, Mike Brennan

1104 N. 24th St. Omaha, Nebraska USA 68102

Phone 402- 502- 5887



8 Minute Youtube clip of statements at the line and the line crossing.

"The four Catholic peace activist in their own words." A MOST SEE!!!!


Flickr Slide Show of Aug 6-9, 2010 STRATCOM Vigil and Line Crossing



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