Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Baltimore Activist Alert - September 9 - 11, 2014

28] Philadelphia Peace Vigil – Sept. 9
29] No Drone Research at JHU – Sept. 9
30] GMOM Board Meeting – Sept. 9
31] Help for job seekers – Sept. 9
32] Use open source software – Sept. 9
33] IWW meeting – Sept. 9
34] American Muslims United Against Violent Extremism – Sept. 10
35] "Moving Beyond Pretense: Nuclear Power and Nuclear Proliferation" – Sept. 10
36] Committee to Protect Journalists – Sept. 10
37] Destroying Syria’s Chemical Weapons – Sept. 10
38] Solidarity with Ferguson – Sept. 10
39] U.S. No First Use – Sept. 10
40] GMOM meeting – Sept. 10
41] Doing FOIA requests – Sept. 11
42] Get Solar Power – Sept. 11
43] Nuclear Dynamics and Crisis Management in South Asia – Sept. 11
28] – Each Tuesday from 4:30 - 5:30 PM, the Catholic Peace Fellowship-Philadelphia for peace in Afghanistan and Iraq gathers at the Suburban Station, 16th St. & JFK Blvd., at the entrance to Tracks 3 and 4 on the mezzanine. The next vigil is Sept. 9. Call 215-426-0364.
29] – Vigil to say "No Drone Research at JHU" each Tuesday at 33rd & North Charles Sts. Join this ongoing vigil on Sept. 9 from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. Call Max at 410-366-1637.
30] – The GMOM Board Meeting is on for Tues., Sept. 9 at 6 PM at 2359 Nutmeg Terrace, Baltimore, 21209. RSVP to if you wish to attend. Go to
31] – On Tues., Sept. 9 from 6 to 9 PM, come to 4121 Harewood Road NE, WDC and learn how to search for your dream job and fill in an application for it. Sr. Denise and Dr. Maha Hilal with other experienced volunteers will sit one on one with you and show how you can do an effective job search and fill in job applications. Go to

32] – Get over to the Emergence Community Arts Collective, 733 Euclid St. NW, on Tues., Sept. 9 from 7 to 9 PM for a hands on course which will teach people how to use various Open Source Software (OSS) programs and apps that provide secure and private communication and information (file) sharing via the internet. Participants will bring their laptops, tablets, and smart phones, and leave with working software and practices to communicate and share data securely (encrypted) and anonymously (privately). Many of the applications covered are listed on the website Please review the website to see what software you may want to learn to use. Also, please install the latest Firefox browser on your devices (laptops, tablets, phones) before coming if possible, as it will be the reference browser for add-ons and extensions. Contact Jabari Zakiya at 202-390-6398 or
33] – The monthly meeting of the Baltimore Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World takes place on Tues., Sept. 9 at 7:30 PM in the Free School Classroom at Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse, 30 W. North Ave., Baltimore 21201. Come and pay your dues, sign up for a red card, and find out what is going on with the Wobblies. Call 443-602-7585. Go to
34] – On Wed., Sept. 10 at 9:30 AM in the Lisagor Room at the National Press Club, 529 14th St NW, WDC 20045, hear American Muslims United Against Violent Extremism: Imams and Leaders Respond to ISIS. The national summit and press conference will include national and regional community leaders. Also invited are law enforcement officials.

The Islamic principles of condemnation of terrorism, protection of life and religious freedom will be enunciated. In confronting violent extremism in the United States, communities and leaders have responded with multiple initiatives to counter this toxic narrative including, fatwas (edicts), counter-narrative and online radicalization prevention programs and community intervention programs like the "Safe Spaces Initiative: Tools for Developing Healthy Communities," which all serve as a critical component, in partnership with law enforcement to prevent, intervene or eject individuals who may be susceptible to violent extremism. Contact Riham Osman at or 202-547-7701.

35] – On Wed., Sept. 10 from 11:30 AM to 1 PM, Brian Finlay, Stimson Center, Henry Sokolski, Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, Matthew Kroenig, Georgetown University, and Patrick Roberts, Virginia Tech, will address "Moving Beyond Pretense: Nuclear Power and Nuclear Proliferation" at the Stimson Center, 1111 19th St. NW, 12th Floor, WDC. RSVP at

36] – On Wed., Sept. 10 at noon, the Kay Spiritual Life Center at American University, 4400 Massachusetts Ave. NW, presents Courney C. Radsch from the Committee to Protect Journalists. She is a journalist, researcher and free expression advocate with more than 13 years of experience in the United States and the Middle East. When working for UNESCO's Section for Freedom of Expression, she coordinated the organization's strategy in the Arab region. To RSVP or to request special accommodations, email or call 202-885-3321.

37] – On Wed., Sept. 10 from 3 to 4:30 PM, Thomas Countryman, Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Nonproliferation; Laura Holgate, National Security Council; and Andrew Weber, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Defense Programs, take on "Destroying Syria’s Chemical Weapons: One Year Later" at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, 1616 Rhode Island Ave. NW, 212-B Conference Room, WDC. Register by email at
38] – Come to the Washington Ethical Society, 7750 16th St. NW, WDC, on Wed., Sept. 10 from 5:30 to 6:30 PM, as there will be an action showing solidarity with Ferguson and with every community affected by systemic racist violence and injustice. This is an ongoing witness started Wed., Aug. 27 from 5:30 to 6:30 PM in front of the Washington Ethical Society and continuing every week at the same time. Participants will be holding signs affirming that this problem is larger than Ferguson as Black lives matter and that Justice is for ALL! This action is co-sponsored by Family and Friends of Incarcerated People and the Washington Ethical Society. See
39] – On Wed., Sept. 10 from 6 to 8 PM, Walt Slocombe, former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy and Jack Mendelsohn, former Deputy Director, Arms Control Association, discuss "PONI Live Debate: U.S. No First Use" at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), 1616 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Second Floor, Hess Room, WDC. Register at
40] – The Get Money Out - Maryland contact in Prince George's County is Deborah Hunsley at dhunsley {at} There is a meeting set for Wed., Sept. 10 at 7 PM at Panera Bread, 10531 Martin Luther King Jr. Hwy., Bowie. Go to
41] – The Defending Dissent Foundation is pleased to present two outstanding activists who have used FOIA and Public Record Requests to gain powerful information to advance their work - and to discover that they and fellow activists were profiled and spied upon. Gain the nuts-and-bolts know how - to get your hands on your own FBI file or to launch a strategic research campaign that can bring your fight for justice to a whole new level. The webinar, Using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) as a Tool for Activism, takes place on Wed., Sept. 10 at 8 PM EDT at The moderator is Linda Schade, Defending Dissent Foundation, and the presenters are Drew Hendricks, former Chief Intelligence Officer of the anti-war Port Militarization Resistance movement who used FOIAs to expose illegal US military infiltration into PMR’s efforts to block shipments of war equipment out of Olympia, Washington; Jane Kleeb of Bold Nebraska will tell how she used the FOIA law to reveal that Keystone pipeline builder TransCanada is pushing law enforcement to brand peaceful activists as terrorists; and Shawn Musgrave of will talk about how to get started on your own FOIA and to bring on the sunshine! MuckRock is a FOIA-fueled news site that provides links to federal and state laws, sample FOIA request letters, and all the tools you need to use FOIAs and Public Records Requests to advance your cause.

42] – Join the Interfaith Power and Light Clean Energy Buying Group for Congregations! The program takes place through a partnership with Groundswell Energy, and over 200 local faith institutions and community organizations have come together to secure the best prices for clean energy and direct thousands of dollars to hopeful clean energy projects. Organizations that pay an electricity bill in Maryland or D.C. combine their purchasing power to negotiate with clean energy suppliers for the best rates.

Everyone has a chance to buy 100% clean energy. Applications are due Sept. 24 in order to be eligible for low clean energy rates. Join a webinar to learn more on Thurs., Sept. 11 at noon. To register, email the name of your congregation to, with "CPP" in the subject line. Can't make the webinar? Send an email, and request a Starter Guide!

43] – Nuclear Dynamics and Crisis Management in South Asia will be discussed on Thurs., Sept. 11 from 12:30 to 2 PM. Against a backdrop of improved conventional military options and growing nuclear capabilities, India and Pakistan are now engaged in preliminary diplomatic and military sparring over Kashmir. Firing across the Line of Control dividing Kashmir has escalated considerably and state elections will soon be held in the region. The promise of improved India-Pakistan relations just a few months ago has quickly dissipated. Stimson invites you to an on-the-record discussion with Shashank Joshi and Moeed Yusuf on potential changes to India’s nuclear doctrine and the evolving dynamics of nuclear brinkmanship in South Asia. It is to be held at the Stimson Center, 1111 19th St. NW, 12th Floor, WDC 20036. Lunch will be served. RSVP at

To be continued.

Donations can be sent to the Baltimore Nonviolence Center, 325 E. 25th St., Baltimore, MD 21218. Ph: 410-366-1637; Email: mobuszewski [at] Go to

"The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles. The master class has had all to gain and nothing to lose, while the subject class has had nothing to gain and everything to lose--especially their lives." Eugene Victor Debs

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