Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Write to a judge on behalf of 13 nuclear resisters.


There were several nuclear resisters, including Sisters Ardeth Platte and Carol Gilbert from Baltimore’s Jonah House, who were imprisoned to await sentencing for a protest at the Y-12 plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  For reasons of health, three of them were released, but were expected to return to court for sentencing.  Sister Jackie Hudson, however, passed away not long after being released.  The other two are Bill Bichsel and Jean Gump.  Jean’s husband is asking us to write to the judge to suggest a sentence of time served for Jean.


Consider writing the judge on behalf of Jean and the others. It is the same judge for all of the nuclear resisters.  If you know any of the prisoners, you should note this in your letter.  They have been victimized by awful conditions in privately-owned jails.  Thanks.








Bill Bichsel    Sept. 12 at 1:30 PM

Jean Gump   Sept. 12 at 9:30 AM

Bonnie Urfer   Sept. 14 at 1 PM

Sr. Carol Gilbert   Sept. 16 at 9:30 AM

Sr. Ardeth Platte   Sept. 16 at 1:30 PM

RIP Jackie Hudson   Sept. 19 at 9:30 AM

Michael Walli      Sept. 19 at 1:30 PM

Brad Lyttle   Sept. 20 at 1:30 PM

Steve Baggarly    Sept. 20 at 9:30 AM

Sr. Mary Dennis Lentch     Sept. 21 at 9:30 AM

Paula Rosdatter         Sept. 21 at 1:30 PM

Dave Corcoran   Sept. 22 at 9:30 AM

Dennis Duvall     Sept. 22 at 9:30 AM



Dear Relatives, Friends and Supporters,


Jean [and all others] will face a possible sentence of one year in prison and a

$100,000 fine when she is sentenced on September 12, 2011.  Her crime,

a misdemeanor charge of trespass at Y-12, Oak Ridge, TN with twelve

others on July 5, 2010.  Her motive, to protest the continued and soon

to be expanded production of Hydrogen Bomb materials at that location.

This plant produced the Uranium used to make the Atom Bomb dropped on

Hiroshima, Japan sixty years ago.  Such production is prohibited by

International Law and various treaties which our government has

signed.  The Nuremberg Principles established at the end of WWII were

used to prosecute German citizens for failing to do what Jean is now

being punished for, namely objecting to the criminal activities of

their country.


I write you who have known Jean and of her nonviolent resistance to

nuclear weapons for the past forty years to write a letter on her

behalf which her attorney believes might help the judge give a lenient

sentence.  The letter should be addressed to:


The Honorable H. Bruce Guyton

U.S. District Court

800 Market Street

Knoxville, TN 37902


It should request leniency because of the undue severity of the

charge, a misdemeanor, the motivation of the defendants and the

nonviolent action involved.  The letter may be brief.


Joseph A. Gump

45511 CR 380

Bloomingdale, MI 49026


Any Questions: j2gump@btc-bci.com



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