Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sr. Jackie Hudson .... 65 Hours and Counting

Mary Lou Pedersen <mpeder3926@comcast.net>

Tue, May 31, 2011


Jackie – 65 Hours and Counting


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Editor’s Update 9:45 am PST, 5/31: The prison had Jackie transported

to the county hospital this morning where she was evaluated; it was

determined that she was not [currently] in cardiac distress, and we

have no other details yet.  Jackie’s attorney is scheduled to speak

with her in less than an hour.  Our efforts have had likely had a

positive effect.


Jackie’s attorney has asked that we all hold off on any more calls to

the prison until we get his update a bit later today so that we don’t

scuttle his efforts to speak with her. Thanks!!!



Update on Jackie May 31, 2011


(from Joe Power-Drutis jpdrutis@gmail.com )


This day promises to be a pivotal one in Jackie’s life and ours.

Whatever struck Jackie in the afternoon of May 28th, we can only

assume it heart because of its symptoms, she has remained in pain,

frequently crying out for assistance, and at least many of her cries

have gone forth unanswered by her human captors.


Nearly 65 hours have elapsed since Sr. Carol Gilbert first called

pleading for someone to come and provide Jackie much need care. Yes,

65 hours have elapsed when medical authorities tell us minutes make a

difference. It is 65 hours that Ardeth, Carol, Jean and Bonnie had to

sit helpless, literally feet away from where Jackie would lay. During

these 65 hours the legal system would ostensibly shut down and

everyone would go to the beach over Memorial Day Weekend.


Well now we are at the end of that 65 hour period and I feel confident

in my heart that Jackie will be liberated from, as Dorothy Day would

say, “this dirty filthy rotten system” that keeps her in chains and

without the care she so desperately needs.


Over the past 48 hours you have been a part of a very large response

from people North to South and East to West, that have wrote, called,

planned and made contacts on behalf of our sister Jackie. This morning

Medical, Legal and Political representatives will weigh in on Jackie’s

behalf and I believe they will accomplish their objective . Our main

hope is that the courts will intervene and order Jackie either

released from Jail so that we might ensure her care or order the Irwin

County Detention Facility in Ocilla to send her to the Irwin County

Hospital immediately for proper evaluation and treatment.


Nothing short of this will be acceptable. I am making plans for going

to Ocilla soon and will send out word through this service when I

catch wind of any development.


I pray this day that the men and women, who will do all they can on

Jackie’s behalf, will be successful in ensuring she receives the care

she desperately needs


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