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Why I failed to hear Karl Rove's speech at Goucher College on September 16.



Below is the letter I sent to the Goucher College newspaper--'Quindecim Quindecim’ after I and others were evicted from an auditorium on campus the night Karl Rove was the invited speaker.  After that you will find the Karl Rove arrest complaint used by the Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore and taken from a version crafted by friends in Iowa.  Finally, you will see some of the reporting of the event by Bill Hughes.






1202 Roundhill Road

Baltimore. MD 21218


September 22, 2009


I called for the arrest of Karl Rove, as I know his sordid record as a member of possibly the worst administration in U.S. history.  This is a sampling: 1] leaking the name of a CIA agent, 2] helping to steal the 2000 presidential election, 3] spreading the lie Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, 4] supporting a foreign policy which disregarded the lives of  millions of civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq and the soldiers sent there, 5] promoting the torture of Guantanamo prisoners and 6] firing U.S. attorneys who refused to use their offices to go after Rove’s enemies, including ACORN, which works with the poorest of the poor. 

I made a point not to interrupt the president or his chosen speaker as I respect freedom of speech.  But Rove was at Goucher because the university president accepted money from an unnamed ultraconservative of considerable means.  It is really disappointing to discover that money talks at Goucher.  Since I am a person who lives simply, I could not come up with $40,000 to persuade the president to host a progressive speaker.  A request for equal time would have been rebuffed, so I seized the moment and spoke truth to power on September 16. 


Max Obuszewski is a member of the Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore.  He can be reached at mobuszewski at or 410-355-1637.


Arrest Complaint

In the matter concerning:

United States of America, plaintiff 




Karl Christian Rove, defendant

Under the authority of the U.S. Constitution, Max Obuszewski and other U.S. citizens argue that Karl Christian Rove should be placed under arrest for high crimes against the people of the United States committed during his role as Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush as well as while serving as a campaign consultant during the U.S. presidential elections of 2000 and 2004.

He is charged with willful violation of the following federal codes between the dates of January 1, 2000 until the present.

US Code: Title 42, the Voting Rights Act, for ELECTION FRAUD in the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections

US Code, Chapter 19.371, CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT OFFENSE OR TO DEFRAUD UNITED STATES, for false information leading to the War in Iraq.

Several sections of US Code, Chapter 115, TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES including, but not limited to submitting and fomenting false information leading to the War in Iraq, illegal detainment and torture of prisoners in Guantanamo and elsewhere, and other fraudulent acts leading to the deaths of some 4,900 U.S. military personnel as well as approximately 300,000 Iraqi civilians.

US Code, Title 18, Chapter 51, FELONY MURDER

Further, he may also be indicted for other violations of federal code not listed in this complaint.

Any United States Marshall or any authorized U.S. Law Enforcement Officer present is obligated under the U.S. Constitution to take him into custody and bring him forthwith before the nearest magistrate to answer these charges and to advise him of his rights which include:

He has the right to remain silent. Anything he says can and will be used against him in a court of law. He has the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If he cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for him at government expense.

Respectfully submitted by members of the Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore on this 16th day of September 2009.



Mobuszewski @


from: William Hughes



Video: Max Obuszewski Knocks Karl Rove and Goucher College


On the evening of Sept. 16, 2009, a protest action was staged at Goucher College in Towson, MD, just north of Baltimore City, with respect to the appearance of Karl Rove on campus, as a guest speaker. Rove, aka “Dubya’s Brain,” was a senior advisor, (2001-07), to then President, George W. Bush. He is suspected of participating in a White House-based cabal, (WHIG), which helped to launch the immoral and illegal Iraq War. Talking on camera and sharing his views of Rove was activist Max Obuszewski. He was sharply critical of Rove for his serial wrong doings, and of Goucher College, too, for giving him a venue to speak. Mr. Obuszewski used to teach a course on “Human Rights” at the Goucher College, in the “Peace Studies Program.” To say he was disappointed with Goucher in this matter would be an understatement. Obuszewski is active with the “Iraq Pledge of Resistance” group. According to a press release of the ANSWER Coalition, Rove “should be on trial,” for not only his role in pushing the Iraq War, but for also implementing “a system of torture and secret prisons; [for]racial and religious profiling; and for massive spying on the people in this country.” For more information on Rove and the repeated attempts by citizen activists to bring him to the Bar of Justice, go to See also:

and and

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