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Tim Chadwick, presente!


Also note that Tim was arrested on October 9, 2011 protesting at the National Security Agency, one of the most criminal of government operations.  One can argue that the Pentagon is #1 for death and destruction, and that the Central Intelligence Agency has organized coups around the world. But the NSA is in most every computer around the world.  I believe this was his last NCNR action.  He was a marvelous resister, and it was an honor to spend some time in jail with him.



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We are saddened by the news that our friend and NCNR participant Tim Chadwick is gone. We received word of his death the morning we were preparing for our State of the Union action last week. Tim will be remembered as someone who cared passionately for the oppressed, social justice, and peace. He put his body on the line and let his life speak. He walked the walk whether it was in an orange jumpsuit and black hood in solidarity with those unjustly held and tortured in Guantanamo or on his many visits to Latin America to show his support for the people subjected to tyranny. He denounced and damned empire and the violence used all around the world oppressed and enslaved by it. He aligned himself with those who take the path of nonviolence in confronting our world's oppressors and was our friend. We will miss him very much. Thank you Tim! Tim Chadwick PRESENTE!
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Remembering Tim Chadwick: June 4, 1953 - January 11, 2016
In the 1953 outlaw biker classic The Wild One a leather-jacketed Marlon Brando defined an era of cool when, in response to the question "Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?," he replied without missing a beat, "Whaddaya got?" That all-encompassing, chip-on-the-shoulder sneer towards authority was a mantra for Timothy Dale Chadwick, fellow activist, anarchist, and friend, who died in early January at the age of 62.
Tim was born in Brazil to affluent parents. His grandfather was an executive for Allied Chemical. He came into this world a "trust fund baby," but like the fabled Charles Foster Kane, found himself gagging on that silver spoon. A cornerstone of Tim's activism could be traced back to the realization that the dollars he inherited were tainted with the environmental destruction and death of the James River in Virginia . Tim would spend the remainder of his life trying to extract the bitter taste of that poisoned utensil from his gob.
I first encountered Tim when he came into the LEPOCO office as an enthusiastic “Deaniac” prior to the 2004 U.S. presidential election. I noted with suspicion on that first meeting how he hid the grey of his goatee with hair dye. As the years went by and our friendship and understanding grew Tim shunned electoral politics and superficial vanity. He railed against the injustices of “the united snakes of amnesia,” trying, in his alternately angry and tender ways, to educate the “bewildered herd” on their complicity with the “filthy, rotten system.” At the same time Tim stopped with the dye jobs and let his genuine, grey beard grow into something apropos to the wise sage he became.
However, Tim was not content to live in seclusion with the wisdom he’d acquired. He believed in people power, walking the talk, and turning to face the strange. He marched, rallied, and resisted. Arrests numbered in the double digits. Locations of defiant trespass included Congressperson Dent’s Bethlehem office, Senator Santorum’s office in Philadelphia, outside the White House and inside the gallery of the U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C., and multiple times at Lockheed Martin in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. On the eve of being arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge in the early days of Occupy Wall Street, Tim and I attended a concert by L.A. punk band X and then slept uneasily on the rain-soaked pavement of Liberty Plaza Park.
Tim loved music, especially the music of Frank Zappa. He had a record collection to rival most well-stocked radio stations. He appreciated world cuisine, particularly favoring Indian buffets. Travel was important to Tim as well. A trip to Venezuela to witness the reelection of Hugo Chavez had a profound impact on him. Most of all Tim was fond of his furry friends. Numerous cats and dogs would surround him as he laid down to sleep. He loved his animals and cited them as a major reason to go on fighting the good fight.
Tim housed the homeless, advocated for the exploited, spoke for the voiceless, and roused the rabble. He was an ally and supporter of Pride of the Greater Lehigh Valley, National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance, Witness Against Torture, Veterans For Peace, United for Peace and Justice, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and Brandywine Peace Community among others. Though his connections were wide and varied, during the time I knew him he would only claim one membership. He belonged to humanity. As such, he was one of the finest humans I’ve ever known, and the best friend and closest comrade I’ve ever had. I owe him my life and miss him dearly.
Tim Chadwick. Presenté!
- Robert Daniels II
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"The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles. The master class has had all to gain and nothing to lose, while the subject class has had nothing to gain and everything to lose--especially their lives." Eugene Victor Debs

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