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"Kucinich calls for a new world free of fear, free of nuclear weapons, and free of war Aug 7, 2011 at Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, Poulsbo WA

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Congressman Dennis Kucinich spoke at Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent

Action (Ground Zero) on Sunday, August 7, 2011 at Ground Zero's annual

weekend event commemorating the anniversaries of the atomic bombings

of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  For a nuclear abolitionist, this speech

spoke to both our hearts and minds.


Kucinich spoke of the human heart  as the place "where blind fear

hides in dark chambers.  It’s there where murderous intensity is

unleashed against our brothers and sisters and the world.  It is there

where nuclear explosions first take place.  It’s there where the world

ends.  The world also begins in the human heart..."


He then spoke of "a new doctrine of strength through peace, which

relies on diplomacy the size of human relations addressing the needs

of people everywhere for sustainability, for housing, for education,

clean water, clean air and freedom from fear."


Kucinich devoted the rest of his speech to enumerating and elaborating

upon sensible, concrete steps that "will lead us to nuclear

abolition."  Those many steps include revising and repealing the 2010

Nuclear Posture Review, cancelling plans for 12 new ballistic missile

submarines, and cancelling funding for nuclear weapons modernization.


The Congressman from Ohio wrapped things up with the following

statement of hope and action:


Today as we gather in this beautiful setting we have to remember that

our destiny and the fate of the planet is not outside our reach.  It

is within our grasp if it is within our hearts to abolish all weapons

and to abolish war itself.  On this great day when we reflect upon the

great human tragedy of war and the dropping of the atomic bombs on

Hiroshima and Nagasaki let us resolve that we shall become as

architects of a new world free of fear, free of nuclear weapons, and

free of war.


I have attached a PDF file of Congressman Kucinich's speech in its

entirety, and I invite you to share it widely. We need to support his

vision of "strength through peace" and "a new world free of fear, free

of nuclear weapons, and free of war."  We need to dispell the myth of

"deterrence."  We need to "change the thinking that created those

weapons" as well as "the U.S. role in the World."


Here is a link to the videos of Kucinich's speech and question and

answer period. http://nuclearabolitionist.blogspot.com/2011/08/kucinich-calls-for-freedom-from-fear.html.

The transcript is also posted at The Nuclear Abolitionist.




Leonard Eiger


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Blog:  http://subversivepeacemaking.blogspot.com



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