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Veterans for Peace Sends Obama the Kind of Letter He Needs to Get

Veterans for Peace Sends Obama the Kind of Letter He Needs to Get



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December 3, 2010


Dear President Obama,


A week ago, I wrote you on this same subject but since I've not yet

received a reply either personal or automated, I felt I should try again.


As president of Veterans For Peace (VFP), a national organization of

military veterans, I want to convey to you our serious opposition to

your administration's policy of ongoing wars, proxy wars, occupations

and drone strikes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine and Yemen.


Your policies are taking innocent lives, causing untold, lifelong

suffering, rapidly destroying our economy, our environment, and

ultimately making all of us considerably less safe.


Since there are no logical reasons rooted in human or planetary

betterment for these policies, we are left to conclude what is logical

and obvious: that their purpose is to maintain and advance what has

sadly become the global U.S. Empire.


VFP has voiced our opposition to these wars at every national

demonstration and with countless local actions, letters, faxes, emails

and phone calls.


We requested a meeting with you shortly after your inauguration, to no

avail. We are now requesting another meeting. And since we have tried

all the above many times over, this is what we now propose.


If, within 10 days from now, we do not hear a positive response to our

request for a meeting, we are prepared to bring a large delegation of

our members to Washington before the end of this month. We will come in

person to the White House to meet with you or until we are dragged away

in full view of our nation and the world -- military veterans, carrying

their nation's flag, seeking a meeting with their president in the

season of Peace.


Like the bonus marchers of the 1930's, we demand our bonus be paid. The

bonus for our service and the many sacrifices of our comrades is peace.


In this season of Peace I remain


Most sincerely yours,

Mike Ferner, National President

Veterans For Peace

USN Hospital Corps 1969-73


Organized locally.

Recognized nationally.

Exposing the true costs of war and militarism since 1985.





Mike Ferner



Leah Bolger



Nate Goldshlag



Elliott Adams



William Collins


Darcella Craven


Cherie Eichholz


Sam Feldman


Mike Hearington


Joey King


Patrick McCann


Hart Viges





Dennis Lane




Editor's note: You can join in this action on December 16th. See


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