Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Can you sign this petition to Chris Van Hollen?.


  Can you sign on to this enclosed petition?  Can you gather signatures? Get back in touch with me, and I will share with Mike any comments. Note he is checking to see if you were able to attend a meeting with the Democratic candidate for senator.



Monday, May 30, 2016 1:24 PM
Chris Van Hollen Petition


Can you circulate, ASAP. Are you able to turn this into an on-line petition so it can have broader outreach, along with hand written sheets?

Would you be available for a meeting with Van Hollen?

Michael Tabor

                                                              PETITION TO
                                    CONGRESSMAN CHRIS VAN HOLLEN                            Page ______

As Maryland Progressives, we, the undersigned, would like to support you to be our next Senator who will exemplify and act on our values and beliefs.  Understanding that a yearly war budget of over $600 billion subverts our ability to better address the issues of CLIMATE CHANGE, GENDER EQUALITY, RACISM, UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE, A LIVING WAGE and other means of enhancing a democratic country.

There are several questions we have and would appreciate your response.  Will you:

1.  Agree once during your 6-year tenure to visit and hold an open community forum in every Maryland County?
2.  Champion a constitutional amendment that would reserve constitutional rights to Natural Persons only, declare that money is not protected speech, and guarantee that every citizen has the right to vote and have their votes counted?
3.  Work to promote GMO labeling?
4.  Work against fracking initiatives in Maryland and the rest of the country?
5.  Work to eliminate ATRAZINE and other agricultural pollutants in Maryland’s drinking water?  (According to the latest EPA testing, Atrazine was found to be up to 198 times more concentrated than the level the government deems safe for mammals.)

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