Thursday, July 11, 2019

Look at presidential candidates' records and not their promises


I had to respond to THE BALTIMORE SUN’s editorial throwing Bernie Sanders under the bus.  The writer of the editorial was dazzled by the latest flavor of the month.  And this dazzling happened because of one debate.  This kind of editorializing will only help place another corporate Democrat in the White House.  So I wrote the letter against the advice of MAD Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman who was famously quoted as saying “What, Me Worry.” Unfortunately, we must be concerned, as this country cannot afford any more corporate Democrats as president.

Kagiso, Max

Look at presidential candidates' records and not their promises

Los Angeles Times reporter Seema Mehta breaks down the second night debate with 10 Democratic candidates. 
Come primary election day in Maryland, I will vote for Bernie Sanders for president. Come general election day in 2020, I will again vote for Bernie Sanders. He is the only candidate who speaks out against the outrageous military budget, the endless wars, militarism, climate chaos and income inequality.
Watching the two Democratic debates, I saw a lot of puffery and promises. Who would believe all of those promises? Well, it seems whoever wrote the editorial (Biden, Bernie and Beto were debate roadkill. Here's what they (and other underachievers) need to do to stay in the game,” July 1). Why not look at a person’s record instead of a candidate’s response to questions which generally avoided the major issues of concern which I listed above as to why I am supporting Senator Sanders?
For example, former Vice President Joe Biden has an awful record and he is a notorious corporate Democrat. So it was quite easy for Sen. Kamala Harris to take him down on his awful civil rights record. However, he has many more skeletons in his closet. Look at Senator Harris’ record as district attorney and later attorney general of California. She does not have a progressive record as the lawyer of the people.
This claim was made in the editorial: “If he is just performing the same old Bernie show, voters are going to abandon him for candidates who deliver the same message in a fresher package.” This is so insulting and it is also untrue. No other candidate is espousing progressive values as is Bernie.
The editorial fancied these candidates: Sen. Cory Booker, South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, former HUD Secretary Julian Castro, Ms. Harris and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. I sure hope The Sun looks at the fundraising of each candidate. I have a suspicion that Wall Street will dump Mr. Biden and look for another candidate to shower with cash so that the elite will be untouched by the policies of a Democratic president. Of course, Wall Street fears Senator Sanders.
I urge my local newspaper to examine each candidate’s record and not their promises, and the candidate’s donors. And please stay away from the horse race elements of the campaign for president. Yes, we must evict Mr. Trump and his awful record from the White House. But we do not want another corporate Democrat who is beholden to Wall Street and the Pentagon to replace Mr. Trump. We the people, especially the poor and the lower-middle class, recognize these times as disastrous. Only Mr. Sanders has the background to heal this country and bring about positive social change to benefit the many instead of the elite few.
Max Obuszewski, Baltimore
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