Sunday, November 24, 2013

Respond to Vatican survey

Please be sure to respond to the Archdiocese of Baltimore questionnaire #5 On Unions of Persons of the Same Sex. The Archdiocese will collate all the responses as part of the Archbishop's submission to the Vatican. Official request from the Vatican and the U.S. Bishops: LEAD (lgbt ministry at St Matthew) met with Bishop Denis Madden last night [Wed 11/20/13] and he stressed that the Vatican will accept only responses from dioceses, no individuals nor organizations. Therefore it is very important to use the on line survey [or paper copy to be available in the parish] and submit your responses no later than midnight December 15. The Archdiocese must submit it collated responses to the Vatican by December 31. Bishop Madden acknowledged this is not a scientifically professional survey but that amassing all the data from around the world will demonstrate the need for competent researchers to develop a more reliable instrument for the Synod of Bishops in 2015 on the same topics. Also all the responses from members in the Archdiocese will be maintained and could be valuable data for developing future programs and dialogue with the Archbishop. Archbishop Lori concluded his letter saying: Finally, I would very much like to continue our conversation for the good of our Church and the good of those we are humbly called to serve. This opportunity/invitation could be as significant for the people of God as the election itself of Pope Francis. Vatican II can come alive! NOTE: the request is for active and inactive Catholics to respond. Therefore this is an opportunity, an invitation from the Pope, for everyone to say what they want to say. Please retain a copy of your own responses. IF NOTHING ELSE, PLEASE GIVE YOUR ATTENTION TO QUESTION #5 - ON UNIONS OF PERSONS OF THE SAME SEX. Thanks very much, Dick Ullrich 3617 Mary Avenue Baltimore, MD 21206 410-319-9472 410-294-8965 c

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