Thursday, April 29, 2010

Max is driving to NYC on May 2: From Prague to Times Square: No Nukes, No Wars, Fund Human Needs, Protect the Planet!



I driving to NYC on the morning of Sun., May 2 to participate in the anti-nuke march and will return to Baltimore late Sunday night.  I have seats available for activists wanting to join the march and rally.  If interested, contact me,





From Prague to Times Square: No Nukes, No Wars, Fund Human Needs, Protect the Planet!


In Prague, Presidents Obama and Medvedev signed the START treaty.  A roadmap from Prague to nuclear abolition is needed now. The next city on that roadmap is New York City on Sunday, May 2, where the global movement for peace and disarmament will gather.


Thousands will fill Times Square on May 2 to let them and all the delegates gathering at the UN for the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty Review Conference know: No Nukes, No Wars, Fund Human Needs, Protect the Planet.


In Times Square on Sunday, May 2, we will rally and march to the United Nations to bring the cause of ending the nuclear madness, wars and occupations before the public and to the top of the agenda for the world’s leaders! If not now, when?


Join us!


2 PM Rally in Times Square (south of 41st Street on 7th Avenue)


Speakers: Mayors Akiba and Taue of Hiroshima & Nagasaki; National Council of Churches General Secretary, Michael Kinnamon; Raed Jarrar, Iraqi blogger; Jose Vasquez of Iraq Veterans Against the War; Afghan-American peace activist Maryam Shansab, representatives from delegations from all over the world, plus music by Iraqi-American musician, Stephn Said; Kansas City rappers, The Recipe; and the swinging duo, Emma's Revolution.


3:30 PM March across 42 Street to Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza for an International Peace and Music Festival. and International Peace and Music Festival.


Download a leaflet in English, Spanish or Korean to publicize the rally and march.


Find peace trains, buses, vans and car pools or post those you are organizing.


Sign the petition calling on President Obama to launch negotiations for nuclear weapons convention. It was done on chemical weapons and land mines!


Find out about other events in New York City during the weekend of April 30 –May 2.


For more information call: 646-723-1749


Judith Le Blanc
Field Organizer
Peace Action & Peace Action Education Fund

NPT Coordinator
Peace Action Fund of NYS

Office 646.723.1749
Cell 917.806.8775
Twitter judithleblanc
Skype jleblanc12

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