Friday, July 2, 2010

Calendar - Part 2

25] Protest the NSA – July 3

26] Independence Day in Philadelphia – July 3

27] Bridge vigil – July 4 

28] Independence Day in D.C. – July 4

29] Quaker Peace Vigil – July 4

30] Pentagon vigil – July 5

31] Peace of the Action – July 5 - 9

32] Marc Steiner on WEAA – July 5 – 8

33] Protest Netanyahu -- July 5

34] Support Ted Glick – July 6

35] War Is Not the Answer demo – July 6

36] South Africa & Israel – July 6

37] Climate Wars – July 6

38] Philadelphia vigil – July 7

39] Chestnut Hill, PA vigil – July 7

40] Pressure MLB demo – July 8

41] The Peace Process – July 8

42] ALTERNATIVE METHODS -- July 9, 11, 16, 22 & 24

43] BP demo – July 10

44] An Ethical Discussion – July 11

45] Spiritual Progressives meet – July 11

46] Red Emma’s needs volunteers – July 11

47] Can you eat meat . . . – July 12               

48] Protest the death penalty – July 12               

49] Pledge of Resistance meeting – July 12

50] Interfaith Gathering in D.C. – July 18

51] Bill Callahan is ailing 

52] Job available with SOA Watch

53] Mankekolo has a new book

54] Buy a red maple tree

55] Join Global Zero campaign

56] War Is Not the Answer signs for sale

57] Publish your peace article

58] Click on The Hunger Site  

59] Fire & Faith   

60] Join Peace Park Antinuclear Vigil



25] –   The Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore will make its annual Interdependence Day trek to the National Security Agency at Fort Meade, Maryland on Sat., July 3.  Join us for the 10 AM to 11 AM demonstration.  We will gather at my home at 9 AM.  Email me or call 410-366-1637 for directions.  Then at 6 PM on Saturday, there will be a potluck picnic at my home.  Join us at either event.  You may never have been to the NSA, but the Agency could be watching you.  Remember Thomas Drake, the NSA whistleblower, who is facing life imprisonment.


26] –  On Sat., July 3, 6:30 to 8 PM, hold the Banner of Independence Day 2010: DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE from WAR, OIL, & CORPORATE POWER at the Independence Mall Visitors Center, 6th & Market Sts., Phila., PA. Enjoy readings, music and a Declaration of Independence from Corporate Domination. Go to or call 610-544-1818.


27] – Maryland Bridges for Peace welcomes you to stand for peace Sundays from noon (or thereabouts) to 1 PM on the Spa Creek Bridge in Annapolis.  Contact Lucy at 410-263-7271 or Signs are not allowed to be on a stick or pole.   If there is interest, people will be standing on the Stoney Creek Bridge on Fort Smallwood Road in Pasadena [410-437-5379 or]. Go to

28] – On Sun., July 4 at 1 PM, gather in Lafayette Park with banners, fliers and signs to reach out to the thousands of tourists.  Peace of the Action will be kicking off their Sizzlin' Summer Protests to Declare YOUR Independence from Oil! Go to http:///

29] – Every Sunday, 4 to 5 PM, there is a Quaker Peace Vigil at Independence Mall, N. side of Market between 5th and 6th Sts., Philadelphia. Call 215-421-5811.

30] – There is a weekly Pentagon Peace Vigil from 7 to 8 AM on Mondays, since 1987, outside the Pentagon Metro stop.  The next vigil is Mon., July 5, and it is sponsored by the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker.  Call 202-882-9649.


31] –  Peace of the Action will gather in Lafayette Park each day at 9 AM from Mon.,  July 5 through Fri., July 9.  There will be a different issue each date, and the protest will continue until 3 PM: Monday-protest against a pre-emptive U.S./Israeli attack on Iran; Tuesday-go to a FREE PALESTINE! Protest; Wednesday-go to Congress; Thursday-protest at General Atomics; and Friday protest the drone display at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.  Go to


32] – The Marc Steiner Show airs Monday through Thursday from 5 to 7 PM on WEAA 88.9 FM, The Voice of the Community, or online at   The call-in number is 410-319-8888, and comments can also be sent by email to All shows are also available as podcasts at


33] –  President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be meeting at the White House on Tues., July 6.  Join CodePink in front of the White House at 10 AM to tell Obama and Netanyahu that the cruel occupation of Gaza must end, the settlements must be rolled back, and the apartheid wall must come down! Tell Obama to stop giving U.S. tax dollars to a government that violates international law.  Contact or call 415-235-6517.

34] – A letter-writing campaign is underway to support Ted Glick, who unfurled two large green banners in the Hart Senate Office Building last September. The banners said "Green Jobs" and "Get to Work. Glick, the policy director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, was convicted of two misdemeanors and now faces sentencing on Tues., July 6 at noon in Superior Court of the District of Columbia.  Consider writing to Judge Frederick H. Weisberg, D.C. Superior Court, 500 Indiana Ave., NW, WDC 20001.

35] – There is a vigil to say "War Is Not the Answer" each Tuesday since September 11, 2001 at 4806 York Road. Join this ongoing vigil.  The next vigil is July 6 from 5:30 to 6:30 PM.  Call Max at 410-366-1637.


36] –  Sasha Polakow-Suransky, the author of “Apartheid South Africa's Secret Relationship with Israel,” will speak at the Palestine Center, 2425 Virginia Avenue NW, WDC on Tues., July 6 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. This briefing is free and open to the public. Registration is required. Call 202-338-1958 ext.11 by noon on July 5. Go to

37] – On Tues., July 6 from 6:30 to 8 PM, Gwynne Dyer will sign his new book, “Climate Wars: The Fight For Survival As The World Overheats,” at Busboys and Poets, Langston Room, 2021 14th St., NW, WDC. Visit or call 202-387-7638.


38] – Each Wednesday from 4:30 - 5:30 PM, the House of Grace Catholic Worker holds a weekly vigil for peace in Iraq outside the Phila. Federal Building, 6th & Market Sts. The next vigil is July 7. Call 215-426-0364.


39] – Each Wednesday, the Northwest Greens hold a peace vigil from 7 to 8 PM outside the Borders Book Store, Germantown Ave. at Bethlehem Pike in Chestnut Hill, PA. The next vigil is July 7. Call 215-843-4256 or email


40] –   Reform Immigration for America IS ORGANIZING on Thurs., July 8 at 11:30 AM in Farragut Square, 17th & K Sts., NW, WDC.  Participants will enter the Major League Baseball Lobbyist building to demand a meeting with the main lobbyist or Bud Selig. Moving the MLB All Star Game will cost Arizona and estimated $40-60 million, and could provide enough incentive for Arizona to change SB 1070.   This action will occur at the same time that New York immigration advocates hold a direct action at MLB lobbyist headquarters. Call 202-246-2583.

41] –  Former PLO Ambassador to the United States Afif Safieh will offer brief remarks about his new book “The Peace Process: From Breakthrough to Breakdown” and hold a book signing as well. This event takes place on Thurs., July 8 from 6:30 to 8 PM at the Palestine Center, 2425 Virginia Avenue NW, WDC. This briefing is free and open to the public. Registration is required. Call 202-338-1958 ext.11 by noon on July 7. Go to

42] – Attend the new play, ALTERNATIVE METHODS, written and produced by Patricia Davis, which "explores indefinite detention, learned helplessness, and the deep involvement of psychologists in torture." It will premiers at the Capital Fringe Festival on Fri., July 9 at 5:30 PM, followed by four subsequent performances: Sun., July 11 @ 4:15 PM, Fri., July 16 @ 8:15 PM,   Thurs., July 22 @ 6:30 PM & Sat., July 24 @ 11 AM. The performances will be at Fort Fringe--The Shop, 607 New York Ave. NW, WDC 20009.  Purchase tickets online at or by cash at the door for $15.  Go to

The play focuses on an Iraqi doctor, suspected of treating an Al-Qaeda leader, who is detained and interrogated.  US forces want to know where the injured leader's safe house is: capturing him will save lives, they claim.  Susan, a young interrogation psychologist, is asked to pose as a lawyer to gain the doctor's trust.  As her colleagues resort to brutal methods, Susan must choose: Will she be complicit in the doctor's torture or risk her life to make it stop?


43] – There will be a protest at the BP Station at 33rd and Greenmount Ave, Baltimore on Sat., July 10 from 11 AM to noon.  The demand is END PERMITS FOR OFFSHORE DRILLING.  BP has the worst safety record of any oil company in the U.S. which led to the deaths of at least 33 workers since 1995.  BP has been forced to pay $485 million in fines and settlements to the U.S. government for environmental crimes, willful neglect of worker safety rules and penalties for manipulating energy markets.  In 2006 BP was found to have "willfully" underfunded maintenance in Prudhoe Bay (the nation's largest oil field) leading to 200,000 gallons spilling into the Alaskan Tundra.  This year BP is responsible for a four plus million gallon spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  The signs will focus on drilling, however No Blood for Oil is also appropriate.  Call 410-308-1326.


44] – On Sun., July 11 at 10:30 AM, the Baltimore Ethical Society, 306 W. Franklin St., Suite 102, will have an open discussion.   Call 410-581-2322 or visit


45] – On Sun., July 11 at 5 PM, the Network of Spiritual Progressives in DC will meet at The Potters House, 1658 Columbia Road NW, WDC 20009-3602.  Go to or call 202-232-5483.


46] – Red Emma’s needs volunteers.  Stop in to the weekly Sunday meeting at 7 PM at 800 St. Paul St. or email  The next meeting is July 11. There is no meeting on the first Sunday of the month.  Call 410-230-0450. If you would be interested in volunteering or becoming a collective member of 2640, send an email to


47] – On Mon, July 12 from noon to 1:30 PM, catch "Can you eat meat and be an environmentalist?" by Nicollette Niman at 615 N. Wolfe St., Baltimore, 21205, Room W2008. The talk is sponsored by the Center for a Liveable Future at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, JHU. Go to

48] – There is usually a vigil to abolish the death penalty every Monday from 5 to 6 PM, outside the prison complex and across the street from Maryland’s death row, at the corner of Madison Ave. and Fallsway in Baltimore.  Because of the holiday, though, the next vigil is scheduled for Mon., July 12.  Call 410-233-0488.


49] – The Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore usually meets on Mondays at 7:30 PM, and the meetings now take place at Max’s residence.  The next meeting is scheduled for July 12.  The agenda will include an update on previous activities, a visit to the NSA and a protest at the Pentagon.  Contact Max at 410-366-1637 or email mobuszewski at for directions.  

50] – On Sun, July 18 at 2 PM, there will be an interfaith gathering for lament, hope, and action on behalf of Mother Earth at the Capitol Reflecting Pool on the Senate side of the U. S. Capitol, convened by Rabbi Waskow of the Shalom Center. During mid-July, the Senate will be struggling over whether to pass a climate/energy bill. Pray not only with your voices but also with your arms and legs. Go to

51] – Bill Callahan has done great work for decades on behalf of the people of Nicaragua and Central America, the poor of Haiti, the rights of women and the reform of the Roman Catholic Church, mostly through the Quixote Center.  He has been living with Parkinson's disease for many years, and his condition is progressively worsening.  He is expected to enter into hospice care soon.   You can find updates on his condition at

52] – SOA Watch [] is seeking a national organizer who will work to get people to stand in solidarity with the people of Latin America, to close the U.S. Army School of the Americas (SOA, now renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation or WHINSEC to change oppressive U.S. foreign policy that the SOA represents.  The tasks related to this position include Field Organizing, Campaign and Event Coordination, Spring Multi-Strategy Event, November Vigil [], Fiscal Development and Coordination and Office Coordination. There is a need for five years experience, organizing at a national level, and a candidate must be bilingual. Send a resume and cover letter to Hendrik Voss at hvoss at


53] – Rev. Dr. Mankekolo Mahlangu-Ngcobo is excited by her new book: RESTORE ME: 40 Healing Sermons. The book is available for $19.95 plus $5 for shipping and handling--ISBN: 978-1 -4502-1631-9 (sc), ISBN: 978-1 -4502-1633-3 (dj) or ISBN: 978-1 -4502-1632-6 (sc). She would appreciate if you ordered the book from her: checks payable to Mankekolo Mahlangu-Ngcobo and sent to 3315 Mondawmin Ave., Baltimore, MD 21216.  The publisher is, and it can be called at 1-800-288-4677.


54] – I have one red maple tree for $5 from the Trees for Baltimore program.  Buy a tree, plant it and contribute to saving the planet.  Call Max at 410-366-1637


55] – Join an extraordinary global campaign for the elimination of nuclear weapons: A growing group of leaders around the world is calling for the elimination of nuclear weapons and a majority of the global public agrees.  This is an historic window of opportunity.  With momentum already building in favor of Zero, a major show of support from people around the world could tip the balance. When it comes to nuclear weapons, one is one too many.  

56] – WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER signs from Friends Committee on National Legislation are again for sale at $5.  To purchase a sign, call Max at 410-366-1637.

57] – Publish Your Peace Article. Daniel Frasier is soliciting peace articles for the biweekly series of commentaries Paths to Peace in the Frederick News Post Religion and Ethics section. For details, email


58] – The Hunger Site was initiated by Mercy Corps and Second Harvest, and is funded entirely by advertisers.  You can go there every day and click the big yellow "Give Food for Free" button near the top of the page; you do not have to look at the ads. Each click generates funding for about 1.1 cups of food.  So consider clicking.  


59] – Go online for FIRE AND FAITH: The Catonsville Nine File. On May 17, 1968, nine people entered the Selective Service Offices in Catonsville, Maryland, and burned draft records in protest against the war in Vietnam. View


60] – Peace Park Antinuclear Vigil takes place every day in Lafayette Park, 1601 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, 24 hours a day, since June 3, 1981.  Go to; call 202-682-4282.


Donations can be sent to the Baltimore Nonviolence Center, 325 E. 25th St., Baltimore, MD 21218.  Ph: 410-366-1637; Email: mobuszewski [at]


"One is called to live nonviolently, even if the change one works for seems impossible. It may or may not be possible to turn the US around through nonviolent revolution. But one thing favors such an attempt: the total inability of violence to change anything for the better" - Daniel Berrigan

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