Monday, December 30, 2013

Lockheed Martin Campaign

Hi, Everyone, See the note below from Kate Planco Waybright of Progressive MD on the fate of the Lockheed Martin campaign. I encourage you also to look at the interesting analysis on the MD Juice Web site that Kate links to and to send a note to O'Malley asking him to veto the bill: If you could also ask your contacts to email the governor at that link with the same ask, that would be terrific. We'd like O'Malley to get lots of feedback on this. Kathleen "Kate" Planco Waybright Monday, April 08, 2013 11:24 PM Sine Die Update on Lockheed Martin Campaign Hello- Unfortunately, the Lockheed bill passed the House today and will be headed to the Governor's desk for signing. Here's a link to Maryland Juice's roll call: It should be noted though that Del. Hixson's vote was originally recorded incorrectly and as such, her vote in the link above is reported incorrectly. She voted NO on Lockheed. While we weren't victorious in our efforts to kill the bill, I've been told that our strong advocacy was responsible for the most outrageous part of the bill being amended out, the retroactive payment of 1.4 million to Lockheed. Thanks to our efforts, this bill became a major issue this session, as opposed to the quiet bill originally intended. Using PM's Action Center alone, 3,925 emails were sent to lawmakers in opposition. The bill made the Washington Post's list of key bills and received 23 additional press hits-- print and radio. Many, many thanks for all you have done! Best, Kate See also

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