Saturday, January 19, 2013

Can you join a anti-drone die in?


The National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance is extremely concerned with the Obama administration’s use of killer drone strikes. A letter has been sent to the president requesting a meeting to discuss this matter, but it is unlikely a response will be received. So NCNR activists intend to be at the INAUGURATION and to do an anti-drone die-in. Consider joining us in this nonviolent direct action.


We will be doing the die-in near the Capitol sometime after noon. Security will be tight, but we will get as close to the Capitol as possible. We will be making last minute decisions on location as the day progresses. Those dying-in will be risking arrest, and as we lie on the ground we will cover our bodies with a red-painted sheet to represent a bloody shroud and a large picture of a drone victim.

We invite you to participate in this action – either risking arrest, or to be there in solidarity and witness. We call on all participating to commit to nonviolence. There are a number of people who would like to participate in both the Arc of Justice Rally and Parade, and then participate in the die-in. We have organized our action so that people will be able to do both. If you are planning or thinking about risking arrest, please contact Max at mobuszewski at

Final in-person planning meeting

On January 21, Inauguration Day, we will meet at 8 AM in the food court at Union Station. If you take the Metro, the food court is on the same level. If you were taking a train to Union Station, take the escalator down one level from street level to get to the food court. We will meet near King BBQ and Vittori’s Gelato.

The idea is to coordinate final planning for the die-in. Because of the intense security for the Inauguraton, we will need to be fluid in decision-making. We will try our best to make this an effective action, and will probably have to do some thinking on our feet.

Rendezvous point for people hooking up after Arc of Justice Parade

If you are not at the 8 AM planning meeting, you are still welcome to join the action. We will begin to do last-minute planning at 11:45 AM at the food court at Union Station. If you are willing to take action, but can’t be at the 8 AM meeting, call Joy First at 608 239-4327 to indicate when you plan to be at Union Station. We will leave Union Station as a group at 12:15 PM to head towards the Capitol for the die-in.



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