Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baltimore Activist Alert - Part 3

49] Conference call to stop TransPacific Partnership – Aug. 20

50] Hands off Deborah Harris’s Home – Aug. 21

51] War Is Not the Answer – Aug. 21

52] Protest police killing of homeless vet – Aug. 21

53] Frederick Canvass for Marriage Equality – Aug. 22

54] Easton Phone Bank for Marriage Equality – Aug. 22

55] Philadelphia Peace Vigil – Aug. 22

56] D.C. Phone Bank for Marriage Equality – Aug. 22

57] Film “Paul Jacobs and the Nuclear Gang” – Aug. 22

58] Deaf Community Forum for Marriage Equality – Aug. 22

59] Land Use Town Hall – Aug. 22

60] Chestnut Hill peace vigil – Aug. 22

61] Green Currency Meeting – Aug. 22

62] Pray for Peace – Aug. 22

63] Transatlantic Slave Trade Commemorations – Aug. 23


49] – The TransPacific Partnership (TPP) is being negotiated in secret with 600 corporate advisers to reset the terms of globalization in ways that are broad (affecting jobs, internet privacy, access to medications, environmental health and financial stability of smaller nations) and that give multinational corporations greater power than nations. This trade agreement must be stopped!

The next round of negotiations is occurring in Leesburg, VA in September, and there is a conference call on Mon., Aug. 20 at 9 PM EST to strategize and discuss the upcoming direct action training sessions to prepare for the meetings in VA. Register here: http://interoccupy.net/stoptpp/ai1ec_event/occupy-the-tpp-stop-the-global-corporate-coup/?instance_id=4187. Email info@october2011.org

50] – The Hands off Deborah Harris's Home Rally is on Tues., Aug. 21 at noon at 325 7th St. NW, WDC. Use the Archives Metro. Rally at the offices of Freddie Mac, which continues to try to evict Deborah Harris, a paramedic who worked 23 years for the DC Fire Department. After a serious on-the-job injury cut short her career, JP Morgan Chase bank foreclosed on her SE DC home, which was auctioned to Freddie Mac. Join in demanding that Freddie Mac immediately desist in its efforts to evict Ms. Harris and work with Chase to secure a loan modification for her. BANKS DON'T NEED HOUSES, PEOPLE DO! Go to https://www.facebook.com/events/143931895746240/.

51] – There is a vigil to say "War Is Not the Answer" each Tuesday since September 11, 2001 at 4806 York Road. Join this ongoing vigil. The next vigil is Aug. 21 from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. Call Max at 410-366-1637.

52] – Join the Baltimore Peoples Assembly on Tues., Aug. 21 at 6 PM at 1607 W. Lexington St., Baltimore 21223 for a VIGIL AND PROTEST FOR RUDY BELL SR. – HOMELESS VETERAN KILLED BY BALTIMORE CITY POLICE. Gather in front of the home where he was squatting and living. This was where Bell was shot to death by police! Demand a community people’s investigation. Call 410-500-2168.

53] – There is a Frederick Canvass for Marriage Equality on Wednesdays from 4 to 8 PM at 4 W. Church St. RSVP to RSVP amy.adler@mdfme.org.

54] – Protect Marriage Equality in Maryland by participating in the Easton phone bank on Wednesdays from 4 to 6 PM at 7 E Dover St.

RSVP to Toney.Schloss@mdfme.org.

55] – Each Wednesday from 4:30 - 5:30 PM, the House of Grace Catholic Worker holds a weekly vigil for peace in Iraq outside the Phila. Federal Building, 6th & Market Sts. The next vigil is Aug. 22. Call 215-426-0364

56] – Protect Marriage Equality in Maryland by participating in the D.C. phone bank on Wednesdays from 6 to 9 PM at 1640 Rhode Island Ave. NW. RSVP to kate.kramer@hrc.org.

57] – The Saul Landau Film Series continues with “Paul Jacobs and the Nuclear Gang” on Wed., Aug. 22 at 6 PM at the Institute for Policy Studies, 1112 16th St. NW, Suite 600. The film exposes the government's suppression of the health hazards of low-level radiation and is a poignant and potent political documentary that exposes the government's suppression of the health hazards of low-level radiation. Paul Jacobs is himself a victim of lung cancer, that would kill him before this picture was finished and which his doctors believe he contracted while he was investigating nuclear policies in 1957. He interviews civilians and soldiers, survivors of nuclear experiments in the 50s and 60s, testing the effects of radiation. By the time this film was made, a lot of them had died from the radiation. The footage of an atomic test explosion in Nevada is still of nightmarish beauty. There are also interviews with people who live near and work in several government facilities around the nation, as well as with government scientists, some of whom were fired when their research indicated the dangers of low-level radiation. RSVP to netfa@ips-dc.org.

58] – There is a Deaf Community Forum for Marriage Equality on Wed., Aug. 22 at 6 PM at the Evangelical Reformed United Church of Christ, 15 W. Church St., Frederick. RSVP to amy.adler@mdfme.org.

59] – Be at a Town Hall Meeting on Wed., Aug. 22 at 7 PM. Whether talking about water quality, the environment, food security, or traffic congestion, development in Baltimore County affects Baltimore City and the entire metropolitan region. The Town Hall will focus on land use planning in Baltimore County, and will be held at the Baltimore County Center for Maryland Agriculture and Farm Park, 1114 Shawan Road, Hunt Valley.

The event will be taped to air on the Marc Steiner Show on Aug. 23. Email steinershow@gmail.com.

60] – Each Wednesday, the Northwest Greens hold a peace vigil from 7 to 8 PM outside the Borders Book Store, Germantown Ave. at Bethlehem Pike in Chestnut Hill, PA. The next vigil is Aug. 22. Call 215-843-4256 or email nwgreens@yahoo.com.

61] – The Baltimore Green Currency Association meets every Wednesday at 7 PM at Breathe Books, 810 W 36th St. # A, Baltimore, MD 21211-2554. Call 410-235-7323.

62] – Pray for a Peace in Israel and Palestine on Wed., Aug. 22 at 7:30 PM at St. John’s United Methodist Church, 27th & St. Paul Sts. Contact The Rev. Charles Cloughen, Jr. at 410-321-0199 or frcharles@verizon.net.

63] – On Thurs., Aug. 23 at 6 AM & 7:15 PM, there will be Transatlantic Slave Trade Commemorations at the South Broadway Pier, Fells Point, 1701-1715 Thames St. Baltimore, MD 21231. This event is coordinated by the Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project (MPCPMP). The MPCPMP has selected Baltimore to be among the 175 North American, South American, and Caribbean seaports over the next eight to ten years to hold a ceremony in memory of enslaved Africans who died in the middle passage of the Atlantic slave trade. Contact Shauntee Daniels at 410-878-6411 or sdaniels@baltim​oreheritagearea​.org.

The August 23, 2012 ceremony shares the date with the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s International Day of Remembrance of the Slave Trade and of Its Abolition. The events will provide an opportunity for individuals and families to offer tribute to their ancestors by offering libation, drumming, prayer, and calling the names of the deceased silently or out loud according to the preference of participants. MPCPMP recently launched a blog (www.middlepassageproject.org/blog) to discuss the Middle Passage and its relevance to contemporary society.

To be continued.

Donations can be sent to the Baltimore Nonviolence Center, 325 E. 25th St., Baltimore, MD 21218. Ph: 410-366-1637; Email: mobuszewski [at] verizon.net. Go to http://baltimorenonviolencecenter.blogspot.com/.

"The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles. The master class has had all to gain and nothing to lose, while the subject class has had nothing to gain and everything to lose--especially their lives." Eugene Victor Debs

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