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Messing with the Mossad because Big Brother won't RSVP

Messing with the Mossad because Big Brother won't RSVP
eileen fleming

As I have been contacting Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama for weeks on this topic and still have been denied a reply, I am going public with the email I sent on April 15, 2009.

Dear Office of Secretary of State Clinton,

On April 13, 2009 @1:58PM I FAXED a copy of background information:

The Jewish State VS Mordechai Vanunu: A Case of Christian Persecution

I am seeking a statement from the Administration regarding the human rights abuses and religious persecution of Mordechai Vanunu.

Thank you for a swift reply as the restrictions that deny Vanunu the RIGHT to speak to non-Israelis and the RIGHT to leave Israel- where his life is in danger- expire April 21, 2009.

Eileen Fleming,

Author "Keep Hope Alive" and "Memoirs of a Nice Irish American 'Girl's' Life in Occupied Territory"
I produced "30 Minutes With Vanunu" and "13 Minutes with Vanunu" because corporate media has been MIA all during a Freedom of Speech Trial in Israel. [end email]

My article was a follow up of the April 10, 2009, Billy Briggs report of his recent dinner conversation with Vanunu, who informed him that he had been followed, publicly verbally harassed and then taken "to the local station and warned not to go to Bethlehem this year to celebrate Christmas. They said they'd be watching me and that I should also not speak to journalists or foreigners."

Vanunu has been denied the right to speak to foreigners since his release from 18 years in an Israeli jail on April 21, 2004. Briggs and I both met Vanunu first in 2005, and that was when Vanunu explained to me that “The Shin Bet is like the FBI and the Mossad is like the CIA."

I last saw Vanunu in Nov. 2008, and also noted some of the same changes as Briggs did: "uneasy and downbeat."

But Briggs also saw Vanunu when he seemed "more relaxed and sanguine and talked about writing his autobiography and how he wants to travel the world when he finally leaves Israel. He says that one day he would like to meet his "honey trap", Cindy, to have a coffee and to chat about how their lives turned out. He bears no grudges, he says, despite her deceit. At one point he even breaks into a smile."[1]

Cindy/Cheryl Hanin Ben Tov has been living the good life in an exclusive gated community golf course home- purchased in Hanin's name in 1998 at $528,000.00.

See photo here:

On April 6, 1996, in an investigative report, The St. Petersburg Times, located Cheryl Ben Tov and reported that she continues to work for the Mossad.

It is illegal under American-Israeli diplomatic protocols for the Mossad to operate in America.

In 1986, Hanin was a 26 year old Mossad agent posing as an American tourist in London. She grew up in Pennsylvania and Orlando in a Jewish family that owed its affluence to tires.

I moved to Orlando in the mid 1970's and still can recall her father, Stanley Hanin, founder and pitch man for the Allied Discount Tires chain stores, shrill refrain in his self-produced cheesy TV commercials, "Tahrs ain't pretty, but you gotta have them!"

As her parents went through an acrimonious divorce, Hanin embarked upon a long love affair with the Jewish State. In 1977, she spent a semester in Israel, studied Hebrew and Jewish history and threw herself into her academic and religious studies in a three-month residential course funded by the World Zionist Organization.

Upon graduation in 1978, she joined the Israeli army and married Ofer Ben Tov and then was recruited by the Mossad.

In 1986, "She left Israel to flee the media and the people who burrowed into her life," a friend in Florida told the Israeli daily, Yedioth Ahronoth. 

"This bothered her a lot. She was terrified. She felt the need to run. Since this affair Cheryl only wants one thing: a normal quiet life." [2]

See Photos of Cheryl and her husband here:

In March 2006-during but not included- in the "30 Minutes with Vanunu" I asked him what he was thinking when he took off with Cindy. Vanunu maintained eye contact as he replied, "It wasn't like that-when Maxwell's paper published my photo without ever talking to me and some of the stolen Dimona photos with a very bad story against me, I knew the Mossad was after me. Cindy said she had a sister in Rome and I thought I would be safe there until I could return to London. We went to movies and art galleries, I trusted her. But, as soon as I got into the apartment, I was hit on the head and drugged. When I woke up and they took me for interrogation, they threw the Times article on the table and said, 'Look, what you did.' I was so relieved they had published it and that I had done what I did."

The London Sunday Times published a front-page photo of the Dimona reactor and a story that spread over three pages revealing Israel's arsenal of upwards of 200 nuclear warheads on Oct. 5, 1986, five days after Vanunu was kidnapped by the Mossad.

Vanunu's case continues to focuses attention on Israel's nuclear weapons program while Iran, North Korea and other countries are being pressured to abandon theirs.

On April 5, 2009, in Prague President Obama said:

"We are here today because enough people ignored the voices who told them that the world could not change. We're here today because of the courage of those who stood up and took risks to say that freedom is a right for all people, no matter what side of a wall they live on, and no matter what they look like. We are here today because the simple and principled pursuit of liberty and opportunity shamed those who relied on the power of tanks and arms to put down the will of a people…

"Words must mean something…There is violence and injustice in our world that must be confronted. We must confront it by standing together as free nations, as free people. I know that a call to arms can stir the souls of men and women more than a call to lay them down. But that is why the voices for peace and progress must be raised together…Human destiny will be what we make of it.

Only God knows where Vanunu's destiny leads and what he will make of it, but I am hoping he he gets to have that meeting with Cindy/Cheryl.

But come April 21, 2009, if Israel still forbids Vanunu the right to leave the state, I can make a call on Cindy/Cheryl, for I live an hour away from her gated community and I know her home address.

I also happen to know someone who shares her same golf course view who will buzz me through the gated wall that has shielded the Mossad agents sanctuary.

Take a 3-D tour of the Dimona that utilizes Vanunu's photos in this Hebrew speaking video with English subtitles: 



Other Sources:

Eileen Fleming, is the Founder of WAWA:
Author "Keep Hope Alive" and "Memoirs of a Nice Irish American 'Girl's' Life in Occupied Territory"
She produced "30 Minutes With Vanunu" and "13 Minutes with Vanunu" because corporate media has been MIA all during a Freedom of Speech Trial in Israel.

Only in Solidarity do "we have it in our power to begin the world again."-Tom Paine

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