Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Baltimore Activist Alert -- January 18, 2023

35] Watch At the River I Stand -- Jan. 18

36] Transformational Gardening – Jan. 18

37] MLK convocation at Loyola -- Jan. 18

38] Conscientious Objection from Vietnam to Now – Jan. 18

39] Lower Shore Progressive Committee Legislative Committee meeting -- Jan. 18

40] Biden’s war with China – Jan. 18

41] Building a Democracy for All -- Jan. 18

42] How to Write about Social Issues -- Jan. 18

43] Eliminate fossil fuels – Jan. 18

44] Briefing on Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal -- Jan. 18

45] Department of Peacebuilding Campaign Call – Jan. 18


35] – There is a free viewing of the award-winning documentary (56 min.) At the River I Stand, which recounts the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike which engaged Martin Luther King, Jr. in the final confrontation of his life. In honor of MLK Day, the DC Labor FilmFest has teamed up with the Workers Unite Film Festival (New York City), the Rochester Labor Film Series (Rochester, NY) and the Socialist Labor Party Hall in Barre (VT) to present these films. Two other MLK-related films are also provided for free viewing -- Who Cares about DC? and Love & Solidarity. All three films are available online for free screening through Fri., Jan. 20. Go to

36] – Green America [] is hosting Transformational Gardening: Environmental Pest Management on Wed., Jan. 18 at 3 PM ET.  Learn about managing pests in the garden in eco-friendly, ecosystem-based ways. Rafaela Crevoshay - an expert in compost, regenerative agriculture, and sustainable soil management - is back to tell us all about it, as we continue learning strategies for the Transformational Garden.  Register at

37] – Kyra McDonnell <> is inviting you on Wed., Jan. 18 at 6:30 PM to the 30th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr., Convocation at Loyola University Maryland.  Father Bryan Massingale, one of the most distinguished voices in theological and social ethics, will deliver the Convocation address in McGuire Hall. "Racial Justice Then and Now: Honoring the Past, While Looking to the Future" will be moderated by Karsonya Wise Whitehead, Ph.D., founding director of the Karson Institute for Race, Peace & Social Justice, and associate professor of communication and African and African American Studies at Loyola. RSVP at

38] – FCNL [] on Wed., Jan. 18 at 6:30 PM ET is hosting “Quaker Conscientious Objection from Vietnam to Now.”  This January marks fifty years since the end of the Vietnam War. Five decades later, Quakers continue to be on the forefront of opposing military conscription and supporting conscientious objection to war. As Congress continues to consider changes to the Selective Service System—including proposals to expand draft registration to women—FCNL will host a conversation on conscientious objection among Friends, from Vietnam to today.  Register at  Hear from Lenore Yarger, who works for the GI Rights Hotline and Quaker House in Fayetteville, NC, and FCNL Executive Secretary Emeritus Joe Volk, who was a conscientious objector after being drafted during the Vietnam War.

39] – Jared Schablein [] indicated that the Lower Shore Progressive Committee will hold on Wed., Jan. 18 at 6:30 PM a Legislative Committee meeting.  Help decide the 2023 legislative agenda.

40] – The Committee for the Republic [] will gather on Wed., Jan. 18 at 7 PM ET.  Hear from John Lander about Sleepwalking Toward Biden's War with China.   Join the Zoom Salon at RSVP at  For 160 years after ratification of the Constitution, the United States stood aloof from defense [sic] treaties following President George Washington’s Farewell Address: “The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations, is, in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible.” Then Secretary of State and future President John Quincy Adams amplified the Farewell Address in his July 4, 1821, address to Congress: We do not race abroad in search of monsters to destroy; and, while we smile on freedom and independence everywhere, we fight only to maintain our own. Otherwise, the thinker will bow to the armored knight—liberty to domination by force of arms.

 Lander, a retired Australian ambassador, will present the Australian minority view that discerns no military threat from China and opposes the bought and paid for Australian establishment that is welcoming the United States with open arms. Lander contributed directly to recognition of the PRC and establishment of diplomatic relations in 1972. He served as Deputy Ambassador in Beijing 1974-76 (providing practical support to the US Liaison Office under George Bush senior). Director of the China Section of the Department of Foreign Affairs on three separate occasions, he personally negotiated Consular relations between Australia and China. Apart from a stint as Australia’s first Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran (1985-88), the better part of his 30-year career was devoted to relations with China. He has become increasingly alarmed at the rapid deterioration in those relations in recent years, particularly when it is couched in the notion that war against China is “inevitable.”

41] – The Union of Concerned Scientists [] are doing a webinar on Wed., Jan. 18 at 8 PM ET - Building a Democracy for All. Register at  Learn about the current state of democracy two years since the January 6 Insurrection and two months since the mid-term election.

42] – PEN America [] needs you on Wed., Jan. 18 at 8 PM ET for You Are a Writer | Craft and Conscience: How to Write about Social Issues [VIRTUAL]. For writers committed to advancing social justice, putting pen to page can be intimidating. Who gets to write what? Inspired by Kavita Das’ essential book of the same name, join PEN America and the Asian American Writers’ Workshop for a panel program for early career writers to explore the best practices of building a writing career with purpose. Register at

43] – Morgan Brings Plenty [] wants you to attend on Wed., Jan. 18 at 8 PM ET a Virtual Rally to Extinguish Fossil Fuels!  Visit at  This is a chance to learn more about the People vs. Fossil Fuels (PvFF) demands on Biden to stop fossil fuels, honor Indigenous rights, and Declare a Climate Emergency ahead of the Jan 20th National Day of Action in honor of Joye Braun.  Hear stories from frontline leaders fighting fossil fuels across the country, and from members of Joye’s family and community who are leading the national day of action.

44] – The Massachusetts Peace Action [] on Wed., Jan. 18 at 8 PM ET is inviting you to the Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal. Kathy Kelly and Bill Quigley will elaborate on this event to Hold U.S. Weapons Manufacturers Accountable. In November 2023, the Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal will take place in order to hold accountable — through testimony of witnesses — U.S. weapons manufacturers who knowingly produce and sell products which attack and kill not only combatants but non-combatants as well. These manufacturers may have committed Crimes against Humanity as well as violated U.S. Federal criminal laws. The Tribunal will hear the evidence and render a verdict. Register at

45] – There is a Department of Peacebuilding Campaign Call on Wed., Jan. 18 at 8 PM ET. Learn about current activities and lobbying for the campaign along with what you can do to help. RSVP at

To be continued.

Donations can be sent to Max Obuszewski, Baltimore Nonviolence Center, 431 Notre Dame Lane, Apt. 206, Baltimore, MD 21212.  Ph.: 410-323-1607; Email: mobuszewski2001 [at] Go to

"The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles. The master class has had all to gain and nothing to lose, while the subject class has had nothing to gain and everything to lose--especially their lives." Eugene Victor Debs

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