Monday, November 10, 2008

Contact Obama/Indict Bush and Cheney

The new Office of the President Elect has a web site through which you can send your messages. He needs to hear for us all MANY times...keep this on file and use it OFTEN!!! and share it with friends!

Following is the letter Betty Schroeder sent:

Open Letter to President-Elect Barack Obama:

We (majority of) voters were promised an end to the war. You would never have been the Candidate were it not for that promise. All the young people and millions of us old people gave ‘till it hurt to put you in the White House. All U.S. troops, bases, contractors and embassies OUT of Iraq and Afghanistan in 2009.

Selecting Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff is your first, bad mistake. His hard-line position on Israel and his blindness to the plight of the Palestinians bodes poorly for his guidance for U.S. policies that need to be open to all points of view. U.S. aide of billions of dollars to Israel (most used for weapons) is wrong and the turmoil in the Middle East is U.S. responsibility by doing so.

By selecting more and more corporate people to your Cabinet means to us more of the same as the Bush policies.

You have good people to look to for help and advice: Bill Moyers, Ralph Nader, Bob Bowman, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Rep. Marci Kaptur, Naomi Klein, Barbara Boxer, Al Gore, Seymour Hirsch, President Jimmy Carter to name just a few. Sit down with all of them and we can save our economy, bring peace to the Middle East and end the military complex.

Become not only the first minority President, but the greatest in history of the world to bring Peace, end to hunger, education to all. Remember your friends when you left on your political journey. They are all still there, and we who elected you will stand behind you to all efforts for Peace & Justice for all.

Betty Schroeder

November 7, 2008


Indict Bush and Cheney

The National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance (NCNR) is planning a protest at the U.S. Justice Department on November 10th. Its members are willing to risk going to jail to urge the indictment of Bush and Cheney for war crimes. Please contact the Justice Department and urge Attorney General Mukasey to meet with NCNR.

In September organizers from NCNR sent a letter to Mukasey urging the indictment of Bush and Cheney and requesting a meeting to discuss the matter. Mukasey has not responded. Please sign this petition, which will send an email to Mukasey asking him to meet with NCNR.

Then mark November 10, 2008, on your calendar and plan to either phone the Department of Justice or join us at the protest there at noon. The phone numbers are 202-514-2000 and 202-353-1555. Stay involved in the campaign to convict Bush and Cheney.




Donations can be sent to the Baltimore Nonviolence Center, 325 E. 25th St., Baltimore, MD 21218.  Ph: 410-366-1637; Email: mobuszewski [at]


"The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles. The master class has had all to gain and nothing to lose, while the subject class has had nothing to gain and everything to lose--especially their lives." Eugene Victor Debs


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