Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Toby Blome, Joan Nicholson, and David Barrows were found guilty today of a disrupting US Congress charge in DC Superior Court in Washington, D.C

Malachy Kilbride Monday, August 19, 2013 7:04 PM Toby Blome, Joan Nicholson, and David Barrows were found guilty today of a disrupting US Congress charge in DC Superior Court in Washington, D.C. On Tuesday, the defendants will be sentenced. http://dc.indymedia.org/newswire/display/154758/index.php This is my own personal opinion of what I witnessed and what I think: I have heard that the defense put on a very good case. I was there the first day of trial but heard from others that witnesses, including Joan Stallard of Washington, DC were excellent. Today Toby Blome gave probably the best closing argument I have ever heard. She spoke directly to the jury on a level that was clearly a position of equality and plainness and was so eloquent. Toby at two points became emotional and rightly so. But, this in no way detracted from her closing argument. David Barrows also became emotional when delivering his motion for acquittal but was also equally as eloquent. They both spoke of drone victims and our responsibility to international law. Toby gave several ways the jury could have decided in favor of the defendants. But, it was not to be. Once again, the US Government, through the imbecilic lackeys they hire to prosecute the weak and poor in our country, and the dissidents against war and torture have succeeded in getting a jury of Americans, totally dumbed down by all that is around them and consumed by their consumerism and self-interest, to decide against these peace activists. I used to think that it was just the functionaries of the state that were idiots and perhaps even evil. But now, I am starting to think the evil and idiocy has spread everywhere. The defense clearly made an excellent case. The jury did not have to convict. But they, the good nice people who get up every day to do their things like jobs and family and watch television and shop and go to church or the Starbucks, found these three guilty based on the weak half-witted arguments of government prosecutors who argued on the level of baboons fighting over a banana skin. The system is so stacked against anyone who resists I sometimes wonder, like right now, if this is worth it or if there is another way? I don't know! Perhaps, I will feel and think differently tomorrow than I do now? Perhaps there are other ways to resist? This is not to say that I want or need to hear from the "I told you crowd" who advocate lobbying or interacting with our corrupt government. No. No! I believe in nonviolent resistance but I now wonder if this is worth it? Through the courts with a corrupt justice system and a system of juries full of idiots!? The DC jurors should be totally ashamed of themselves! They either chose not to follow their consciences or they are idiots incapable of critical thought unaware of the international law the Brennan 3 tried to speak of during the trial. Going into the trial I heard stories about the judge and they weren't too appealing. But, it seems to me that what activists who risk arrest in DC really need to fear is the DC juror and the Department of INJUSTICE! Apparently the system is rigged in such a way that idiots are placed on the jury, black and white, young and old, moderately educated to very well educated, all thinking of their shopping, movies, job promotion, and next consumer item. Tomorrow will be another day in court. The defendants Joan, Toby, and David will be sentenced. We will see how smiling Judge Broderick imparts her justice on them for speaking out against the killer drones and the torture of John Brennan and the Central Intelligence Agency. I am usually not this negative. But, it is very hard to see this happen to three wonderful people who care deeply about justice and peace for all people. This happened today in Washington, DC not too far from the trial of Bradley Manning. As I send this to you I am unaware of what happened today to him at his US Military court martial trial for telling the truth. If the truth sets us free why are so many of us in hot water and getting locked up?

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