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Baltimore Activist Alert November 23 – 25, 2014

Baltimore Activist Alert November 23 – 25, 2014

"I speak as an American to the leaders of my own nation. The great initiative in this war is ours. The initiative to stop it must be ours." - Martin Luther King Jr.
Friends, this list and other email documents which I send out are done under the auspices of the Baltimore Nonviolence Center. Go to

If you appreciate this information and would like to make a donation, send contributions to BNC, 325 East 25th Street, Baltimore, MD 21218. Max Obuszewski can be reached at 410-366-1637 or mobuszewski [at]

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1] Books, buttons & stickers
2] Web site for info on federal legislation
3] Join Nonviolent Resistance lists
4] Buy coffee through HoCoFoLa
5] Can you donate a kidney?
6] Gather at McKeldin Square when decision is made in Michael Brown case
7] BES Fall Festival – Nov. 23
8] Peace and Pancakes – Nov. 23
9] Beehive Collective's Mesoamérica Resiste workshop – Nov. 23
10] Baltimore Green Forum – Nov. 23
11] Soul Kitchen Dinner Program – Nov. 23
12] Book talk, “Wrapped in the Flag of Israel” – Nov. 23
13] Book talk “Worth Fighting For: An Army Ranger's Journey Out of the Military and Across America“– Nov. 23
14] Pentagon Vigil – Nov. 24
15] Marc Steiner on WEAA – Nov. 24 – 28
16] Children Fleeing Violence – Nov. 24
17] Film WAR DANCE – Nov. 24
18] Pledge/FOC meeting – Nov. 24
19] "Iran-P5+1 Nuclear Negotiations: the Road Ahead" – Nov.25
20] Legal observer training – Nov. 25
21] Tunisian democracy – Nov. 25
1] – Buttons, bumperstickers and books are available. “God Bless the Whole World, No Exceptions” stickers are in stock. Donate your books to Max. Call him at 410-366-1637.

2] – To obtain information how your federal legislators voted on particular bills, go to Congressional toll-free numbers are 888-818-6641, 888-355-3588 or 800-426-8073. The White House Comment Email is accessible at

3] – THE ORGANIZING LIST will be the primary decision-making mechanism of the National Campaign of Nonviolent Resistance [NCNR]. It will be augmented by conference calls and possibly in-person meetings as needed. It will consist of 1 or 2 representatives from each local, regional, or national organization (not coalitions) that wishes to actively work to carry out the NCNR campaign of facilitating and organizing nonviolent resistance to the war in Iraq. To join the ORGANIZING List, please send your name, group affiliation, city and email address to mobuszewski at Verizon dot net. Different local chapters of a national organization are encouraged to subscribe.

THE NOTICES LIST will include only notices of NCNR actions and related information and is open to any interested person to subscribe. It will be moderated to maintain focus & will include periodic notices about getting involved in NCNR national organizing. To join the NOTICES List, send an email message to mobuszewski at Verizon dot net.

4] – You can help safeguard human rights and fragile ecosystems through your purchase of HOCOFOLA Café Quetzal. Bags of ground coffee or whole beans can be ordered by mailing in an order form. Also note organic cocoa and sugar are for sale. For more details and to download the order form, go to The coffee comes in one-pound bags.

Fill out the form and mail it with a check made out to HOCOFOLA on or before the second week of the month. Be sure you indicate ground or beans for each type of coffee ordered. Send it to Francine Sheppard at 5639B, Harpers Farm Rd., Columbia 21044. The coffee will arrive some time the following week and you will be notified where to pick it up. Contact Francine at 410-992-7679 or

5] – A relative – or sort of relative – of the Berrigans by the name of Michael Moore has an ex-wife suffering from renal failure and is on dialysis four times each day. Her only hope is to receive a kidney from a donor. Her name is Mary Ann Nowak, and she can be reached at 760-632-5462 or by email at Anyone willing to be tested or who has already been tested and is able to donate a kidney would give new life to this woman. Many thanks for any and all consideration you can give. Thanks for reading, for caring, for considering--Liz McAlister.

6] - At McKeldin Square, Light & Pratt Sts., Baltimore, from 4 to 6 PM, there will be an immediate response protest when the Ferguson Grand Jury makes its decision whether to indict Darren Wilson in the murder of Michael Brown. Please note that the date on this event may not be the day that the Grand Jury comes out with a decision. Sign up and stay tuned. Indict Darren Wilson -- End Police Terror from Baltimore to Ferguson.

7] - Usually, the Baltimore Ethical Society, 306 W. Franklin St., Suite 102, Baltimore 21201-4661, meets on Sundays, and generally there is a speaker and discussion from 10:30 AM to noon. BES is holding its Fall Festival on Sun., Nov. 23. Enjoy a salad and stew. Hugh Taft-Morales will offer a short platform address called, “Hunger of Body and Conscience” about the struggle many of us have knowing about the horrors of world hunger but feeling inadequate to the challenge. Call 410-581-2322 or email

8] - Join the Kadampa Meditation Center for Peace and Pancakes on Sundays at 10:30 AM at KMC Maryland, 2937 North Charles St. All are invited to participate in guided meditation and chant praying for world peace. There will be a talk based on Buddhist thought followed by brunch. Call 410- 243-3837. Brunch is $5.

9] -- On Sun., Nov. 23 at 4 PM through Mon., Nov. 24 at 6 PM in the McShain Lounge, Georgetown University, 3700 O St. NW, WDC, the Georgetown Solidarity Committee and the Tree HAUS Magis Row Community are hosting the Beehive Collective's Mesoamérica Resiste workshop. Visit This is the third and final installment in the Beehive’s trilogy on globalization in the Americas. The focus is on resistance to the top-down development plans and mega-infrastructure projects that literally pave the way for resource extraction and free trade.

The Beehive ( is a motivated, all-volunteer, activist arts collective dedicated to “cross-pollinating the grassroots” by creating collaborative, anti-copyright images for use as educational and organizing tools. Go to

10] – The BALTIMORE GREEN FORUM, a monthly environmental education and discussion forum, will occur on Sun., Nov. 23. Killing Us Softly - The Science and Politics of Cell Phones, Laptops, and Other Wireless Devices - and 100 Ways To Protect Yourself and Your Family will be presented by Nancy Wallace. The last twenty years have seen an explosion of wireless devices in our daily lives. We depend on our cell phones, laptops, iPads, Wi-Fi, e-readers such as Kindle, baby monitors, wireless headphones, wireless video game controllers, and home security systems. Yet due to a scientific mistake in the 1970s by the Federal Communications Commission, their actual environmental and health impacts have been marginalized in our society, not covered by the media, and ignored in federal regulation. One of the world’s largest industries, the consumer electronic device manufacturers, has exploited this mistake to stop further regulation in the US and education of the public. Meanwhile, environmental and health activists, especially mothers, have created a self-protection movement around the world to stop the harmful and fatal effects of this wireless radiation.

What’s true in all this, and what can we do about it? This presentation provides a fact-based, comprehensive survey of the science, politics, and self-protection (1) for wireless radiation-based devices. Ms. Wallace has been a Maryland environmental and progressive activist for 40 years. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Safer Wireless (CSW), a national nonprofit created in 2009. See

The Forum seeks to educate and stimulate dialogue about what humans can do to make modern civilization more sustainable, including adjusting to finite resource limits and preserving biodiversity and a healthy environment. This is done through 8 monthly meetings a year. The topics are far ranging. They vary from local to planetary and from philosophical to scientific to very practical. The Meeting Format: There is a speaker and Q&A from 4-5:15 pm. Then there are brief announcements by representatives of other organizations that also seek sustainability and environmental protection. We thereby promote collaboration among these organizations. Next, there is an optional roundtable discussion until 6:30 PM. Finally, there is often a small gathering at a nearby restaurant.

BGF is open to the public and is free of charge, but donations to Maryland Presbyterian Church are collected during the meeting to thank the church for their generous gift of the space to us. Call Sam Hopkins at 410 554 0006 or email Visit http://www.baltimoregreen

11] -- Gimmie Shelter Productions in conjunction with the Govans Presbyterian Church invites you to the Soul Kitchen Dinner Program at 5 PM on the fourth Sunday of every month. There is a catered dinner for the homeless and those in need in the Govans area. Musicians and singers are needed to provide entertainment, and helping hands are needed to set up, serve, clean up, and perhaps give other volunteers a ride home. The program is at the Govans Presbyterian Church, 5828 York Road. Call 410-435-9188.

12] – At 1025 5th St. NW, WDC, on Sun., Nov. 23 from 6 to 8 PM, Israeli-American Smadar Lavie, a leader in improving the lives of Israeli Mizrahi women, will discuss her new book, “Wrapped in the Flag of Israel.” The Mizrahim are the Jews from North Africa and the Middle East who comprise Israel’s majority Jewish population, but who suffer from systematic discrimination by Israel’s Ashkenazi Jews who drive Israeli policymaking. The book explores intra-Jewish Israeli social conflict from a Feminist perspective, the plight of Mizrahi single mothers, and the impact of Israel’s internal ethnic and gender conflicts on Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories, as well as its tensions with Iran and other neighboring Arab countries.
Professor Smadar Lavie is Scholar in Residence at the Beatrice Bain Research Group, University of California, Berkeley, CA, and A Visiting Professor, Institute for Social Science in the 21st Century, University College, Cork, Ireland. See Go to

13] – On Sun., Nov. 23 at 7:30 PM @ Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse, 30 W. North Ave., Baltimore 21201, Rory Fanning discusses his new book, “Worth Fighting For: An Army Ranger's Journey Out of the Military and Across America.” Pat Tillman's death by friendly fire was covered up just days before his comrade Rory Fanning—who served in the same unit as Tillman—left the Army Rangers as a conscientious objector. Disquieted by his tours in Afghanistan, Fanning sets out to honor Tillman's legacy by crossing the United States on foot. Told with page-turning style, humor, and warmth, “Worth Fighting For” explores the emotional and social consequences of rejecting the mission of one of the most elite fighting forces in the world. It is only through the generous and colorful people Fanning meets and the history he discovers that he learns to live again. Call 443-602-7585. Go to

14] -- There is a weekly Pentagon Peace Vigil from 7 to 8 AM on Mondays, since 1987, outside the Pentagon Metro stop. The next vigil is Mon., Nov. 24, and it is sponsored by the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker. Email or call 202-882-9649. The vigil will be outside the Pentagon's south Metro entrance and in the designated "protest zone" behind bicycle fences across from the entrance to the Metro. By Metro, take Yellow Line and get out at the "Pentagon" stop. Do not go to the Pentagon City stop! Go up south escalators and turn left and walk across to protest area. By car from D.C. area, take 395 South and get off at Exit 8A-Pentagon South Parking. Take slight right onto S. Rotary Rd. at end of ramp and right on S. Fern St. Then take left onto Army Navy Dr. You can "pay to park" on Army Navy Dr., and there is meter parking one block on right on Eads St. Payment for both of these spots begin at 8 AM. No cameras are allowed on Pentagon grounds. Restrooms are located inside Marriott Residence Inn on corner of S. Fern and Army Navy Dr.

15] – The Marc Steiner Show airs Monday through Friday from 10 AM to noon on WEAA 88.9 FM, The Voice of the Community, or online at The call-in number is 410-319-8888, and comments can also be sent by email to All shows are also available as podcasts at

16] -- At 1525 H St. NW, WDC, on Mon., Nov. 24 at 6:30 PM, CARECEN Youth Leaders will be hosting the next vigil in support of #ChildrenFleeingViolence. They are immigrant students, the majority from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, who arrived 1-2 years ago and attend D.C. public schools. Brave the cold with us and come out to support the #ninosmariposas as they share their stories, put a face on the media reporting in the recent months, and ask for a just and humane treatment.

Join them for an inspiring action, where youth leaders will express themselves, calling for your support of the #childrenfleeingviolence. Visit

17] – Beyond the Classroom presents a film WAR DANCE, set in war-ravaged Northern Uganda, on Mon., Nov. 24 from 7 to 9 PM at 1102 South Campus Commons, Building 1, College Park 20742. This Academy Award-nominated documentary will touch your heart with a real-life story about a group of children whose love of music brings joy, excitement and hope back into their poverty-stricken lives. Go to Call 301-314-6621 or email at

18] – The Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore usually meets on Mondays at 7:30 PM, and the meetings take place at Max’s residence. The next meeting may be on Mon., Nov. 24. Check with Max, as the meeting may be postponed or moved to MICA. The proposed agenda will include anti-drone activities, including getting a drone law passed in Baltimore’s City Council, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine, lobbying Rep. Sarbanes, a march from the EPA to the Pentagon, the film A RIVER THAT HARMS, the play GROUNDED, and a talk about ISIS. Call 410-366-1637 or email mobuszewski at for directions.

19] – On Tues., Nov. 25 from 10:30 AM to noon, Gary Samore, Harvard University, David Albright, Institute for Science and International Security, and Edward Levine, Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, will share perspectives on "Iran-P5+1 Nuclear Negotiations: the Road Ahead" at the Brookings Institution, Saul/Zilkha Rooms, 1775 Massachusetts Ave. NW, WDC 20036. RSVP at

20] – At UDC David A. Clarke School of Law, 4340 Connecticut Ave. NW, WDC, on Tues., Nov. 25 from 12:15 to 1:45 PM, get training to become a Legal Observer® and provide frontline legal support!! Are you committed to helping people exercise their First Amendment rights of speech, expression, and assembly? Join the National Lawyers Guild, UDC Student Chapter, for the fall legal observer training in Room 506. FOOD WILL BE SERVED. See

21] – Since the Tunisian revolution started in December 2010, Tunisia has been on the road to democracy, and has achieved remarkable success. From organizing two free and fair elections, to the writing and adoption of the most progressive and democratic constitution in the Arab world, to the formation of the TROIKA ruling coalition (between Nahdha and two moderate secular parties), Tunisia has been setting the stage for the first-ever real, lasting, and stable democracy. However, the Oct. 26 legislative elections and the upcoming Nov. 23 Presidential elections are expected to give power to Nidaa Tounes, which is made up of the remnants of the old regime in coalition with a few leftist leaders.

At Georgetown University, 3700 O St. NW, ICC 270, WDC, on Tues., Nov. 25 at 12:30 PM, join Radwan A. Masmoudi for a briefing on the upcoming elections, the regional struggle for freedoms and democracy, and the hopes and aspirations of millions of Tunisians and other Arabs and Muslims for a better and more dignified life. Masmoudi is the founder and president of the Center of the Study of Islam & Democracy (CSID), a Washington-based non-profit think tank dedicated to promoting dialogue about democracy in the Muslim world. He is also the editor of the Center’s quarterly publication, Muslim Democrat. He has written and published several articles and papers on the topics of democracy, diversity, human rights, and tolerance in Islam. Email Register

To be continued.

Donations can be sent to the Baltimore Nonviolence Center, 325 E. 25th St., Baltimore, MD 21218. Ph: 410-366-1637; Email: mobuszewski [at] Go to

"The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles. The master class has had all to gain and nothing to lose, while the subject class has had nothing to gain and everything to lose--especially their lives." Eugene Victor Debs

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