Monday, February 18, 2013

Can you be at tonight's meeting?


Cindy will be in Annapolis on Mon., Feb. 18 at 6 PM at Lawyer's Mall, 100 State Circle, Annapolis (in front of the State Capitol) for the Maryland Coalition for Trans Equality Lobby Day. She is suggesting that we have the Pledge/Fund Our Communities meeting in Annapolis. Please RSVP as to your availability tonight. Then let me know if you prefer to meet at my house or in Annapolis. If enough people are interested in going to Annapolis, I could drive. Let me know what time in the evening you could be at my house.

We have several important agenda items to discuss:

Several of us were in D.C. for the climate rally on Sunday. We will be going to Rep. Sarbanes’ office on February 20, and one matter there would be to discuss drone strikes. We have been successful in getting Congress to raise the issue of the illegal and immoral drone strikes.

On February 23, there will be an exhibit at the Govans Library highlighting Baltimore’s efforts at positive social change. One part of the exhibit will focus on the Baltimore Anti-Apartheid Coalition.

And we must get organized for the March 23 Peace Bus tour which will start in Baltimore at 9 AM and depart for Montgomery County at 11:30 AM. The tentative itinerary in Baltimore is as follows:

We are going to start the tour at Dallas F. Nicholas Senior Elementary School, 201 East 21st St, Baltimore, MD, 21218-6118. It has not been confirmed but we hope to gather first at the 2640 Space, 27th and St. Paul Sts., 21218. We could have coffee available around 8:30 AM. People could use the restrooms, as well. It is an area where people could park their vehicles.

After the school, we would go to Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, 2424 McElderry St., Baltimore, MD 21205. Amazing Grace has been working on food and health issues in a depressed neighborhood. The church operates a wellness center, food pantry and two community gardens.

On the way out of town, we would do a drive-by of the area where THE WIRE was filmed. This is Desolation Row in Baltimore's West Side. If time permits, we could make a quick stop at Clay Pots, which operates a drop-in coffee house, garden and literacy work. It is one block away from the Viva House Catholic Worker, which has been doing anti-poverty work for more than 40 years.

If you have any agenda items, let me know. Please RSVP as to your availability tonight. Thanks.



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