Monday, May 30, 2011

from Bahraini citizens

Kuwaity Bahrain []
Friday, May 27, 2011 10:45 AM

I am writing this letter as a Bahraini citizen who demands human rights organizations and the European Parliment and the White House to stand by my people against the criminal regime in Bahrain. I am also writing this letter to bring your attent...ion to the peaceful protests proceeding and which will also take place on the 1st of June ..... a protest that will re-new the demands for freedom.
It is important that you shed light on the upcoming protests, since this time we are completely ready to sacrifice what most precious to us in order to achieve our legitimate demands. My people ask for liberty and social equality, and it is their right first as humans and second as citizens of this country to have both, and while you had clearly and publicly support freedom and democracy for all people, then it is your duty to help us.
Bahrain Case is very critical and we need you to deal with it seriously, because it is as dangerous as the circumstances in Syria. The people of Bahrain as I write this letter are going through outrageous violation of human rights; thousands were fired from their jobs, above 30 people were killed; four of them were killed by torture inside prisons. There are thousands of people who had been arrested and this includes women and children under eighteen, those whom had been released confirmed rape, sexual harassment and excessive mental and physical torture, it had been estimated an average of 10-12 people are being imprisoned every day. The government also wants to uphold executions of two innocent people.
We understand that dialogue is one of the routes out of this situation however the government of Bahrain today had created a situation where it is difficult to establish stability and security and therefore dialogue. So we urge you to take immediate actions toward the government of Bahrain. We urge the western countries to place pressure on the ruling family in order to stop these crimes they are committing shamelessly. We demand that you freeze Al-Kahlifa funds and place restriction orders on their travel; we demand that you stop interacting with those criminals and start to confront them. We demand that you take action now and stop this genocide.
Yours faithfully,
A Bahraini citizen


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