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Robert Fisk`s World: Why do we keep letting the politicians get away with lies? - clean up

Robert Fisk`s World: Why do we keep letting the politicians get away with lies?

Robert Fisk

The Independent

August 30, 2008

How on earth do they get away with it? Let`s start with war between Hizbollah and Israel – past and future war, that is.

Back in 2006, Hizbollah captured two Israeli soldiers from their side of the Lebanese frontier and dragged them, mortally wounded, into Lebanon . The Israelis immediately launched a massive air bombardment against all of Lebanon, publicly declaring Beirut`s democratically-elected and US-backed – but extremely weak – government must be held to account for what Hizbollah does. Taking the lives of more than 1,000 Lebanese, almost all civilians, Israel unleashed its air power against the entire infrastructure of the rebuilt Lebanon, smashing highways, viaducts, electric grids, factories, lighthouses, totally erasing dozens of villages and half-destroying hundreds more before bathing the south of the country in three million cluster bomblets.

After firing thousands of old but nonetheless lethal rockets into Israel – where the total death toll was less than 200, more than half of them soldiers – Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, Hizbollah`s leader, told a lie: if he had known what Israel would do in revenge for the capture of two soldiers, he announced, he would never have agreed to Hizbollah`s operation.

But now here comes Israel`s environment minister, Gideon Ezra, with an equally huge whopper as he warns of an even bigger, more terrible war should Hizbollah attack Israel again. `During the (2006) war, we considered the possibility of attacking Lebanon`s infrastructure but we never (sic) resorted to this option, because we thought at the time that not all the Lebanese were responsible for the Hizbollah attacks... At that time, we had Hizbollah in our sights and not the Lebanese state. But the Hizbollah do not live on the moon, and some (sic) infrastructure was hit.` This was a brazen lie. Yet the Americans, who arm Israel , said nothing. The European Union said nothing. No journalistic column pointed out this absolute dishonesty.

Yet why should they when George Bush and Condoleezza Rice announced that there would be peace between Israelis and Palestinians by the end of 2007 – then rolled back the moment Israel decided it didn`t like the timetable. Take this week`s charade in Jerusalem. The moment Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni announced that `premature` efforts to bridge gaps in the `peace process` could lead to `clashes` (Palestinians, it should be remembered, die in `clashes`, Israelis are always `murdered`), my friends in Beirut and I – along with a Jewish friend in London – took bets on when Condi would fall into line. Bingo, this was Her Holiness in Jerusalem last week: `It`s extremely important just to keep making forward progress rather than trying prematurely to come to some set of conclusions.` `Some set`, of course, means `peace``. Once more, US foreign policy was dictated by Israel . And again, the world remained silent.

So when the world`s press announced that Barack Obama`s new running mate, the silver-haired Joe Biden, was `an expert in foreign policy`, we all waited to be told what this meant. But all we got was a reminder that he had voted for the 2003 Iraq invasion but thought better about it later and was now against the war. Well, Goddam blow me down, that certainly shows experience. But `expertise`? No doubt in government he`ll be teemed up with those old pro-Israeli has-beens, Madeleine Albright and Martin Indyk, whose new boss, Obama, virtually elected himself to the Israeli Knesset with his supine performance in Israel during his famous `international` tour.

As one of the Arab world`s most prominent commentators put it to me this week, `Biden`s being set up to protect Israel while Obama looks after the transportation system in Chicago.` It was a cruel remark with just enough bitter reality to make it bite.

Not that we`ll pay attention. And why should we when the Canadian department of national defence – in an effort to staunch the flow of Canadian blood in the sands of Afghanistan (93 servicemen and women `fallen` so far in their hopeless Nato war against the Taliban) – has brought in a Virginia-based US company called the Terrorism Research Centre to help. According to the DND, these `terrorism experts` are going, among other subjects, to teach Canadian troops – DO NOT LAUGH, READERS, I BEG YOU DO NOT LAUGH – `the history of Islam`! And yes, these `anti-terrorism` heroes are also going to lecture the lads on `radical (sic) Islam`, `sensitivities` and `cultural and ideological issues that influence insurgent decision-making`. It is a mystery to me why the Canadian brass should turn to the US for assistance – at a cost of almost a million dollars, I should add – when America is currently losing two huge wars in the Muslim world.

But wait. The counterinsurgency school, which claims links to the US government, is reported to be a branch of Total Intelligence Solutions, a company run by infamous Cofer Black, a former director of CIA counterterrorism, and Erik Prince, a former US navy seal. Both men are executives with the Prince Group, the holding company for Total Intelligence Solutions and – and here readers will not laugh – a certain company called Blackwater. Yes, the very same Blackwater whose mercenary thugs blithely gunned down all those civilians on the streets of Baghdad last year. So Canada`s soldiers are now going to be contaminated by these mercenary killers before they head off to the Muslim world with their unique understanding of `the history of Islam`. How do they get away with it?

On a quite separate matter, you might ask the same of Conrad Black, languishing in a Florida prison after his business convictions. Responding to an enquiry from Murdoch`s grotty New York Post into body searches and other appalling humiliations at the jail, Uncle Conrad, as I like to call him – for he is among the rogues I would love to have interviewed (others include the younger Mussolini and the older Yeltsin) – responded that the Florida facility was not oppressive, that `many of the people here are quite (sic) interesting` but – AND HERE IT COMES, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! – `if saintly men like Gandhi could choose to clean latrines, and Thomas More could voluntarily wear a hair shirt, this experience won`t kill me`.

Now when Uncle Conrad likens himself to the assassinated Mahatma, the apostle of India , that is mere hubris. But when he compares himself to England`s greatest Catholic martyr, a man of saintly honour if ruthless conviction, this is truly weird. `I die the King`s good servant but God`s first,` More reportedly said on 6 July 1535, before they chopped off his head on Tower Hill. And many are there among Uncle Conrad`s enemies who might wish the same fate for the former owner of The Daily Telegraph. After all, Henry VIII didn`t let Thomas get away with it.


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